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He was hit by a car when he tried to save a girl and was reborn as Lex, the most powerful character in the early stages of the RPG world! He starts off at a staggering level of 50! He’s an all-rounder well equipped with skills from all areas and he’s even good-looking! This was an absolute big win!
Or so one might think… but Lex was actually just a minor character in the early stages, like those early SR cards in online games or the old paladin with the silver spear in SRPGs. Even if you’re very strong at the start, you’d soon become completely useless!

As I battled with the monsters and went through events I was bound to experience while enduring the poor growth rate, disappointing unique skills, and the status of being a jack of all trades but master of none, I made up my mind—

「I’ll just dump all the troublesome things onto the game’s hero who should be out there somewhere and retire in a quiet place!」

This is the story of an ordinary person looking for a “hero” who somehow ends up becoming the hero who saves the world!

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I’m Not the Hero! (LN)
Not the Main Character
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7 Reviews

Jan 19, 2023
Status: c76
one of the better isekai series, MC gets reincarnated as a tutorial guide npc who dies off in the prologue. The writing is much more fleshed out then usual and the MC is on the weaker side of the cast unlike most isekais. The Tragedy tag is honestly misleading there is no tragedy. The MC is witty, funny and pretty entertaining.
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Feb 23, 2023
Status: c21
Once again I'm not very surprised.

We have yet another novel of a SI who must pretend he's not a hero, while secretly trying to support the real deal behind the scenes.

Except for that our MC's body has a little sister that magically turns out to be the most OP person ever. Like WTF? Author you should at least pick one of the other dimwits with anger issues against our MC. We had a whole team of newbs to chose from, but instead of using those generic cardboard cutouts we had... more>> to use the suppose to be dead little sister who stats are OP cause she was suppose to die in act 1 of the story as the real OP hero our MC was looking for to support.

Sure what I said is a mouthful, but after reading 2ok words, a whole secret revealing of his transmigration to his sis and a flashback..... I think I can sht on this fic a bit.

The story is about a generic beta male inserted into a game that he knows 100% about, which is quickly proven to be false. The male lead is inconsistent and can't help himself but to tell the world that he is only a avg guy.... even after he just 1v1'd a level 60 boss with stats of a level 3o.

But wait.

Our novel never tells us what the real average stats per level are. We are suppose to believe his level 50 stats with 200 in each trait is consider low af compared to the regular 300 in each stat of the other level 50's. While at the same time we must pretend.... that his little sister, which is suppose to be dead, has 100 pts as an average spread in each stat.... when she is only level 1???~??!?!?!!?

Dude, I know I hate number crunching, but even this is beyond ridiculous to fathom.

Our MC just solo'd a level 6o great demon with subpar stat totals, yet his little sis is already half as strong as he is after waking up from a coma?????????????????????

Just Gtfo.

I can't even read this.

Its a litrpg story, but without the expected number crunching. Stats mean nothing when our MC can use his rng experience to win fights that he is suppose to lose. On day one he is already calling himself a cck even after defeating an impossible opponent that a group of 20 guards couldn't face.

And then on day two, tragedy strikes. Where he reveals his whole isekai origins to his not very dead little sis who can fold him in half after a bit of grinding.

So why?

Why did he reveal his past life when literal gods walk this realm? Beings who can erase him due to the danger his knowledge poses? That his biological sister has a very high chance of murking him?

IDK why. The author is on something special to reason this away with all those POV switches he loves to use along with flashbacks...

Yeah, POV switches and flashbacks are a great way for story telling. You know, if I wanted to read a mult-lead story I'd just find something better than this. Maybe watch steins-gate for the good flashback portions too.

The fic is written well, but the execution leaves much to desire. I already wasted 6 chaps with a flashback of his auction/gambling arc followed by his little sister coming to realize the fact her older brother has been replaced by a foreign beta.

So yeah, f this fic. No matter how well it is written, the plot is just idiotic. At least tell us his overall plan for the grimderp world he's in. I won't waste my time on this as the author hasn't had any real criticism to his work. Though it is decent writing, I can only contribute it to the translator. I shudder at how hard they had to work to bring this up to a 3 star level.

Rate 2.3/5 <<less
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Sep 27, 2022
Status: c159
This novel is awsome MC is really struggle with his very low stats so he always need to find way around to beat very tought enemies with his gaming knowledge.

also some funny moment that you can relate when grinding a boss or mob for exp by exploiting game mechanic.

and what I like is all MC disciple's got Character development a lot until latest chapter and twist about the game world the know actually is diffrent.
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Aug 06, 2022
Status: c21
Looks interesting. Great world-building and a mature protagonist. Paired with excellent translations. Lokking forward to new updates
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: c115
All I can say is that a novel that could have been brilliant goes down the most boring route possible.

