Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob (WN)


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When I met him, I realized that I was a ‘mob character’.

My childhood friend, my best friend, my stepsister, and everyone else fell in love with him.

But there was one girl who showed a completely separate face only in front of me.

I’m not sure what to make of it.

Normally she doesn’t talk much, but she’s all talk when she’s in front of me.

She smiles only at me.

Even though she was the main heroine, she fell in love with me, a mob character–this is my story.

This is a romantic comedy about a dull mob character.

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Shimotsuki-san Loves The Mob
Shimotsuki-san wa Mob ga Suki
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36 Reviews

New ChinoKafuu
Apr 12, 2024
Status: --
I rarely review anything like this but this novel is just so bad that I dropped it after the third volume of the novel.
First thing first, the premise was pretty good. The set up was there, each character did or will at least show some roll.
However, as the story progress, we see little change in the MC, and from top to bottom the way that he thinks and act is obviously pathetic. I mean you can adopt the Mob way of thinking, but at least you already put him on as the MC, so write him as one :D Following a story where the MC doesn't do enough, characters and their ending are terrible, and just prolong the story based on the simple concepts of Mobs and the toxic Harem guy sucks :/ It doesn't show any good way of thinking, reading it feels like being intoxicated @@
Also some of the parts of the story feels very random, wasnt explained well enough. The ending and development for other characters is also a minus sign because they affected the story a lot.
Overall I would not recommend it to anyone, you can still try it tho but just remember that you have been warned =))))))))
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Depression is my new friend
Depression i
Oct 03, 2021
Status: c110
Let me summarise the novel in a sentence

Author with NTR fetish played it safe by trying to make a rom com novel with a cast full of unlikable characters but his fetish springs up from tine to time.

Oh but that's just the forgettable cast that gets NTR'ed so if you are bothered about the FMC getting NTR'ed she probably won't be since it's not that type of depresso expresso novel. Read further below for more details

I'm sorry but the MC is just too pathetic and intolerable for me to like.... more>> He constantly goes "I'm a mob char so I can't do this, I'm a mob char so I can't do that." It was kinda ok in the beginning but then it starts to slowly piss you off with how much he says it.

Even the fMC acts all cute and bubbly with the MC but when the time comes to show herself as the fMC she's disappointing.

So basically this harem guy who ntrs the MC by taking his step sister, childhood friend and bestie desperately wants the fMC to join in. The fMC seems to despise him from the depth of her heart but instead of telling the tr*sh to go away or leave her alone, she just says some half assed words. Instead of ending it once and for all, when that scum asks her about something, she simply answers him but in a dissatisfied manner.

She then proceeds to act all mushy with the MC in front of that scum making the MC a target.

The MC instead of standing up for himself, let's the scum walk all over him.

She clearly knew her actions would result in such consequences for the MC, yet she still does it all the time and when the scum gets jealous, she gives him half assed response rather than telling him to leave them alone. Technically that's the only bad point she has but that point sticks out like a sore thumb and makes her adorable actions all the more irritating.

The harem scum protag ntrs our MC and acts all arrogantly with too much screen/script time. And it's not even important. It's about how the female friends that were once close to the MC are now all over the harem scum.

I swear the author is a hard core ntr lover and wanted to make a LN out of it but tried to play it safe. Even I read ntr doujins but when I see such ntr sh*t happening outside doujins with the MC always describing the sluts' actions and how much it hurts, it makes you wonder, why tf do I have to read those lines again and again. And his exuse when something bad happens to him?

"Because I'm a mob"

The MC's past close female friends are just a bunch of sluts. After finding the harem scum, they simply throw him away and ignore him when the story begins. I swear if they make these sluts like the MC in the future and act all cute I'll strangle the author in my mind.

