Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~


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A trading company employee who kept on working overseas finally set himself free from being a corporate s*ave after winning a one billion yen at Jumbo Lottery during the end of the year. As a former trading company employee who proclaim himself being a misanthropist bought a farm located on the countryside of Hokkaido in order to become a farmer. When he was enjoying living the comfortable farm life as an unmarried man thanks to the advantages of the internet where you could order things online, an incident occurred.

He was warped into somewhere else along with his chicken coop.

For the time being, he’d continue eating the eggs from his chickens.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Another World Survival of Trading Company Man
商社マンの異世界サバイバル ~絶対人とはつるまねえ~
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: c261
Chapters are pretty short. Not really much of a slow-life since he usually participates in hunting. MC is kinda weak-hearted but gets better over time. He is mostly best friends with the blacksmith, merchant, & adventurer. Good thing its not a harem he only has 1 wife but I can't really say she was introduced in a good way or maybe it was just too plain, it just sorta happened, out of the blue. MC got invited to visit something like a night club, and when MC met his assigned... more>> girl its like they just fall in love, author tried to give reasons but for me it feels like lazy writing.

I don't understand how or why alchemists are rare, MC just straight up boils herbs already learned alchemy level 1, just boil another recipe level 2. His level increase quickly just by doing new stuffs, most skills are easy to learn he can learn the basic stuff in just a few attempts, the longest IIRC was 3 hours of training magic. MC is strong but I wonder why others who fight more is weaker than MC. MC's wife increases at or faster than MC during their honeymoon so that is to say MC leveling speed is the same as everybody else yet MC is like a high level adventurer in just a few months overtaking rookies.

Also the antagonists (?) usually deserve a second chance and they change after awhile with the MC.

All in all it is pretty mediocre and just good enough for a day to day reading <<less
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oatesi rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: c75

Pretty mediocre overall, it seems more like half a story that has been separated and spread out to appear as though its a complete story, if the premise and the brevity of the chapters didn't make it excessively easy to read, id be tempted to call it a bad story, which it isn't.

This is one of those stories that occupy that golden line between good and bad, no I don't mean average this is different in the way that I can see great potential in it but also glaring negatives.

One... more>> this that really does detract from this story is a complete lack of description, its one of those stories where the MC basically just explains what he does in a day to life, you won't find any dialogue or descriptions here, instead, you will find something you can read when you're all read out or between novels where you don't have to really invest in.

dispite the fact that this novel is basically the mc's diary posts, you wont even get much depth from his perspective.

basically is a junk food novel, id rate it a 2 if I thought the author wrote it to be anything of substantial value, it reads like a hobby/for a fun story. <<less
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GusSan rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c31
For now, a well done Isekai-slow life. Of you like the genre with not op MC, you will like this one. Also the translator is doing a good job.

I'll wait more chapters to have a better opinion, but for now is good to pass the time
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satoshi1 rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c460
Starts off great. Starts slipping when he finds his lover. Falls off and becomes like other Isekai slice of life afterwards.

... more>>

He becomes a noble, makes a city, and decides to add everything Japanese he can think of. Money becomes less of a trade and more like quest rewards as he's getting like 1mil gold for turning in items to people. We have yet to see how his city generates income and what the hell are they gonna do with their village-turned-city with 30k inhabitants and he is the owner of every business. Guy even gives UBI and people wonder how he gets the money to give away like that. Also, originally thought to be polytheistic, turns out an evil god took over. The good religion is very Shinto-like, worshipping a dragon. Also, the little girl they saved, Tanya, is actually the hero. Ash, the cub, is actually a Fenrir.


The story gets a lot worse as it appears that the shift from WN to LN made some changes and the author is trying to extend his series.

Conclusion after reading a bit more, would have been a better story if he stayed in the hut and lived a slow life as a craftsman/gatherer with his wife. Other people do the plotting and he just gotta make awesome stuff for people similar to an Atelier game. <<less
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guih34 rated it
March 29, 2023
Status: c181
This is nice story from a man with his fair share of complexes developing in another world, embracing a new life, forming connections with friends, family and his pets, while somewhat healing his wounds and forging a path anew.

The only issues I have is that the chapters are too short and character wise, the main character, due to his issues, doesn't really speak much, yet sometimes the issues are clearly his lack of communication being a detriment for him and his circle of friends/lover well being, he should've put some... more>> thought on learning to reduce this stress imo.

Nevertheless this is a relaxing slow pace story without cheat, harem and all those run down tropes. <<less
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ThomschK rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: c166
Insane! I cought up so fast :D

This story is on the light side of story telling. Obviously aimed for a warm read before sleeping. It indicates some dark stuff but it will allways turn out be lighter than one would expect. For example. If there is a girl with many scars working in an entertainment area then its not about r*pe and s*avery but more about domestic hardships. Just to let you know how dark it can get (so far)

To me its a very unique masterpiece because it... more>> actually focusses on personality and mental growth. While reading I felt like the author wanted to talk about mental instability and potential triggers of such. Dont worry it wont get too detailed its just neatly mixed in the story.

