Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi


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On one spring evening when I was eight years old, I, Erica, Duke of Aurelia’s daughter, realized something.

Huh, I have reincarnated into a fantasy world, haven’t I?

Moreover, it was the romance-fantasy girl game that had the reputation of being bloody, 『Liber Monstrorum ~Phantom Beasts and the Winter Princess~』

The face reflected in the mirror was that of the villainess character of that game.

After repeatedly harassing many characters, including the heroine, she would die without exception, signaling the beginning of an event called the bizarre incident. She was a villain who deserved to get the consequences!

—I absolutely don’t want a destiny like that, though?

No, for me who has remembered the memory of my previous life, there would be no such thing.

In my previous life, I was harassed immensely by an irrationally angry yandere man who proclaimed ‘She is absolutely in love with me.’

My cause of death, too, was from being stabbed by another yandere man who I only had talked with a few times……

Now that I have become the haughty villainess Erica, I shouldn’t encounter more misunderstandings like with the previous life’s yandere men anymore, right……?

In that case, it will be fine as long as I deal with the death flags that I may have raised myself.

All right! First of all, before the bizarre incident begins at the Magic Academy, I will strike down the death flags accordingly!!

—Or so I thought, but it seems that I am about to die.

Eeh, how did this happen—!?

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Duke's Daughter Who is Liable to Die and the Seven Nobles
Erica the Abyss Killer
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Iika rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c17
This is what I looking for!

I rarely like romance novel/light novel/manga, but this one is different. I really like Klaus's dere-dere reaction. And his sister... sometimes I think that Ann is the older one. Oh I love Erica and her bad luck. She reminds me of Harold Stokes from My Death Flag. I know these two not even similar, but...i don't know, when Erica hit every jackpot on that labyrinth, it always reminds me of him.

Well, thanks so much for translating this one.
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elite3 rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c22
This novel was disappointing. I thought that it's a 4.5 rating so it might be good and I like otome game novel but this one doesn't interest me at all. If you like fantasy and the like then maybe this novel is for you. The balance isn't there, I feel like the author try to balance the novel with action and romance but it just feel shallow to me. Hey maybe I am just the problem or I have been reading too much top tier quality and Just being a... more>> picky person. <<less
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catsci rated it
June 22, 2019
Status: c122
I really love this so far. Especially the MC's friendship with Harold :3 It was unexpected to have some of the foreshadowed love interests to turn out as just friends and was wonderful! The world is amazing and interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Big thanks to the translator and their editors, ya'll are doing amazing <3
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May 27, 2019
Status: c30
it's OK as long as you like dense MCs. I find them annoying and to be honest I'm surprised I lasted until c30 before giving up (stupid/ dense MC are my number 1 pet peeve and normally I avoid it but there were so many tags for this story that I didn't see it). this is why I don't usually read Japanese isekai stories... they're all borderline retarded when it comes to certain aspects; i.e. why didn't she leave that necklace in her room since she knew it was a... more>> trigger? why did she tell the brother exactly where it was found when she knew it was a death flag? stupid all around. I liked the actual adventure parts and the world building was good but the moments of wtf were too much for me.

also, in this particular story, it's a little disturbing to have all these 8-10 year old kids running around seriously interested in her romantically. I know it's the aristocracy and all but they should at least wait until puberty. of course, she's dense there, too, like all isekai novels. <<less
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Altair Stormborn
Altair Stormborn rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: c163
I read the raws and am currently following the translations. Well, normally you wouldn't expect a guy to be reading an otome game based reincarnated villainess novel I suppose. I just happened to come across it randomly. I am not picky about male or female protagonists and what I was looking for was some fantasy novel with good plot. And then I found this. Firstly, I will give a summary of each arcs just enough so new readers will understand the flow. This will be a long review though. I... more>> am writing inside the spoiler tag but I won't write much in depth details or any spoilery info as that would ruin the story, just the general gist of things.


The first arc, introduces the world to the readers in an interesting manner, shows the beginning of the mc's quest in destroying the 'death flags'. These are NOT death flags in some game but real life tragedies foreshadowed by someone which will be explained later. You can't avoid them by just being 'not villainessish' or nice. She uses the information she had from the game and tries to destroy her first fate of destruction associated with the first capture target and his sister. But no matter how she tried to avoid it, by some twist of fate things started to go exactly as it was supposed to be in the game. Near the very end she realized that what she initially thought as a death flag wasn't the true reason and no matter what she did, she would still die because the perpetrator had a grudge against her ancestors. This arc is short and deals with a boss battle.



