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Her whole life, Sigrid lived as an imperial knight, a loyal servant, and a faithful subject. However, her loyalty was rewarded with disgrace, dishonor, false accusation, and a guillotine.

“If I came back,” she vowed, “… I’m not going to live a life like that again!”

Executed at the guillotine for assassinating the Crown Prince, Sigrid somehow opened her eyes again… and found herself five years before the day of her execution.

Once upon a time, Sigrid had lived an immaculate and principled life. However, now that she was given a second chance, she knew better.

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Isabelle rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c15
I found this novel today, and I've read it to the last release lol

The translator does a great job, the reading is fluid and the dialogues make sense, you can get who says what.

About the story itself, I thought it was well written. Our MC's thoughts are consistent with her life experience, without being annoying. The people she had conflicts with aren't our typical one-dimensional villains, but they also don't fall into the stereotype of some other novels like "I've misinterpreted them my whole life, they're angels who won't verbalize... more>> their thoughts": no, they all have their own conflicts, and they DO see the changes of Sigrid as strange.

Another thing I liked is that, apparently, with the popularization of rebirth-kinda novels, many authors simply stopped dwelling on the moment when the MCs realized they were reborn, putting it just as a simple acceptance of facts. The care our author takes in creating and developing the scene in which Sigrid wakes up back 5 years in time touched me and helped me to create a closer and more empathetic relationship with our protagonist QAQ

In short, it's worth giving it a try! <<less
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jsplat rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c31
I really like it! It's not spectacular or anything like that, but I gave it a 5 star because I can tell that I'm going to like it more the further we get into the story.

Sigrid's (MC) rebirth back to 5 years felt really realistic. It's not one of those novels where the MC immediately accepts the time skip/transmigration. She really was bewildered, and I can tell that she will be struggling with her past life beliefs and this current timeline throughout the novel. I usually like the fast paced... more>> novels where MC's move onto revenge and accept their situation quickly, but slow burn is nice once in awhile, and this one does a good job at that.

So far there is not an ounce of romance, which makes sense because she's still definitely adapting. It looks like it'll be awhile before the ML is introduced, but I saw the second cover and it looks like he has black hair with one blue eye and one red eye. He's pretty hot haha

I also really love how real the characters feel. Sigrid in her past life was a very uptight knight, but her change in this timeline actually makes sense because she didn't become a whole new person immediately. Like I said, she struggles to accept her situation, and she struggles with her past beliefs, knowing that they are probably not right. She'll have great character development, and I'm pretty excited for that. The other characters are pretty good too. I just hope she doesn't become too OP because she's really physically strong, most people around seem to generally like her, and there is that imperial knight commander dude who has taken that cliche "interest" in her. It's a breeding ground for a Mary Sue, which isn't inherently bad, but slow burn combined with a mary sue MC imo sucks.

Pretty excited to see how this one will go! I saw someone say that there's gonna be a manhwa for it, but idk if thats true... if it is, though, then you can bet ur silly ass ima read that shit <<less
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blahblah123 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c31
Slow paced but really good. The MC's personality doesn't just do a 180, you can see her struggling to change and she's still deeply affected by the events of her first life.
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May 29, 2021
Status: c6
Looks fine so far. Chapters are fairly short, so it's too early to tell whether this is good or not.

I'd say it's well written and with a pretty good translation.

The protagonist seems to rationalize and connect with her actions and emotions in a fairly believable way that makes me feel like it's not going to be overly sappy and dramatic.

Looking at the tags and with many webnovels of this very specific subgenre, I doubt there'll be a lot of action. I'm hopeful, at least, that there won't be a superman... more>> ML that saves every time and is better than the protagonist at everything, rendering the initial premise of having a badass female knight MC useless. <<less
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Silver Spark
Silver Spark rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: c34
The story is not some out of the box but one thing that is different in it that how the MC takes time to change. It's not like she was dumb in her previous life and as she wake up, she become smart, cunning etc. No, It's not like that, she takes time, she change herself but gradually.
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