Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi


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On one spring evening when I was eight years old, I, Erica, Duke of Aurelia’s daughter, realized something.

Huh, I have reincarnated into a fantasy world, haven’t I?

Moreover, it was the romance-fantasy girl game that had the reputation of being bloody, 『Liber Monstrorum ~Phantom Beasts and the Winter Princess~』

The face reflected in the mirror was that of the villainess character of that game.

After repeatedly harassing many characters, including the heroine, she would die without exception, signaling the beginning of an event called the bizarre incident. She was a villain who deserved to get the consequences!

—I absolutely don’t want a destiny like that, though?

No, since I have remembered the memory of my previous life, I will make sure that kind of thing does not happen.

In my previous life, I was harassed immensely by an irrationally angry yandere man who thought I was in love with him.

My cause of death, too, was from being stabbed by another yandere man who I only had talked with a few times…

Now that I have become the haughty villainess Erica, I shouldn’t encounter more misunderstandings like with the previous life’s yandere men anymore, right…?

In that case, it will be fine as long as I deal with the death flags that I may have raised myself.

All right! First of all, before the bizarre incident begins at the Magic Academy, I will strike down the death flags accordingly!!

—Or so I thought, but it seems that I am about to die.

Eeh, how did this happen—!?

Associated Names
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Deathbound Duke's Daughter
Deathbound Duke's Daughter and Seven Noblemen
Duke's Daughter Who is Liable to Die and Seven Nobles
Erica the Abyss Killer
So Easy to Die Duke's Daughter and Seven Noblemen
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New elliepot rated it
July 17, 2024
Status: c163
I enjoyed this a lot while reading it because I was drawn to the characters, world-building, and the mystery of who Erica is and why she was brought to their world. The Lore of the story involves typical fantastical elements and the question of the otome game endings. I remember being amazed at how everything was being integrated harmoniously without becoming too nonsensical. Unfortunately, there was a hiatus at some point so I stopped reading, I already forgot a lot of details so I might reread it soon.
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New Aeder
July 9, 2024
Status: Completed
A more adventure-focused villainess reincarnation story, very enjoyable to read, and also very low on romance (justified due to MC's past life's traumas)

The characters are likable and each have their own personality without becoming one note.

If I had to criticize something is that some developments in last part of the story open up a few unsolved questions, and kind of railroad events into a predictable outcome in a way that eliminates a lot of the tension.

The fan translation's quality is also excellent.
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aceclover95 rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c156
I'm the translator, so maybe I'm biased.

So, first of all, if you were searching for romance you would be disappointed because while there is a romance genre, it would be one-sided from the boys because of Erica's past traumas. The focus of this story is not romance, but mystery and action. Because, throughout this story, Erica would try to uncover the cause of her death flags which usually had a deeper reason or became a plot for the next arcs.

First, for the new readers. I think, to judge whether you... more>> will like this novel or not, you will have to read up to chapter 88, which is the climax for the third arc.

Arc 1 is from Prologue to ch 18+side story, Arc 2 is from ch 19 to ch 53, Arc 3 is from ch 54 to ch 92. While the first two arcs are more action-oriented, the first arc is the weakest and the second arc only to foreshadow the real plotline. The third arc is where you will get explanation about the magic system and at the end of the arc, a speculation and discussion about the mastermind. If, after ch 88 this story doesn't interest you, then you shouldn't bother continuing.


Every arc, there will be one male lead that became the focus of the story. But that is not to say that everyone would be Erica's suitor.

What I love about this story is, first, the world building. The author build the world of this novel in detail, but each detail was given gradually, each one complimenting the other and made the world more 'whole', but it doesn't feel like an info dump. The history of the continent, the relationship between each continent or country, each country's characteristic, all of those were factoring in how the characters fought and their personality. This bring me to my next point.

What I love next about this story is the character development and the character building. This novel starts when Erica was 8 and the other main casts either 8, 10, or 20. What happened to each character in each arc developed their characters and their roles in the story. Also, just from few appearances or short conversations, the personality of each character is shown and they don't feel flat. It makes the readers interested in those characters and wanted to get to know more about each characters. For example is Erica's father. In the first arc his only real appearance was in chapter 16. But we can grasp his personality as a serious person that loves his children. For character development, I will give a little spoiler for example. Erica, in the earlier arcs is not a good liar. After she lied so much about her part in each case, she became a better liar. This is just a small example of this.