The beginning is great. Rex Toren, now possessed by some random JP nobody that has excessive knowledge of a game world risks his life to save his comrades against demons. He uses wit and game knowledge mechanics to his advantage in order to beat a stronger opponent he normally could not have hoped to match.

This, however, devolves into a life sim. While there is a pretty accurate comment from Rex, who... more>> said that he would build up heroes like a life sim, the fact that it really turns out that way is a huge turn-off. Gone are any risky or dangerous situations, and instead we are home to a boring novel in which Rex raises characters "optimally" using his game knowledge. 90% of the novel or more is going to be him abusing game mechanics that somehow mesh into the real world.

Unfortunately, characters that could have carried the novel are not the priority in the novel. Due to the game knowledge that Rex possesses, apparently that means that all of the characters seem like literal NPCs than real people. The fact that all characters trust Rex or fall in love with him for no reason breaks any immersion I had in the novel. His sister, Resilia is the biggest culprit of this. Apparently, he divulges all of his secrets to her, but instead of questioning him or being wary, she just becomes a typical bro-con archetype with no reason at all. She randomly becomes immensely attached to Rex, and 99% of the time she acts as if she doesn't know that her "brother" is a transmigrator that's been transported to a game world. It's as if she's a convenient plot device! Which of course, she is.

Other characters had potential. Especially Radd. It was nice that there was a POV change to Radd once in a while. If the novel maintained a focus on characters, changed POVs, and developed them all out instead of just rendering them flavor text, the novel could have gone a long way. Instead of picturing characters just as NPCs that Rex recognizes from a mobile game he played, if each character were developed enough to carry the novel, it would have been amazing. Really now. Despite all the focus on nurturing Radd, Prana, Nuku and the rest of the party, do you really get to know them very well? Not really. Fleshing these characters out are just not a focus. Prana especially has almost no personality at all. This carries onto other characters. Most of the characters you encounter through the lens of Rex is more like Rex spouting out game information about their stats or how they were in the game. It's soulless.

In a novel where the story is predictable due to the near omniscience the MC has, you have to carry the story through characters. That, or somehow make the story complicated or have high hurdles for the MC to jump through despite the large hurdles. This does not happen, so it fades into obscurity as a novel that could have been greater than it actually is. <<less
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Aug 28, 2023
Status: v1
Status is volume 1 of the official LN I'm not a Hero.

The author states in the afterword that he is first and foremost a game developer / designer and likes to torture his players with difficult tasks who take an endless amount of tries to get past them. But luckily for the MC of the story he as the author, as a player, he wants his characters to overcome those trials.

In fact, in difference to many game-world novels the systems and rules of this world are not just complex but... more>> also well thought out. But since this is a real world game rules only apply to a certain extent. A very simple example right from the beginning would be that in games dungeon walls are basically indestructible. In reality a wall is a wall and no matter how sturdy with enough force can be penetrated. The MC uses this fact to reach an unreachable platform that functions as a shortcut to get out of a place after conquering a dungeon to get inside instead and skip the normal route.

I really like that take how the MC exploits those game mechanics. Also Rex himself is wondering how this world of Braves & Blades is definitely a game world since it has pens and paper notebooks and a casino with slot machines and is not a realistic fantasy world but has tons of gimmick items.

Also the original game is not just playable with a controller but the true fun is playing it with a “Wiimote”. As everyone who played games like Wii Sports knows you don’t need to really swing your whole arm with the virtual tennis racket, you only need to flick your wrist to get the same effect. The MC uses that knowledge to manually do sword arts that are way more efficient than the automatic one’s that are always the same after being executed by the press of a button.

All these exploits allow the MC to fight enemies who are way stronger, the author comes up with a lot of tricks during those fights and they all make sense and are even foreshadowed if the reader pays attention to detail.

The MC is reincarnated as one of the poster boy characters of the game, Rex Tauren, who actually is just a mid-level character with mediocre stats who is supposed to help the player in early game but is useless later on because it is almost impossible for him to level up and become stronger.

In general this is a very good read if you like video games and know about game mechanics. If you just want to read an interesting fantasy novel you might become a bit disappointed because story-wise there is not much going on, it is a typical game setting after all. The forced encounter battles are fun and well described, the change in point of view gives insight into other characters feelings but I think also distract a bit too much.

So far, after reading vol. 1, I would give 4/5 Stars. <<less
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Jul 07, 2022
Status: c5
So far it's pretty typical, which isn't a bad thing, I like "reincarnated into a game" stories like this.

I'll edit this review after more chapters are released, but as of now, it's a fast-paced story with relatively short chapters and not a whole lot of background.

The first few chapters are where he's just been dumped into a dangerous scenario, so world-building and character development aren't going to happen until they have a chance to breathe.

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