The translation is top quality. Very few typos and as far as I can recall 0 grammar issues. (I am not a native speaker so I might be assumming things)

Slow-life and finally NOT dense MC who would do uber-dumb mistakes. There are misstakes but they are on a relateable scale.

Give it a shot. If you come here after reading the manga you might want to skip upto chapter ~90 (manga chapter 11) BUT if you skip the early chapters you will realize that there are some small details that the manga simply left out. <<less
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floatereyes rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c126
Ha... The moment the first translated chapters of this story were uploaded here, I was one of the first to notice it. I loved it so much I was always checking for more chapters everyday. This page didn't even have comments yet back then. Now, it's been 11 months since I dropped this. It took me that long to finally be calm enough to leave a comment.

Shoushaman, as I call it, was and still is not tagged with 'romance' and 1 year back, was not tagged with 'marriage'. Considering that... more>> the MC was blabbering about how he liked being alone and shit, I was happy that maybe, I can actually finally read an isekai story with a true loner MC, not some chuuni who didn't understand what being a loner means.

It was fun at first and the MC was really relatable. The author seemed to truly understand what loneliness means, the complexity of a person who wants to distance himself from others but at the same time, becomes easily lonely. It was really a good read even though the production and crafting parts were kinda cringe but hey, I didn't mind that at all. There were also some really good friends who had their own little stories with them, plus a cute wolfie.

And then, as usual, it fell apart - at least for me - at the introduction of a love interest. For someone who talked so much about wanting to be alone to the point of even quitting his job and moving to the middle of nowhere in Hokkaido, he sure got into a relationship fast in the other world. Considering that the chapters were short and mostly talking about his trips to town, his friends, his daily activities, etc., he sure suddenly became extroverted upon seeing some tits.

Am I against romance? No. Am I against character development? Definitely, no. A hundred plus chapters, all talking about the most mundane of things, but a handful of chapters from being single to having a girlfriend? It was not even all about them building their relationship... Not at all, only mere mentions of seeing each other once in a while. Fudge. Superfudgery.

Author-san, would it kill you to write a proper get to know each other phase? A proper transition from being a true loner to wanting someone by one's side? That little by little opening of the self to accommodate another person into one's life? You started so well, author-san... This is betrayal.

Most "loner" characters in lightnovels are not really loners by nature. They are mostly loners as a result of unfortunate social interactions. It was rare that we have a character who, by nature, was not the type to like being around others at an extended period. It's something I can relate to and that's why it's so meaningful to me. I wish the author did not write it this way. It made the MC look like a pretender and the girl, his wife now I read from the comments, cheap. The romance that could have become very appealing, became no different from other harem stories that were not really romance but just more about stroking the fantasies of pe*verts.

I dropped this at chapter 126 so if ever the author improved things, I won't know and I also don't want to continue anymore. Some people may not understand my disappointment... It was my mistake for connecting to the story a bit too personally. I should have known better. <<less
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Newbii rated it
March 29, 2023
Status: c181
Nice and very light novel. Refreshing read, free of complex political intrigue or the like - focusing more on character relationship and development. Has an involved but simple crafting system, with your standard Isekai world setting. MC starts out as relatively weak, but as the novel goes on he becomes pretty OP... Translation is fantastic. Easy to understand and lighthearted. Each chapter is only about 3-5 minutes read, so it's great to take small doses of.
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D.. rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: --
This novel is 1000x better then 99% of all other similar works

The good! 1. Not some idiot age regression be or teen junk.

2. Not over powered

... more>> 3. Not harem seeking or perverse but has a realistic relationship though kinda sudden it's at least a more in-depth character then most.

4. No super cheats and no language cheat! It's more reasonable In it's depiction of what would become of someone dropped into a foreign land.

5. The wolves are the best!

Basically this novel is the best Japanese iseki I've read on this site to date I won't write a review if I'm not enjoying the book.

The bad.! 1 and only one that's the title of the book is way off the mark I can't find anything antisocial in his character... <<less
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readingandstuff rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: c181
3.2 rating i'd say. Worth a shot, if you're into the usual jp style isekai. Chapters are short.

The "slow life" is in relation to the world MC is in-- one with monsters and magic.

Some chapters are pretty weird and crappy philosophy from the MC pov, this is both good in the sense of getting into his head but also weird in the sense of it just being mostly bleh nonsense that personally I'm not that into.

Overall I liked the flow of the story so far. I also like it's a... more>> kinda basic mindless reading novel.

TL is done well. <<less
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