Third, I love the plot. While the start of the premise is the typical I-reincarnated-as-a-villainess, I love how the author execute this. There are actual reasons for each death flag, not just 'I get executed because I ridicule him/her' but a deeper, and reasonable reason. For example in the arc one, while in the 'actual game' it seems like Erica died because she lured Ann to the ruins and the possessed Ann killed Erica in revenge, the actual reason why she got killed by the evil spirit was because the evil spirit had a deep grudge with Erica's ancestor. Also, I love how the author threw out hints for the plot from the very beginning of the arc, but we will only see the significance of those hints in the later arcs. Like the necklace Erica has in the first arc. This actually tied up to the real antagonist of the story. So for each arc, there are interwoven plots that would be uncovered by Erica.

Finally, I love how everything happens for a reason and not just a plot armor. I will address some of the examples. Her calmness in deathly situations: because she has already experienced death in her first life and knew about her death flags, she has somewhat a resigned view about her own death. Then why is she still struggling to destroy the death flags? Because it impacts not only her, but also the capture targets and the people around her. She doesn't want other people to get hurt or died. Why does she always go head on against the danger? Because rather than sit around and wait for something to happen, she prefers to destroy the source of the death flags once and for all. And how does she know about the composition of wands and golem technology? It turns out that her mother taught her since she was one year old. And why did her mother teach her since young? This will be explained in later arcs.


So. Just because there is almost no romance, doesn't mean it's a bad novel. <<less
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Shinichioiyx rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c42
This is not my cup of tea.

... more>>

While the plot itself is good, MC is literally a hindrance in combat scenes from the beginning until where I got so frustrated that I stopped.

1. Despite knowing that she is powerless, she does almost nothing to rectify that. She should've first inform an adult of the situation and not charge in head first with no plans.

2. As a person with memories of the modern world and believes it to be accurate, the fact that she did not use it to her advantage is plain s*upidity, especially when she knows that the chances of her getting killed is high.

3. After the almost disaster of the first incident, she did not learn from her past mistakes and try to ensure that at least her safety is guaranteed before going to save others. Almost no character development whatsoever.

4. Having died from an attack by her yandere stalker, she barely showed any signs of trauma. It's clearly not something a person can just simply brush it off.

5. For some reason, the author seems to likes to put her in a 'damsel in distress' situation. Coupled with the fact that everyone else around her seems to be so OP, that when they're put beside her, her weakness became even more glaring obvious.


Having said all that, maybe you'd like this type of story so I strongly suggest you read it first before making any assumptions based on my comment. <<less
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Eristol rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c99
Nice change of pace. I always liked game elements and magic and dungeon stuffs and this novel actually perfectly mixed this genre with the otome game genre and it was well executed! For an otome game trope it's an unusual one, death flags or not at least it's full of adventure rather than daily day to day slice of life like the others of this background.


Like everyone else said the world building is very nicely done. What catches my eyes are the characters, none of the characters feel like... more>> 2D or anything of sort, each of the characters were carefully developed, side characters included. With combination of well developed character and the splendid world building, this novel feels really alive and it's very easy to get immersed in reading. Secondly, the plot is very thrilling. This is my first time seeing some very unique concepts used here.

For example, the vampires aren't your stereotypical shoujo manga vampires with intensely good looks and a do-s attitude with fangs nor your traditional vampires who look like count dracula sleeping in a coffin or anything. The concept is wholly new, it's like a new kind of demonic being and yeah, they do sound scary! The details you should read for yourselves.


The plot are all connected to each other and even a simple insignificant detail of the past appears to play big roles later on. They mystery and thriller aspects here are very strong. What will come later are difficult to predict and there are so many secrets around that it really hurts not getting to read them right away. Well, that's about it. For people who love Harry Potter type fantasy stories, they will surely like it. And just to clarify, those who think MC does this and that, she is reckless for trying to do everything by herself when she was powerless, her thinking is weird etc, I'd like to say, Erica's true personality trait is that of a kind girl who unfortunately happens to have a twisted view of the world which sometimes make her look emotionless or too calm and she tends to get reckless, I mean EXTREMELY reckless under pressure. It's hinted this tendency of hers was inherited from her equally reckless deceased mother. So, kindly don't be too harsh on judging her character, as it is one of this story's individuality. If all MC's of all story's were calm and decisive or frantic when the situations call for it then there would be no diversity among them.

All in all, if you are into fantasy action novels then try this story by all means. <<less
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Dr.Death rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c3
This is probably the fastest I dropped a novel.

