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One day, unfortunate news flew all the way to the Mage’s City. The mage, Solar Xing Ayra’s, entire family had been killed in an accident. Thus, he must now become the next Lord of the Solar family.

The childhood home he returned to felt unfamiliar and strange. He barely managed to conduct a funeral with advisors that regarded him with suspicion. After fainting from various stressors, he woke up and…

“Hello, Master. Nice to meet you!” ^o^ From now on, I’ll be the cute GM spirit fulfilling Master’s dreams: ‘Adventuring the world!’, ‘Fun estate management!’ I’m so happy to be with Master from now on, yay!

“Enter a name ______”

… What is this pebble-like spirit that calls me ‘Master’?

No matter how you look at it–these level-up quests and these system windows…they were similar to a game’s user interface from his previous life.

What is this… thing that seems more suited to modern civilization? Reminiscing on the games he had longed to play, Ayra worked hard on the quests. And, slowly, he also began exploring the territory.

However, the territory…

[D-234 days until the fall of the Solar estate.]

“There are 234 days left till ruin…?”

Alright, let’s start with the coronation ceremony. Things will work out somehow.

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I Can See Your Stats!
너의 스탯이 보여!
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Monniebiloney rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c15
Interesting world-building and characters so far. Its very interesting to kind of puzzle out how the world is different from other isekais, but also where it is similar. I like the MC's personality, and it's pretty obvious who's the ML I think (which I love. I hate reading a book where it's like, "who's the love interest?" cuz you just don't know if your suppose to ship them or not, cuz if you guess wrong then it kind of sucks.)

He hasn't unlocked the <3 part of the system yet,... more>> nor the [D-234 days until the fall of the Solar estate] questline. <<less
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agathe rated it
August 10, 2022
Status: c41
It’s a 4.5 so far ;) thanks for the great translation and a very nice discovery !
It’s good, entertaining and it has a nice plot - the characters are interesting too !

Wow, that sum is so rare these day, that’s definitely a big and pleasant surprise : the mix between isekai and game clues are very nicely managed, even if we can easily guess some parts, there are quite a few puzzles left for us to be entertained with at least a mu*der to solve a treasure to find,... more>> a lover’s heart to capture and a territory to save and manage

the MC is just fine, he’s very curious and solves a lot of things by himself. Being a mage is powerful, yet it’s also a flaw as mages are hated in his province ; So both mana and stamina limits his power, but he also has to hide his identity as a mage to gain efficiency with the population. He has an OP boyfriend, but the guy doesn’t truly like him, so he can’t expect free help from there which is interesting.
I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t play the « i’m the lord card », and instead mix with all kind of people to learn more
One of the nice thing is also that we share his puzzles : He find information from clues we can also analyze. For example, when given three answers for the bad ending, he will deduct the intentions of the answers (one is lying, another is avoiding, etc) and act appropriately to avoid doing the wrong thing, and not just saying the wrong stuff - This way he learns long terms way to manage his relationship and it’s more meaningful - The game interface provides him with material that he interprets in the said and the unsaid. This is engaging for the reader because it provides the right amount of cleverness and you can easily catch on the reasoning, which makes reading a bit playful too.

If I had to comment on one flaw, it would be to ask why does that appear in the rated interface of foxolic, in company of lots of tr*sh series ?? I’d be tempted to suggest the to separate the rated chapters, in order to get into the main story access, or to upload it into a BL community website ?

It’s sad many people might not read it because of that, whereas the rated part are very very secondary to a pretty good story which is seldom the case with rated novels

So if your searching for hot stuff, this is certainly not the main subject, but it’s a good fantasy with game elements, and despite a not too original setting, it still feels rather fresh <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: --
I love MC so much, his character, his personality, everything is so well done, unique, and simply lovable!

ML and MCs interaction before the point in the prologue was so cute, I found myself aww-ing at their interactions, It was so fairy-tale like! I couldnt help but be reminded of the romance in The Little Mermaid. Then ... more>>

We find out MLs affection is at 1. I honestly gasped, the timing of it for story purposes was really good, being almost straight after our MC shared a cute 'picnic' and fawned over his crush, but emotionally? Oh man do I want to kill ML. I dont think ive ever hated such a scummy ML this much before lol


Inferesting to see how the dynamics change. And speaking of! Side characters! Theyre well done! They have personalities! They're memorable! I love them all! Even our lovely Ginas (and Bloom!! But thats a given, id marry that man if I could)

so far, in terms of actual writing this has been a treat to read, obviously things will change as we get further into the plot and the themes become more concrete, but so far Its a really interesting story, with really lovable characters (except for*coughcough*).