Second arc, the same as first arc, she uses all the info she had from the game and tries to deal with the second death flag associated with the second target. This time she has the perpetrator from the first arc as her ally as she befriended him. She is comparatively well prepared this time and befriends the capture target in advance in order to follow through with her strategy to avoid the flag.... but things once more starts to head towards the bad direction despite what she did. Once more she has to tackle the perpetrator with her life on the line. In fact all her allies who tried to help her were down cold so she was on her own. But somehow she made it through, the details will be too long so I am skipping that here. Near the end of the arc, some conspiracies are revealed and a foreshadow of what is coming is given. I admit I felt somewhat creeped out, it was written very well. It subtly hinted that the protagonist Erica's 'death flags' aren't what they appear to be and not only endangers her but also those around her. This arc also shows that Erica and her group aren't the only people going around solving problems of the world but there are separate groups working and investigating as well, namely her older brother and his generation.



Third arc, by now Erica has gathered a few capable allies and has already figured that these 'death flags' are abnormal and there is something suspicious going on. She becomes more cautious and more prepared. She also understood that she won't be able to handle everything on her own so she and her 2 partners separately investigate the 3rd flag related to the 3rd target. By the way, in her last life she only got to play the game halfway to the 3rd arc, so her in-game knowledge is nearly hitting it's limit, so with that she managed to deal with the conspiracies by working with the people related to this case. That being said, her actions in the previous arcs caused a butterfly effect and many new possibilities opened up in this route. This arc contains more technical stuff and human conspiracies and there is no boss battle, but the dark aspect and graveness of the situation is portrayed stronger than the previous two arcs. Erica learns of her abilities and is finally able to use her powers to its maximum potential. There is a bit of action near the end to display her abilities. At the end of this arc, the true cause of the death flags of previous two arcs are revealed, not by the Erica, but by her brother. We as readers, get to know it. The conspiracy of the mastermind is foreshadowed and we get to see that every people have bits and pieces of the puzzles, just they haven't come together yet. Having done everything she could do in advance with her limited knowledge, Erica finally prepares for the future when the incidents are actually supposed to take place. This is the end of the 1st half of the novel. We are given a lot f shady information by many different parties near the end.



4th arc, the time when the game starts has arrived. Erica has entered the academy and is constantly on watch for any potential death flags. While secretly investigating many mysterious occurrences, she comes across unexpected mysteries and past tragedies. Things get complicated and grim and many questions arise. Who made the game in her world? What happened to her mother? What of her mother's friends who attended the academy in the past? We will get many revelations in this arc yet many more mysteries. Also, the game's heroine and her circumstances, her interactions with Erica and many other things. There will be a boss battle but different from the 1st 2 arcs. Some grim state of affairs will be revealed near the end.



5th arc is fast paced, full of suspense as well as action packed although there is no boss battle, it is leading this novel towards its final arc so naturally it's full of many big revelations as well as many more hints about unanswered questions. The incomplete part of the 3rd flag will be wrapped up in this arc by Erica and her allies. By this time, the light-hearted moments from the 1st half of the novel are scarce and things get deadly serious. Near the end, from different povs, some circumstances of the past generations are revealed. The arc ends in a cliff.


The final arc hasn't been released yet so that's it for now. There are many characters all of them are complex and intriguing, and all of them are involved with something or the other, so you will end up missing them, even the side characters. I loved the story so far, and I liked the progression of the arcs like a curve ball. What you would expect is not something that will happen and what will happen is something else entirely. I am now waiting with bated breath for the translations to catch up. <<less
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April 19, 2019
Status: c113
This is more than the regular isekai troop that is available to read out there. This actually has a plot with different sub plot that makes it so interesting and worth to read. This is not just something to read for laugh nor is it lighthearted. Its really a good read and best enjoyed when an arc finishes
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Agecaf rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c88
It's good. It's a classic reincarnated-into-the-villainess-of-an-otome-game novel, with a few key twists;

  • The villainess in the otome basically dies as mook #1 in mysterious incidents. This makes the story a mix between adventure, mystery and action, with romance taking a clear backseat.
  • While the MC played the game, she only got to play two scenarios before she was stabbed to death. Thus, while she does have fairly good info in the first few cases, she'll have to do quite a lot of investigation on her own later on.
  • The MC fights on through the combined power of friendship, cunning, and pure dumb luck. The butterfly effect is strong in this novel, and seems to work in karmic ways.
It's good.
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Evelyn008 rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c87
This was one of the best transmigration/reincarnation.. Novels that I've read so far. I loved and still love it.

