Since When Did You Have The Illusion That You Don’t Have Magical Powers?!


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After being almost forcibly attacked by his fiancé, Sapphiras jumped from the second floor window of his dormitory, and the impact of his fall reminded him of his previous life.

In his previous life, Sapphiras was Fortis, the most powerful magician of all, who was known as the Great Magician of No Incantations. In this life, although he was born into a family of magical Earls, he had been treated coldly by his family ever since he was judged to have no magical powers at the age of five. However, as soon as he remembers his previous life, Sapphiras’ personality is almost swallowed up by the personality of Fortis from his previous life. Good-bye, my poor Sapphiras, good-bye to all that you have been. From now on, I will neither endure nor weigh myself.

With the blessing of strong luck and invincible magic given to him by the goddess before his reincarnation, the hitherto oppressed Sapphiras decides to celebrate life!

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1 Review

Jan 01, 2023
Status: c30
It's a pretty good story so far. It's probably like 3.5 stars but I put 4 instead because I don't hate it.

The story is nothing complicated, MC is very OP because of his past life. Nothing has been revealed about the origin of his new body's magic. I expect it would be explained in later chapters? IDK.

The romance is not really there yet, I'm not even sure who's the male lead (s) because it's slow and not really obvious like other JP BL novels. ... more>>

It's probably Percival and Clawis, they're good boys so far. But They're all like 14 so the romance is probably gonna be more obvious when they're of age.

I'm glad there isn't any annoying stereotype characters tho, like the very 2D tsundere or yandere or wtv else.

The villains are dumb. They don't act like nobles at all, they never think about the consequences of their actions to their family and reputation at all... Very s*upid. I guess it's as expected from this kind of novel. So MC's problems are not really that bad and can be easily solved.

All in all it's a simple and lighthearted story, you don't have to invest too much emotions and thoughts while reading it. Not the best but not the worst either. <<less
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