Showering the Villain With Familial Love: The Ghost Child’s Older Sister


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Su Xi, the villain of the world, died when he was a child and was the first ghost that formed in the modern-day world.

As for Su Yuanyuan’s identity in this world, she was the villain’s older sister. The original Su Yuanyuan had died from exhaustion when she was 18 years old. That’s when Su Yuanyuan transmigrated into the world with ghosts.

Su Yuanyuan’s mission is to guide the child ghost king back to the side of light, resolve his obsession that lasted into death, and fulfill the original owner’s dream.

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The Villain and I Rely on Each Other: The Ghost King’s Older Sister
我和反派相依为命: 反派鬼王的那个姐姐
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Fuyuneko rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Su Yuanyuan isn't book smart, but her EQ is normal and she won't need brute strength to complete the mission. Her mission isn't simply to save the villain from being killed by the original female lead.

As for the original female lead, she isn't self-righteous, a fake white lotus, or a lovesick fool. She's a person with good intentions and willing to learn from her mistakes.

P.S. This is a short story that's only 55k in Chinese characters and 14 raw chapters long. I split the raw chapters into parts, and it'll... more>> be done in 43 chapter parts. <<less
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Maiasia rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
3.7 stars

I guess it is short-ish, for a QT arc. XD What's translated is the 4th arc in a non-romantic, reforming-the-villain QT. The MC is a low IQ, low EQ, Mary mother-ish heroine that can be really annoying in some of the later arcs. (One would think that after more than half a dozen worlds she would had smarten up when it came to dealing with the villain plotline but -_- nope. Seriously! But I do agree that both nurture and nature can make a difference in a child growing... more>> up bad or growing up good.) The system is no big help either, and I want to say that the MC succeeds in each world through sheer dumb luck, but somehow, in spite of the MC and her "system", there are a few arcs that are interesting and makes reading it worthwhile-ish. The RL ending

brings in the personal romantic aspect that some readers were probably wanting, with a love-knowledge-poor ML. Then when you give a Mary mother heroine the powers of a god and the chance to use it... I think what got me was that right and wrong was so black and white in the MC's world that she could freely punish the bad and reward the good...

No, I think what got to me was MC's low IQ and Mary mother personality. That's why 3.7 stars. <<less
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Dendenpo rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I went to mtl this dropped project and was confused. It's one of the arcs in the novel, and not the first one, but I do recommend mtling all of this if you like familial love. I recommend starting from the beginning for more context. It's super sweet. Whether it's the MC who cares for the villain, or the other way around, they do always end up caring deeply for each other. It's very touching!

My only complaint is how not smart they made the MC, she doesn't understand logic and... more>> is really bad at figuring people out. She doesn't even seem like an adult that's not smart, but a child (that's not smart.)

She will have the entire backstory of an arc, and then be surprised when the villain follows the backstory, as if she didn't see it coming. Her saving grace is that she's cute and caring. But she is giving white lotus vibes. Sometimes I wonder who's gotten hurt by her ignorance.

This story isn't too complicated, and easy to mtl, so I don't regret reading it. <<less
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