It starts with the typical ''I need to crush death flags'' and ''I'm the villainess'' and ends with an WOOOAH, HOW IS SHE STILL ALIVE -you will understand what I mean-.

I really recommend this light novel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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skyea rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: c80
The novel's fantastical setting is a pleasure to explore, since the world building was clearly well-researched and thought out. Characters' strengths come with weaknesses, and I like that the author included that concept into the settings of the world itself. I also appreciate the effort the author put in in laying out pieces of information, enough to foreshadow, so when on a second read the readers can go "Oh, I remember this part!" and piece the puzzle themselves. The original game settings that this novel is based on is still... more>> a little unclear to me, but the author's choice to withhold information about the game may be a choice for the plot, and not because it was just a second thought setting that's never to be mentioned again. I'd wait until a majority of the novel is out to make judgement though. The pacing looks fine to me. Each chapters have its own importance, so the plot doesn't drag out for so long until it's a bore, or too fast that it would sacrifice character development. Thus, characters in this novel serve their roles well, and their developments are very nice to witness. This is rare to see in an otome story.

Translation is pretty good too, at least better than the translations of other similar-genre novels. The fragmented sentences initially disrupted my flow of reading (since I'm used to the idea-per-paragraph style in typical novels), but I figure it may be due to the Japanese's formatting style itself. The fragments will take some getting used to especially when trying to figure out who said what, but it shouldn't take away all of the enjoyment in reading.

The MC. Whew, where to start? I appreciate the MC's intellect. Thoughtful, dense with romantic advances, but nevertheless a capable character that doesn't give out the "cheat ability" vibe like Isekai or transmigrate stories tend to do. There will be less of internal struggles and psychological developments that can help readers build an emotional attachment to the MC, since this story is built on action and character interactions to drive the plot forward. On this aspect I believe it's more to the readers' MC preference. If you like plot, this novel is it. If you like to see more psychological developments from the MC, this novel is not it.

I enjoy the little snippets of romance, but because our MC is dense, don't expect much more than one-sided hinting. I generally stay away from sweet-diabetes romance that makes little sense, so this novel is a good, warm ginger tea for me. The one-sided love from male MCs are cute to see, sometimes comical. But for the romance aspect I would wait until the majority of the novel comes out since the MCs are still children. Little you can expect aside from crushes and sweet, protective friends at this point in the novel.

This novel is good enough to have high expectations. I look forward to reading the end of this story. Author and translator, hang in there~ <<less
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maimim rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c22
So far, it is an interesting novel. World building is done well, and it is apparent that the author did his or her research and found inspirations in folktales from a number of cultures. Overall, unique. The mystery makes the novel engaging. In terms of characterization, it is pretty decent. The MC still seems a bit typical to me, but at the same time, I feel like I hardly know her.

... more>>

There are aspects of her that are confusing/contradicting. She is afraid of ghosts (first arc, she mumbles to encourage herself), but not death. At least, she thought of it foremost. She didn't think, "Oh man, I am going to die (since I have never done this before)." Even though the MC died in her previous life due to getting stabbed, she is too calm and confident, which I am not sure where it came from. For example, when she was inflicted by the death curse, she proceeded in finding Ann without showing fear of dying. It is as though dying once made her immune to the idea of her dying. I would think that if one had another chance to live, he or she would generally be more careful and more afraid to lose it a second time. Although the event itself was a death flag, and by saving Ann, she supposedly would save her own life, it still felt like she did not put too much thought into her actions.

What I am trying to say is that I want to see some hesitation and inner struggles that are inherent in human beings, especially for a modern person, when it comes to death. This is even more true because the novel is mostly in first person. The lack of these aspects make her less relatable to the reader in my opinion. Towards the end of the first arc, she used a wand to switch places with Ann, who was about to get possessed by the so-called antagonist. I just find it hard to believe that she was willing to risk her life for someone she met for only a day. But I guess, in her head, she's thinking that she'll just die either way. If she doesn't save Ann, Ann gets possessed, and she'll die like in the original storyline. But if she goes to save Ann, she'll die in the process. Complex thoughts like this *should* be shown. It makes the MC feel more real. Honestly, cannot clearly say whether or not I like her.