Following spoiler is only up to c3

... more>>

The MC knows that she has to avoid the death flags or she will most probably die. She knows that the necklace her brother gifted her in c1 is a death flag trigger, if taken to the upcoming meeting and handled improperly. So obviously you leave it at home and just pretend you forgot or lost it, to avoid any problems, right? Well of course she takes it with her to the meeting. Now, this would be fine, if she kept her mouth shut about it, hiding the pendand. Easy, you say? Not so for our MC, the second she is asked if she is "... holding some special ornaments...?" by the brother of the girl that killed her in the future because of said pendand, she immediately shows it to him and tells him everything about it, including the death flag trigger. This happens at c3. Did I mention that her mind is that of a 18 years old?

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Koobie rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c15
I binge read all the chapters today. The translation is so smooth that it was a pleasure to visualize the scenarios just by words. The plot was something refreshing from the boring I-reborn-as-a-villainess premise as it packed with fantasy and action rather than romance. The world buiding was amazingly detailed which is fairly rare for an otome setup and OH MY GOD I love the author's dark tone (as expected from a R-15 novel).

If you actually paid attention to the tags above, there were Strategist and Clever Protagonist which are... more>> worth mentioning here. The MC is not overpowered, instead she is the smart and meticulous type. However, she's also one with extreme bad luck to the point you had to pity her.



We are at the first acr where Erica currently tried to avoid her death by not bullying the ML's younger sister, Ann. Pretty cliché yet the background story had more. To escape from her dead end, Erica must NOT provoke the sister to enter the Ruins of Visitor where she would be possessed by some evil spirit. And she somehow managed it. However, she could not stop Ann's brother, Klaus (male lead in this arc) from sneaking in, leading to Ann's following him herself. Erica had no choice but to enter the ruins as well, of course after being well-equipped (good job girl).

Here in the ancient labyrinth, she miraculously miserably caught a deadly curse (placed by her big brother Edward lol), assisted the trouble maker brother and sister out of the ruins and still unluckily awoke the evil spirit. With help from the siblings, she battled against it only to realize the primary cause of her later death was not for Ann to be possessed. It was because the evil spirit hold such a deep grude toward Erica's ancestor that it would kill her regardless. The only choice for her was to defeat this evil spirit, which was in a shape of a dragon with enormous power.


A very good read I must admit. <<less
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SereneNight rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c93
I will say that this will be my first review, because it's my favourite of all the light novels I've read up-to-date (Duke's Daughter, Fiance's Observation Record, By A Slight Mistake).

This is going to be a very long paragraph so~

If you're looking for novels that involve:

... more>> 1. Damsel In Distress

2. Nonsensical FeMC

3. All targets ends up becoming love interests

4. Cheat - Knows everything that will happen for every single route

5. FeMC with a very bright outlook in life

Please, by all means, do turn around, because this novel is not about that at all.

First and foremost, Erica is actually a lady that is very intelligent and more than capable enough to protect herself, she based it all from the knowledge of her current life and very limited knowledge from the past life. It is to the point that she eventually saved herself and the targets and also those that are directly involved in the respective cases as well. And during boss fights, she eventually tried her best to help the respective target or fend off the boss if the target is unable to.

*Heavy Spoilers*


For first main arc, had she not made preparations in advance and figure things out she and the first target will be dead by then without accomplishing anything, (and also midst of it due to that that they avoided certain deaths as well) she's just that intelligent. For the continuous main arc, she even protected the defenseless targets for a short while and fending the boss of the arc all by herself, along with a helpful friend that knows of her circumstances well (saying this advance, the friend knows about it because Erica judged that she will need their help in the future arcs, so no point hiding it from them as they are, in fact, more OP than the targets themselves). As for 3rd main arc.... She literally just handled the situation all by herself with only support from the targets. So the guy that said that she's a Damsel in Distress should really re-read the whole thing. And not to mention she went to put an end to some dangerous situations all by herself too (with the secret friends she made along the way of course).... without anyone knowing, saving the target that provides the stuff she needed. I said till this point but don't misunderstand, the targets are aslo powerful and useful in their own way: up to current arc, 3 of the targets are geniuses in their own league, so it's kinda hard to compare among themselves, not to mention someone like Erica who is someone that is reincarnated.


As for the second point, although Erica is reckless in making decisions, it is not without reasons too. And as reckless, I don't mean it like one-sidedly deciding what is for the best for the other party and plunge herself into needless situations. Most of the time she made those decisions are because she is unable to tell others her circumstances. Her deicions, by far, are really logical, even if not for the circumstances that obstructs her from doing so.


As I said earlier, she made those deicisions are either she HAS to do so, or that she can't really tell others about it. The example for the first one would be that moment when she is unable to tell others about what happened in the first arc mainly due to

1. She did not expect that in the first place, as she thought she had avoided that from happening in the first place.

2. How the heck can one tell others about the trouble they are in when they themselves are trapped in a space where they are unable to go to others?!

