Since I Don’t Know Anything About It, Shall We Break Up, Your Majesty?


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“You seem to have lost about two years of memories. It’s amnesia. Shall we try opening up your mind?”

After waking up in the hospital following a carriage accident, she was told she had amnesia. She was slightly taken aback by his words, but it was okay. Nothing had changed, so there was nothing to worry about. But that night, she found a strange warning in her torn diary.

[You must not love him.]

…Him? Who was he?

In the moment of uneasy questioning, a black carriage stopped in front of her mansion, piercing through the damp mist.

“Just a few days ago, you sent a breakup note, and today you’ve completely forgotten me?”
“You claim to have been my lover, yet you can’t even tell if I’m lying or not.”
“I… don’t know you?”

As if his words touched something within him, the man’s voice ominously lowered.

“…How much more do I need to know about you before I can say I know you?”

Suppressing his rough desire, his golden eyes sank deeply.

“I know everything about you, even the parts you can’t see.”

The owner of the luxurious opera house dominating Carin’s pleasure, Karl Winger, appeared, claiming to be her lover.

Suspicious headaches, a nighttime intruder, overwhelming inspiration.

What memories has she lost?
…Is approaching the truth really in her best interest?

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저는 모르는 일이니 헤어질까요, 폐하?
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