Not to mention, we do not know who *she* really is. Sure, she is "Erica, " but who is she really? What is her real name? That's one of my main concerns in isekai/transmigration novels is that the background of the MC, not the character they get turned into, is not fully explored. Her past can help to explain some of her actions. The author might as well made the otome game world a real, fantasy world that this novel is based out of. The significance of the world being based out of an otome game is that the MC has the advantage of knowing her death flags, but this novel could still work without the reincarnation aspect. For example, "Erica" could have foresight or even a fragmented version or something like that to allow her to vaguely see what will happen in the future. Because the way that the novel is now, I actually do not care much about the otome game characters because I subconsciously separate the MC from the rest of the cast as real and fake people.


Another thing that I want to mention is that with all the world building done around the actual game, there is not much explanation in regards to the foundations. I am left with some questions, which may or may not have been addressed in the novel later on. For example, what role does the character, "Erica, " play in the game? Cannon fodder? It seems that she serves mainly as a plot device to move the story along. She is the reason that the story is all "bloody" by leading some of the nobles to insanity (from possessions and the like). This leaves the protagonist of the game to capture... them... in that state? If so, why do the developers of this game characterize Erica so much? From what I have read, the in-game Erica is extremely knowledgeable with wands and golems due to her mother's teachings yet acts arrogant despite not having any magical ability? It was noted that the MC does not even know why Erica acts that way. How does she have so many death flags? How does she have so many lives in the game? It seems that her existence is contradicting with that of the protagonist, Chloe, because she herself has her own route. In the first arc, a mere mention of the necklace led to Ann attempting to find the star piece (or whatever it's called) and getting possessed, which led to Erica getting turned into gold, from what I recall. What's the significance of letting "Erica" live? How does she continue the story for the protagonist, Chloe? I feel like the author spent too much time developing the times that the MC is Erica, and not how "Erica" is important to the game. Maybe I am misunderstanding the story. Then that would be my fault, but things are not entirely clear.

In terms of translation quality, pretty good. I kind of wish that sentences were grouped into paragraphs because having sentences act as lone paragraphs breaks the flow of the reading. Most likely, this was how the author wrote it, but having indentations everywhere makes the chapters seem unnecessarily long. I do love the illustrations though. It would actually be nice to have one for the world map.

In conclusion, I might continue reading this. I don't know yet. If I read further, I might grow to like it more, but at the same time, I am wondering if the novel is really worth my time. For new readers, I would suggest reading it to see what it is like. Many seem to be enjoying it. I'm just on the fence about it. <<less
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drollawake rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: v5c1
Like most reincarnated in an otome novels, the MC gets caught up in a mystery that's bigger than what the original game lets on. Where this novel stands out is in its lore and pacing. Not only do we have a world that's rich in plot-relevant mythology and history, the unraveling of the mystery isn't bogged down by the usual romantic subplots and fanservice common in the genre (and shojo in general).

This is one of those rare female MC novels with a lot of plot, little romance (including baiting), and... more>> definitely no romance with the controlling creeps found in many Chinese novels. Oh, and she's NOT the loner type that some authors use as cover for writing what would typically be a male character. <<less
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blacksnow28 rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: c64

Currently my favorite novel so far. This novel has a little romance but a very good plot twist.

Recommended for you who love fantasy and magic. The story is wrapped beautifully that can make you feel and imagine the other side of reincarnated world.

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dorkfall rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: side story 1
otherworld, reincarnated into a game character... sounds verg familiar if you've been here long enough. it has action, comedy, some drama and magic, the story is interesting, and overall good :)

no super OP MC, it has proper pacing with a little mystery and somewhat good world building.
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Eiar229 rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: c92
Only one word: Awesome

The plot is great and the mystery so fascinated, the translation is excellent, no place to complaint and totally recommend reading this.

The schemes in this are thick and I like the way the author builds the world and every character has the charm of their own.