3. Are you telling someone to just stop in their steps of pursuing someone who is about to break down and inform others about the fact first? If you do that, I think that person will be doomed.

4........ Telling others that you sneaked out and explain things that are not supposed to be explained cuz it is related to it all. Yeah, why don't you do that.

As for the latter it would be her circumstances of being a reincarnated being, she chose to tell the friends that she made along the way rather than the powerful targets are because she don't want them to be worried about her; facts about her death flags and if that happened, she won't be able to completely crush the death flag. Why the friends? Well, why not, when they are considered OP, and also the fact that their very being are to be hidden from the knowledge of the public. Of course with that said, she did not completely disclose the information as well; she just kept part of it hidden and fabricated it.


Thirdly, the sentence itself says it all.


Sorry to disappoint you, but up till the current arc of having 3 targets, not all of them fall for her. One of them just decided to continue become their friends with no romantic feelings involved, at the same time a relationship of benefactor and beneficiary; which to me is really refreshing to be honest. Because in novels such as this, usually the targets ends up being in the harem of the FeMC. So having a pure friendship and at the same time trusted 'business' partner is something that is very new to me.


Fourth, it's not that Erica has completely no cheat. Hey, being reincarnated in and of itself is already a cheat. What I meant by cheat here is the fact that she DOES NOT KNOW all the scenarios of the game. So yup, she's not well-aware of the stuffs that will happen after the ones she knows of.


She stated herself that she is actually very insecure of the scenarios that happens that are out of her knowledge - not as in how her actions will change the scenarios and be unknown to her; the fact that she decided to completely crush the flag into nothingness already imply that she is not worried about the changes to the future, but rather it is actually the fact that she has not cleared the game, not even half of 7 routes. As simple as that.


A FeMC that is liked and loved by all due to how bright and optimistic they are, Ahh~ what a good life, how lucky it is to have a 2nd chance in life~

This is non-existent here.


All that Erica did are to ensure so that the people around won't be dragged into the incident whereby she is supposed to be the victim of it. Yes, she actually placed herself second and put others first. And not to mention, due to what happened in her past life, she's not all that bright about her new life at all. It's to the point the people around her keep telling about how they are unable to figure out what she is thinking at all and how she occassionally showed complicated expressions, despite being 8 years old.

I'm not sure if the word trauma fits the frame, because for Erica, she don't really get close with any people till the incidents happening and by chance she just got close to them. And also, she also don't want to be that involved in romantic relationship as well due to the past, to which it becomes light comedic relief in some occassions.


Erica although is able to one-sidedly avoid the death flags, she evetually chose to compeltely crush it to the point of no salvation for the flags, just for the resaon that she don't want others to get hurt in her place. For someone with her past life experience, the reason is also somehow explained as to why she did all those, even with her life at stake. Do mind that she's not trying to be a Saint.

This novel in fact increased my knowledge in regards to the fantasy theme and some folklores, myths etc by a whole lot (like how Mondaiji increases my knowledge in regards to lores, myths, folklores and so forth).

All in all, this novel is mainly focused on the genre of Fantasy, Magic, Action and Adventure, Romance and Comedy are very subtle. It explains all the working of the world and equipments properly so as to not leave you out of the loop and be confused at the end of it all. For me it is a serious and kind of dark novel, so don't expect it to be all bright, funny, nonsensical and all.

Each and every main arc are interconnected with each other; it can be that A is connected to C and connected back to B, ensuring each arc that they are connected to each other and not ending it just like that. The pattern of the targets appearing are like that as well. They are the 2nd MC of their arc and will be in some way involved with other arcs, whether by mention or appearing or helping out. They are not lacking in appearance at all so you won't forget them as easily (Unless they are not intorduced yet, that is). It occassionally also showed how a small action from Erica in the beginning eventually changed the direction of the plot drastically at the end of it all. <<less
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November 20, 2018
Status: c34
I am not even halfway through, but let me just offer my opinion about this novel.

Translation: 4.5/5

  • Based on the dates of updates, the translator uploads chapters quite frequently. It is already a feat (in my opinion) to have translated almost 100 chapters in 6 months.
  • Translator also provides several footnotes on some culture-centered/not-so-common terms in the novel.
  • Translator does research on scenarios that are quite difficult to translate for the readers.
I really appreciate all the efforts the translator put into this work.

Story: 4.5/5

Th reason I gave this a read was because of the "yandare" in the description. I was curious. But I still thought that this was the typical "reincarnated into an otome game" story. Since I am a sucker for this type of novels despite being so cliche, I gave it a try. I was not expecting much. I basically have the possible outline of the story running in my mind. I was ready to give up after 10 chapters, but boiiii was I wrong! The plot was truly interesting.