I can see this being popular as more people catch on <<less
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Kassandra rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: c48
I came from this novel's manhwa [I Can See Your Stats!] after realizing there's no episode left. This one seems ahead of the translated manhwa so I'll dived here. The novel is more detailed as expected, and there's more information/explanation about things.

The plot was progressing well, in my opinion. I haven't seen any wrong grammar or anything I majorly dislike. I just minorly dislike how they're at a disadvantage from the start. It's seriously not a good thing, I hope it'll become better as we progressed into the plot.

The romance... more>> dynamic is quite interesting if you ask me. Ayra (MC) who fell first × Jan*s who is not affectionate as he looks (ML). I just wanna cheer Ayra on to not fall deeper and to regain his composure before it's too late. It's an unrequited love for now, we'll seee how it'll develop.

I also like the mage thingy, their enlightenment and awakening is interesting. It's a concept I've never seen before. I hope this won't be brushed off/ignored because it's a good setting.

Overall, this is a 5/5 for me. It'll probably remain as 5 or not depending on the remaining chapters. Anyway, recommended. <<less
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everydaydanmei rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: c41
I love it so far! MC is great, he's not too OP. It's more of a zero to hero type of novel, where MC started from level 1. The story is good and you get to unravel secrets of MC's territory along with him. Though the reincarnation part is a little bit useless since MC doesn't really get any benefit from it except for the system interface. Maybe there would be more about it in later chapters I don't know. (I can't find the raw, it sucks)

The ML... more>> is a scum... A flirty scum. But well, he just doesn't think much about anything okay, he shrugged off at everything. I guess it's understandable since

he's like super OP and sees everyone else as ants. When he's being nice to people it may be feel like charity for him lmao even to MC he just humors him. Which is kinda heartbreaking for MC in some way. Hope ML can grow his affection faster tho it might be a slow burn...


The system is cute, the plot is interesting enough. Don't know if it's been dropped tho, I hope not. : ( <<less
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Misseltto59 rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c38
I love this, and I really recommend this if you like genres like shounen isekai fantasy where they reincarnate, can use RPG-like skills irl and also need to deal with territories. But do be reminded this is Boys Love - NOT fantasy isekai shounen.

The story premise consists of reincarnators and transmigrators who can use magic and MC is one of them so there's elements of shounen isekai like things such as the status window but this is BL so there's "affection" status where he can see how much people like... more>> him.

There's also a cute navi with a very cute face description! Specifically: (・ㅅ・)

The story plot as of c38 has just gone past prologue level and barely chapter 1 kinda world building, meaning to say I can sense a real plot coming in the future. It also involves things like religion clashing with the monarchy system and being on bad terms, fiefdom involved in territorial wars of bigger fiefdoms and how the MC solves all this - while also being a BL.

Sorry if me saying "It's a BL" gets repetitive. Sometimes it's not clear and then people talk bad about it cause it's BL so I'm here to repeat a million times that this is BL and has s*xual elements between men so read at your own risk. If you don't mind that though, give this story a try. It's good!

If you want to be more motivated to read this, check out the manhwa promo under the same name! <<less
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damnmei rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: c209
An amazing novel, in my opinion. For the smut alone, 5 stars. For the characters, another 5 stars. MC is so funny without even trying, and his brain waves are definitely unique lol. Loved how he just accepts that he has a crush on ML and then moves on. I really can't blame him for falling so fast either, because this ML... my god.

The ML is so hot, just need to get that out there. Something about a man who will treat you like a lover, kill for you, be... more>> loyal only to you, all while also not really caring about you. The reveal of his actual affection being near 0 after all that flirting and sweet talk really got me so invested in the relationship development to come. There's just nothing quite like a ML that takes a while to fall but falls hard when he does. You usually only get this dynamic with a scum ML, but the ML here actually treats the MC very well despite his apparently low affection.

The s*x is insane between these two, they are both such freaks both in and out in bed hahaha. Really love when two characters have this much physical chemistry with each other! Honestly the manhwa being R15 is a crime against humanity for skipping out on the detail in these scenes but I'm used to censorship by now. MC is a certified monster f*cker and you know what, I love him for it. The descriptions of ML's tongue... I'm obsessed. You definitely get the human x non-human relationship here lol

Korean novel MTL hurts my brain but this novel is kind of worth it... I'll say that I understand maybe 70% of the plot with the word salad of MTL so it's not terrible. Definitely will re-read if/when a full translation is out! The last few chapters were a mindf*ck trying to understand so I definitely at least need an actual translation of whatever happened there lmao

The ending was a bit abrupt, but apparently there's side stories? Can't find them but I would give my life for more of these two weirdos in love. Honestly the sh*t that they're both into made me laugh so hard. Mild spoiler I guess on their ages but I also really liked that MC was

over 40 when he transmigrated. Love a mature character. Also definitely makes sense why he is so calm with analyzing his feelings for the ML! A very refreshing protagonist falls first story.