I just can't help but fall in love with every character, Erica is not the OP and she extremely needs someone help when she falls into her despair pit every now and then. Every character has their pros and cons. Also, I... more>> love that each ML has their own way to express their feeling toward Erica but not every attempt work

I looking at you, Claus.


And now I wonder who is your ML, Erica

Please don't tell me the yandere vampire

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PureBolt rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c18
The fact that me an introvert like me made an account to review this novel speaks it all. Its a pretty amazing book that I would like to recommend to to avid readers of the otome reincarnation genre. The plot line is amazing and but its still too early to tell if its going to be a masterpiece but I would definitely put my money on this novel. Of course I would also like to thank the translator for the high quality translations 10/10 that makes this book more of... more>> a reason to be listed in my favourite novels of all time. <<less
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Danthefanokaku rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c31
Okay so I just wanted to say, thank you translator-san for all of your hard work translating this series, as I’m truly enjoying reading it! I’ve noticed that there are some slightly rough patches with your translation, but honestly your speed and quality make up for it immensely. And at that point the question “Isn’t it the authors fault?” is raised because of the slightly stiff wording that this book has at times. Anyway, other than the slightly stiff wording, I really liked this series! I do find the lead... more>> character a bit too dense for how the author set her up originally, but I think it’s fine for now. There is one thing I have a problem with, and that’s

the fact that some of the capture targets are actually really old in comparison. Let’s say that the game’s MC was 15 at the time of enrolling at the school, which would put it approximatly 7 years in the future. Now we’ve already established that the Mc’s older brother is 20 years old when the novel’s MC is 8 years old, which would make the game’s MC that is entering school (since the game MC and the novel MC are in the same grade) around 15 and the novel’s brother around 27 or so years old which is way too old to be hitting on a pubescent teenager. Way too old.

Other that minor thing, I really like this novel. It’s not a 5 Star novel, but it’s pretty good and the translator is pretty good as well. So thank you translator-san!! <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c26
lol I had good laughs.

MC was born as the (supposed to be) villainous noble lady, but she remembered her previous memories so she tried to deflects any death flag coming to her.

... oh well, at least she tried, yet looks like the Goddess of Fate shoved her middle fingers to MC.

... more>> In return, she keep amassing many allies (some of them are God-level entities lmao) as she faced against many adversities (mainly caused by her curiousity, negligence, and bad luck).

I get a Hachinan-vibes from this novel, but so far it still lacking depth in its world-building and plot. Nah, I'll just enjoy it as it is. <<less
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VcSaJen rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c105
Story itself - 4.5/5

Translation - 3/5

Story is not bad. Story is separated by arcs, and have overarching plot. It's not pure fluff, and have a bit of action here and there. Currently there's 2-3 potential love interests, which makes it a harem story, but currently not much romance is happening (I heard there's more in the fifth arc). There's several magic systems, with detailed explanations about differences between them. Heroine sometimes is oblivious, but not frustratingly so.

Translation is above average. There have been issue with excessive self-promotion in the middle... more>> of the text, but that issue seems to be resolved for now (Edit (c106) : nope, it's back, bigger than ever.). Other than that, there's some strange wordings, and some things are rarely look like were translated word-to-word instead of properly conveying meanings (but I'm not really the one to talk). It's more or less fine other than that. <<less
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Ergo rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: side story 1
Well, this is really good, as of chapter 92, the story is going strong, the mistery is quite interesting and the characters are great. I personally find it quite different from other LN since, at least for the moment, it's not not completely focused in how great the MC is, but is the story of the characters themselves. There are various parties working semi-independently which adds some depth.

The only "con" I could think of is that the kids don't really act as if they where ten years old, at least... more>> not by modern standards. That is expected from the protagonist who is mentally 18, but other character can be jarring at moments. But they are all "elite-genius visual novel protagonist" so it's expected from them to be smart...I personally would expext a 10 year old Tesla, Newton... whatever, to be quite witty, so it's not that weird for these kids to be like this. <<less
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erowarrior rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: c8
First I liked this novel, the way death flag follow MC was awesome, but then MC destroyed it. You dont go around that carelessly and do whatever you liked when death flag is everywhere around you.

Also in danger she's too freaking calm, like a 2d character without any emotion. And what make me give up on this novel was that just because a character should be a genius, doesnt mean they should be all knowing at age of 12 and calmly analyse everything till they solve a very big danger... more>> '-' <<less
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