Yes, there is the the same old formula of gets reborn as a villainous ojou-sama with guys falling head over heals for her, death flags, etc., but it was phased moderately!


In the chapter I am reading, there are only 2 capture targets that showed interest in MC. Considering the number of chapters, most of the time, all the capture target harem would have already taken a liking to our girl.


The arcs for the novel are all cookie-cutter formula: world introduction arc, capture target arcs, some grand arc, magic school arc, etc. Really the typical ingredients of an otome-type novel. But, all arcs are done accordingly. We do not spend a lot/less time on each arc. We get introduced to a capture target and destroy the death flags related to them. Surprisingly, we get a lot of development (albeit somewhat awkward) not only from the MC but also from her potential MLs and other side characters. We get familiarized with them to some point that it feels engaging. It was the right combination for me.

I really loved the mood the author was setting up for the characters and the general direction of the plot.

Another thing that I admire from this novel was the world building. If I have to say, the strongest part of this novel is the world building. Although it was a mildy dissociated transition in the start, the world building was done wonderfully. It is obvious that the author had done a lot of research in some aspects of initializing the world of this novel. There are integration of cultures in the real world that are slightly distorted to fit the theme of otome world.


If you are looking for a novel with romance as its main focus, then you might like this. Although, I have to say that this has a fair balance of romance and fantasy to be exact.

This is a slow burn. Our MC is naive in love. Don't expect a lot of scenes. It's frustrating, I know. But when romance scenes start, you can't help but squeal in delight.

It's the typical otome game story. But hey, you get more than what you bargained for!
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rn_flac rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c110
Alright, right now, I can probably say that this is the best reincarnated-into-villain novel I've ever read!

I got captivated first by the cover because damn, that art is gorgeous af. But when I read the description, I thought it will be like one of those common novels where the protagonist just want to evade their death flags, with capture targets falling in love with her but she's s*upidly dense so she never notice them but boy, I was wrong.

The MC is 10/10. She has a decent reason why she don't... more>> fall in love

I mean, who wouldn't be traumatized after being outcasted in school for being a yandere magnet?


She's a little bit OP but that's okay since everyone around her is probably OP too hahaha. You can really see the improvement of her skills as each arc passes.

The setting is really majestic. I can tell that the author really worked hard in the world building.

The other characters are also cool. Everyone plays a certain role that's important in revealing the main plot.

And ofcourse, what makes everything better is the translator and editors!

They really did a good job in translating this novel. It's not that complicated to understand. I can imagine the scenes perfectly fine and the footnotes really helped us, the readers to understand more about the reference the author used.

This is really a must read!

But of course, if you lack the patience and has a trouble in understanding deep and complex plot and prefer light hearted fluff and romantic stuff, maybe this is not for you. But if you like adventure, alchemy, magic, dragons, angels, vampires, fantasy worlds, talented and handsome characters and an awesome and cool and strong and beautiful mc!

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Kichimon rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c96
This is my first time writing a review. And whew, it’s difficult to compel me to write one.

I wasn’t really into the ‘reincarnated into an otome game’ genre anymore at the time I picked this up so I wasn’t expecting much from it.

But the story just blew me away. The plot, characters and world building are solid. You could tell that a lot of research was put into this from the amount of lores it referenced. I wasn’t ready for this ride.

The MC is not a damsel in distress and... more>> neither is she OP. She is able to stand her ground and fight together with her companions and contribute to the battle. She has her own flaws, making her more ‘human’, which is something I really like to see incorporated into characters.

This novel isn’t heavy on the romance. And what I like about it is that there is a distinction between friendships and love interests Like Harold.

All in all, the novel satisfied all my requirements; romance, mystery & action. It’s kept me on my toes and begging for more. It’s worth the read and the wait(^ν^) <<less
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KKristen rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: c89
This is a really incredible story; not your typical "reborn as a villainess in an otome game" novel. It has some of the best world-building I have seen in all of the LNs I have ever read.


At the tender age of eight, the Duke of Aurelia's daughter, Erica, awakens memories of her previous life. She realizes that she is in the world of an otome game that she never finished -- and what's more, it's a game that's famous for monsters and bloody endings! She is the villainess character destined... more>> to die gruesomely in each of the game's seven routes.

Thus the young Erica endeavors to strike down her "death flags" and live a full life.


Most otome novels have either a romance-slapstick-comedy vibe, or go the other route to dark-gritty-survival. However, I'd classify this novel as an action-adventure-fantasy, with a little bit of mystery. You can tell that eventually there will be some romance, but it is clearly not the focus of this story.