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MaddieVenus rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c49
Absolutely love it! The story is really interesting and I really love game system elements in romance stories. Why can we have system like that in real life? Life would be so much easier 😭 Anyway, story is amazing and worth reading ❤️
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mikumiku_100 rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c44
Sorry, I accidentally rate it 2⭐ 😭. It wasn't intentional I swear. Anyways, the plot is nice and intriguing. I like MC's personality. He's a bit odd by normal standards but he's also simple. His views are kinda distorted because of his upbringing due to his years of stay in the labyrinth. But I can tell that his world is pure. Pure fascination to science and magic. Pure compassion and kindness to the weak and his people.

... more>>

Even the concept of his magic awakening ability is interesting. It seems to be protecting his pure and simple self as mind abilities are pretty damaging to someone's mental health.


But don't get me wrong when I say he's "pure". I didn't mean that he's some kind of mary sue but it's just that his scheming and reasonings are not that complicated. Even his desires and life goals in life are most of the time simple, just like any other ordinary people. If he wasn't given such unavoidable responsibility, he might just continue as a mage in the labyrinth devoting his time exploring and studying magical stuff for all his life. Basically.. He's just a nerd 😂.

About his relationship with the ML.. I kind of looking forward to the process of them falling in love. I know they would end up together at the end but at this point they are still at the stage of "dating", like getting to know each other. MC's taking a liking to the ML and ML.. Honestly even w/o the affection meter I can also tell he doesn't quite like the MC yet xD, only an "interest" if I may say so. So, it's kind of interesting of how their relationship will progress. (Also, the snusnu, with the actual driving 😏, is also something that I very much look forward to hahaha)

Also, at this point, there is not that much information about their world, just a general layout of the rulings and stuff going on around MC's territory. I think there is still a lot to unravel, specially with regards to dragons..


*coughs* the ML *coughs*


Yeah, so far it is an interesting read, and I look forward to how things would develop going forward :D.

Actual Rating so far: 5⭐

Edit: Thanks for the user that gave me the tip. I didn't know you can change your rating after reloading 😭. <<less
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EnReader1331 rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: --
I really love this! I hope its not dropped : (. I really adore the MC and ml. I hope the ML falls for the MC soon 😳😳😳

Also I want pebble ❤️❤️❤️ So cute
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August 27, 2023
Status: c14.
I tried to give it a shot, but maybe because I wasn't sure what to expect — OR, rather, because I had too many random expectations — I ended up having a hard time getting into it. It just felt like... 14 chapters in, nothing has happened. You know? 🤔 Well, that's what it felt like to me. And then I had a crisis because I couldn't find a source for the complete KR raws. So I gave up XD. I decided to wait a bit first. At least until... more>> the TL is further along. So that I don't suffocate from the anxiety of running out of chapters LOLOL.


SUMMARY — The MC, Ayra/Eyra (whatever works lol), is someone from modern times that ended up reincarnating in a western fantasy world where mages, dragons, and magic beasts existed. He's not alone though. This place has tons of reincarnators and transmigrators. They all ended up here because of some kind of time and space rift—- Anyway, that's not important. He reincarnated as the second son of the King of Solath. At the age of six, he was discovered to be a mage and left for a place called the labyrinth (which is where all mages stay). He stayed there until he heard news of his parents' and his older brother's death.

The story starts at this point. The funeral is in session. The MC raced back home to attend and take on the lordship of the estate. But then... he fainted? Next thing he knew, he woke up having weird dreams about some dragon. And there's a weird blob flying around him. This weird blob is an elemental that is able to show him the stats of the people around him (though he has to update it to be effective. At first, it shows nothing but names).

With this cheat, he assumedly will work towards being a better lord. And, along the way, he picks up the ML. Who is, potentially, a mu*derous psychopath???? XD (IDK. The manga prologue made him out to be like that.) The two become entangled, fall in love, unravel mysteries, etc. etc. <<less
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edragoon rated it
July 22, 2023
Status: c48
Fantastic plot, super fun characters and scorching hot smut, add in the amazing translation and you quickly have one of my, if not The, favorite of this year. A great read that I'm enjoying a lot, can't wait to see how the mystery unfolds.

For me what I like the most about it is the development of Ayra and Janus' relationship, we're so used to seeing very slow burn romance in webnovels that them dating right from the get go is very refreshing, and hey I'm always tr*sh for the typical... more>> romance genre trope of getting together, finding out something the other person hid, Drama and breaking up and then getting back together :P

Overall I'm having a lot of fun and if you like fantasy, game aspects and dragons you will too! <<less
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