Sickly Person Enters the Escape Game


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Lin Yun was a sickly person, the kind that coughs three times when he takes a step.

After entering the infinite game, he was blessed by his illness and was granted a golden pass to avoid death.

This was because after players die, they will be forced to stay in the instance and work for the main god.

Main God: With his weak body, he can get injured three times a day. If I let him work, the value he creates won’t even cover the medical expenses I pay in a day!

Lin Yun: ……


Jing Wenze was a troublesome person, the type who doesn’t hold back.

After entering the infinite game, he was blessed by his nature and attracted the attention of the main god.

Main God: Such a talented person can’t be overlooked. Attention, all ghosts and monsters, focus on him and make him come down to work for me earlier!

Jing Wenze: ????


People have different lives.

Jing Wenze shed tears of envy as he looked at Lin Yun who had turned the escape game into a sightseeing tour.

Lin Yun shed crocodile tears as he looked at Jing Wenze who was being chased by ghosts and jumped around constantly.

Even if friends die, I must survive, Lin Yun thought.

[High IQ Sickly Beauty Shou X Silly and Mischievous High Force Value Gong]
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