The best thing about this novel is that is remarkably well-written, with detailed and extensive world-building. The author has really put a lot of thought into the character development, different countries, political and religious structures, and various complicated systems of magic.

The magic systems are particularly unique and not like any I have seen in any other novel or film. Each country has its own magical techniques and production system for magical artifacts.

For example, Erica's country Aurelia is known for alchemists who use extremely complex wands. Each wand can only perform one specialized type of magic, must be "charged" before use, and has a limited number of uses consumed in battle. As such, alchemists carry a number of wands on them at all times, and Erica must carefully choose which wands to equip when heading into a new situation.


Speaking of Erica, she's a great main character. She is highly intelligent, but not an unrealistic genius. She has unique talents, but they are limited and not over-powered. Sometimes she can be a little oblivious or dense, but she's not s*upid and catches on eventually. She's likeable and has a good head on her shoulders.

The other characters in the series eventually all become very endearing, too. I really like how the side-characters don't just fade into the background -- they each have unique strengths and a role to play. Erica must work in tandem with the other characters in order to overcome major crisis and can't defeat "bosses" without them.


Despite the detailed world-building, the writing in this novel never feels overwhelming or like a "word dump." It also has great translation quality with long chapters.


I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy adventure.

I will update my review after more chapters are released. <<less
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Khriss rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: c109
Honestly the one of best foreign novels I've read. I love the world building, magic system, characters, and development. Erica's character especially resonated with me.

I love characters that are not necessarily op at the start whom discover hidden talent in what they thought to be a hindrance.


Having been both a DM and a player of DnD, this story is like reading an adventure. Anyone who remotely likes role-playing or anything of the sort should read this. And even if you don't? Still read it.

However, action isn't the only thing this book has, the world building is well thought out and the foreshadowing is real bro. Original races with peculiar names, backstories--histories! It feels as if it's a whole new world. Even the magic system is explored and explained. As for foreshadowing stuff mentioned in the first arc is referenced or a clue of an event 70 chapters later. It's masterful.

The bad: slooow af. Like literally it's a slow start. However think of it as an epic, a slow start to a grand story.

Also, for some people, Eirca's powerlessness may be a deterrent. But! Worry not, that changes 3rd arc. Additionally, her cautious and unromantic character may prove to be a bit vexing at times but keep in mind a) she was killed by a yandere man in her past life and called a sl*t for no reason in school b) not everyone has the luxury of being a super op reincarnated MC who can just do whatever they want and being cautious never hurts, right?


Characters are changed, people have brains, and Erica is best girl. Harold is best boi. Fite me.

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xtostos rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: interlude 1
I currently act as translation sanity-checker for this series, starting from around ch53.

I absolutely recommend this light/web novel, regardless of whether you usually enjoy the otome genre or not. It's deep, it's elaborate, it's interesting. Romance takes a backseat for the first several arcs (at least ~ch90), as all involved are still young children and there are actual death flags (not the cheap lookalike versions you find in so many other web novels) to overcome.

Admittedly, the first arc is the weakest so far. Until about half into it I stell... more>> felt somewhat afraid that the characters and situation would devolve into regular shallow otome clichées, especially since the first boy our protagonist encounters displays the typical short-fused and possessive behaviour that is so annoying in other novels of this genre. These fears are unfounded, kid has completely unrelated and justified reasons for the at first glance possessive behaviour which stops afterwards, and quickly comes around on the short-fused part once the severity of the situation hits home. The children really grow on you, especially starting from the second half of the arc.

Generally, this novel excels in it's vibrant world and character building that really bring the world to life. The pacing of information is great and nicely balanced. <<less
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RAGA rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c100
I really like this, but I'm disappointed that I didn't wait until the 5th arc was through before I started reading through this (waiting for chapters isn't fun ;_;).

Basic summary:

MC isn't a transmigrator but a reincarnator, so she's always Erica, but when she was 8yo (when the story begins but years before the game begins) she remembers her past life as someone hopeless with love who enjoyed playing otome games. MC realizes that the world she reincarnated in was the last game she played, but she only completed the first... more>> 2 parts of the game before she died. Each part of the game connects to a different capture target and raises a death flag for the villainess, Erica (aka the MC). So Erica makes it her goal to use what little knowledge of the game she remembers to find and destroy all the death flags! However, easier said than done.

My opinion:


Everyone says that the world building is great, and I agree.


The death flags and world politics are intertwined in a way that its not some shoehorned coincidence that all these different characters are targeted for some catastrophic event. So far, the reasoning seems to be that a particular character is targeting all these people for a greater scheme. It even goes into why Erica has so many death flags beyond being the "villainess"--she's in a unique position, by virtue of her lineage and status, that connects her to a potential exploitable weakness of each target.



The characters are really fleshed out and well-developed. Even though the author tends to make each character a brilliant master in at least one aspect of their abilities, each character has their own flaws and weaknesses to avoid making them too OP. And even the brilliance of the prominent characters fit in with the plot.


The "villainess" aspect of Erica is rather debatable though. True, her mother was of questionable character, but both her brother and father seem to be well-respected. Erica apparently has a arrogant resting-b*tch face but she doesn't have any notorious deeds to her name prior her remembrance of her past life. She technically only ever gets hate from the people of Hafan--her fiance/first capture target/potential love interest's country-- but she's pretty liked well enough by people she meets in other countries. Actually, she's really well-liked by the first capture target and his family too.



The characters relationships are great as well. I like how even though this is mostly from Erica's POV, we get to see how other groups are all working on different points of the same problem. Erica doesn't have all the answers and doesn't know everything going on; likewise, these other groups have only part of the puzzle to work with as well. It's fun to see whenever the different groups make a connection to each other and gain a better understanding of what's going on. This has the added effect of fleshing out the world a bit more beyond Erica's comprehension of it and allows the plot to have more space to properly grow.


There also isn't really much filler (however, I'm on the fence of whether I like that or not ^^;). Each scene and interactions of each character is used to further the plot. Unfortunately, that means that there are very little fluff scenes used for the sake of fluff. Usually, that means when these scenes occur, it's to further the plot or give insight to what the characters are doing and thinking, which will also connect to their role in the plot. I mean, it's a relief to be able to read each chapter and not be derailed by pointless tangents, but I wanna see more of the everyday life of the different characters too!


Definitely recommended for people who like plot, mystery, and reincarnation-otome game villainess. But impatient readers please note that the translations up to c100 puts the reader at the start of the school story arc (where the otome game begins), the series is still ongoing, and only 5 arcs (c100 is near the start of the 4th arc) are currently out (or 4 arcs are out and the 5th is being put out soon--I don't remember--point is that I don't think the author is near done to completing this). <<less
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Chaku rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: prologue
What would you do if you were a walking death flag? Our delightful MC is like a cursed being, one who inadvertently triggers death flags without even trying.

The avoid death flag trope in stories like these has an added twist usually foreknowledge of certain events will enable you to prevent a gruesome end further along, but in our MCs case, just doing that will trigger yet more death flags, its as though the story is staying true to her end destruction.

The MC herself is resourceful, clever, and quick-witted, she struggles... more>> to overcome each obstacle with everything she has, doomed to suffer death flags till she eventually resolves the original trigger to that event (hopefully she dies from old age..) You refuse to accept her fate, constantly rooting for her as she desperately avoids every deadly encounter. The supporting cast so far is interesting, characters that you want to invest time getting to know, overall an enjoyable read which I fully recommend being added to your reading list. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lenneth-silmeria rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: c164
It's a beautiful and intriguing story if you have the patience to see it through. I personally loved the 2nd half of the novel the best that being said, the 3rd, 4th and 5th arc. The 4th one is full of intrigue and the 5th is full of suspense. The starting of this novel was with your usual isekai vibe but it changed for the best after the time skip. THe 1st 3 arcs mostly contain some light-hearted moments alongside adventure and action, the 2nd half is of revelations, mysteries... more>> and tragedies. I saw someone complaining about dense protagonist earlier but her denseness is only highlighted around the 1st and 2nd arc at most. I have seen no hints of that later onward as things get serious and those boys don't really make any move on their feelings and they seem like they are just good childhood friends helping each other out. Well, to begin with this novel has as good as no romance except for the mention that 2 guys have 'feelings' for the MC but I can't really guess if it is even romantic or not as that is not highlighted much. I am concluding that the romance part of the novel might show up at the end of it all once the main plot is over, kind of like those rpg games you play and get an ending scene after the main game is over. Anyways, I am currently suffering on a cliff due to the 5th arc having just ended. Now my only solace is translator-sama's dedicated weekly releases, I have been desperate to read them in proper english.... Thank you translator-sama for introducing such a great author and her work to us and for such frequent releases! I also like the translation quality, it's very good and definitely much above average. I look forward to the 5th arc coming out in english, google translate fried my brain buhu.... <<less
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tifanysaulina rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c115
This one is just the best. It has a very good plot and an extraordinary interesting world. This is the first time I read a good Japanese light novel like this. If you are a Harry Potter fan you will surely like the novel. Well, even if you're not you will still like it since all the characters are lovely in their own way.

There is no that much fluff in this story. Almost everything that happens to the characters are tragedy, but that's what makes the plot strong and likeable.... more>> I'm telling you, this story is much much much much much better than any other villainess' reincarnation story.

This one is really recommended.

The only thing it lacks is the writer hasn't told the me who the male lead is. Lol I wish I could know so I won't root for the wrong guy, though. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c86
Ohh! Ai-chan is very pleased with this novel. Normally, Ai-chan would stay away from 'villainess' novels but this is a very good one. Unlike other villainess novels, this one retains the purity and sincerity of youth and also provides rich reading experience. It's like reading a detective novel set in a fantasy/magical dating sim. The protagonist while having a special power is not overpowered. It's actually the capture targets who are overpowered.

She's more like a savant who have strong talent in one area but extremely debilitated in another area. Anyway,... more>> I want to see Battleship Erica! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
herosaver rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: c20
I wouldn't recommend this, MC is tr*sh and weak, and plot is slow and dumb. MC is basically powerless and lacks magic abilities in a world where everyone has magic abilities. She basically gets through dangerous situations through plot amor 'Oh a dragon's claw is about to crush me. Let me through this one time usage block spell my brother gave me. BAM. Yea, someone how my brother's simple block spell is able to block off the claws of a 600 year old dragon.' I mean, come on, at least... more>> make the story more interesting and a bit believable.

Also author didn't do the dragon justice. He got betrayed and mu*dered by her ancestors and the result, she just tells him 'well the one who betrayed you has died a long time ago. So let it go pls. If you do, i'll give you a new name and we can be friends." Like seriously... this dragon helped her ancestors crossed the ocean to their current land and then was betrayed and killed for his philosopher stone (which they never found anyways) and then was imprisoned as a vengeful spirit deep deep deep underground for 600 years and with the words of a little girl (who is the descendent of the one that betrayed and killed you) promising to be his friend, he is willing to give up all past hate... too dumb for me. <<less
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lazynoodles rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c18
I normally love the villainess in an otome trope and I can admit I love isekai in escapist un-ironic sense. However, I LOVE how this particular story subverted my expectation in an amazing way. This is how I felt when I first read about bakarina in another version of these tropes and somehow this ended up being better than that! Though, those who expect and want romance to happen are going to be waiting for it maybe up onto forever due to the MC's past life's trauma. The author does... more>> write how this factor impacts everything in a funny way but the author makes it no laughing matter. As in it impacts the way the MC behaves, how she moves to deal with it, and how it drives the story. It has a lot adventure, mystery, and the translation is handled AMAZINGLY - in my humble opinion. Shout out to Starry for bringing this story to the English reading public. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lollipopmixclo9 rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c18
Honestly, the first arc just finished, and I felt so lost.

However, I am not lost about the plot. I am just lost on how the story is going to proceed. The worldbuilding is interesting as well as the mechanisms for using magic or tools. And even though it only has few chapters, the characters are cute and interesting too! Moreover, the translator devotedly explains more about the meaning of proverbs, names, and the story itself. They also provide more clarification about the use of magic in the setting, making the... more>> story engaging for us. So, thanks for the detailed infos, translator~

And as the tag suggested, the main character "reincarnated into a Game World". So, much like most "Shoujo" tags, the main character has reincarnated into the Villainess of that world. In contrast to most Villainess stories though, this one has the "Mystery" genre attached to it. It's strange for a "Shoujo", "Villainess Main Character", and "Reincarnated into a Game World" novel to have a mystery tag, at least, for me. But, that's what makes this Villainess novel to be interesting.


When Erica Aurelia knew that Ann will come hunt her if she dies, Erica realized that Ann didn't come after her for revenge, but she came back because the spirit, Zaratan, wanted the Aurelias to be dead.


The spirit later on realized that he wasn't killed by his creator, but that the creator was killed separately from him.


Also, I adore the fact that Erica's game knowledge is quite limited


given the fact she was killed three days after getting the game, and she was only able to capture two main leads in game.


But, with that limited knowledge, she is meticulous, resourceful, and careful. She manages to quickly grasp her situation and quickly act on how to prevent the downfalls. When Klaus Harvan, one of the main leads, venture through the Ruins of Visitor, Erica thoughtfully collected wands and items she knew she'll need when going into the unknown.


In truth, this novel reminds me of Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru especially because of the main characters being proactive, so for anyone who reads that novel, one should also check this one out too!

∠ (ᐛ 」∠) _ <<less
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