The MC too, even though he gets treated like absolute garbage by those sluts, still act kind as if he's the second coming of Jesus. The sluts' lines (technically just the MC's step sis for now since others have not interacted live in the story) spouts out lines that came straight from ntr doujins like "after what I've done, I don't deserve your kindness" and stuff

However I'll continue reading it since there must be a reason why such a garbage web novel got a light novel adaptation. Maybe it will improve later on. Maybe similar to some other nivels, the LN might correct some mistakes the web novel made

However don't let my review put you off and skip this one. Give it a try and maybe stick around for a few chapters. If your thoughts align with mine then maybe read a few more chapters and if it still does not convince you, I suggest you to drop it.
I wrote this review from my pov, from a guy who felt more and more irritated as the plot moved forward so maybe my review was a little too harsh but if you ppl too felt the same way, like I said abv, I suggest u to drop it. I'll try reading some more and maybe edit my review if the story gets better. If I still have not after two - three days, just assume the web novel was so shit, I simply closed the tab and never bothered thrashing this novel further

The raws are available in syosetsu and have about 300+ chaps but each one is extremely short

Read 100 chaps and honestly, it got boring real fast for me but maybe others might (?) enjoy it <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia
Feb 15, 2022
Status: c387
What a surprise... I actually enjoy this story... im not into NTR tho

Note: I skip volume 1 because I already read many review & spoiler. I also have a fragile heart despite already read thousand novel so I can't stand NTR vibe on volume 1.

After continue from volume 2, I know for sure MC (mob) didn't really love them ex. I also don't want them to come back to MC (mob), I don't care if they're stay with MC (scum) & continue to suffer with him lmao

What's the turning point... more>> for this story to greatly change my mind is how fMC confess her feeling to MC (mob), even though he didn't answer her because he still didn't love himself first. But that's what makes me happy, not the hanging part, but the part MC romance really grow for good, unlike many other where they need 400 chapter to step forward lol

I also really like fMC character, how she basically tell to MC (scum) to f*ck off from her life LMAO got me good


She's a cute little YANDERE 🙏😇

She really like the way MC (mob) are, when MC got make up for his theater project & getting compliment from his classmate she said:

"I like you just the way you are! The current Kotaro is kind of annoying to watch."

And proceed to erase his make up lol

She evaluate people from inside, not outside


So i'll continue to read this & I hope this don't turn to worse

Even though volume 2 with new heroine villain is a bit pain the the ass, her scenario is good for MC so it's a pass for me

Edit: end of volume 2



True masterpiece *chef kiss

There's one ex-heroine who got redemption & regret all of her doing to the MC (mob). Well, she can't rewind time & now im a bit sad for her... whatever~

Edit: start of volume 3

I know for sure Love Comedy God (author) is like playing with his character heart lol, almost breaking 4th wall

Edit: vol 4 chap 249

I can clearly tell you, all the sub-heroine in this story is HUGE DUMB DUMB

What's with those liking the same MC (scum) & walk a path of thorn. At the end they know there's only one who MC would choose but still competing for him lmao. Dumb dumb get dump lol. This isn't Isekai or Arab where you could create a real Harem, this is Japan

Edit: 387

This MC really unbearable, he always see himself as a mob, not a real human like we do. His self-esteem really low even though he know fMC really likes him a lot

He can't see himself become happy because he's a mob & don't want to see him & fMC feeling, hell even now he still didn't confess his feeling for fMC even though I know at "future chapter" they become happy family

This repetitive "because I'm a mob" already too much at this point <<less
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Jul 26, 2023
Status: c277
This is one of these cases where you kind of hate the story but can't stop reading it.
I'm not sure if the author did a good job or I'm just a annoying guy who can't drop stories like this.

Let's start to talk about NTR.
Long story short:
Koutarou had three important girls in his life. He didn't view them as love interests (but kind of did anyway).
One day, they all fell for Ryuzaki. Like, literally.

One of the major plot points of this story is that girls fall for this guy for no reason. I assume this is some meta critcism on harem stories from the POV of someone who lost his love interest.
The best comparison I could make here would be a story of childhood friends in an isekai world but suddenly the reincarnated hero appears and takes your childhood friend away because he saved her life once or something.

There were instances where the author called Ryuzaki's influence as "disease" and the girls that fall for him are "sick."

The main heroine Shimotsuki Shiho is immune against this disease as she has some hearing ability that lets her hear the "sound of the heart" (or soul I guess). Ryuzaki's sound is bad, Koutarou's sound is good. Hence "Shomotsuki-san likes the Mob."


Arc 1
Koutarou and Shiho get closer with Koutarou kind of NTR-ing Shiho from Ryuzaki.

Arc 2
A character called Alice Parker appears and messes with the story. She sees herself as an author and abuses her power (wealth) to manipulate situations to make the real life story more entertaining. She did this with her parents and low key ruined their whole relationship and she attempted to do this with Koutarou, Ryuzaki and one of Koutarou's love interests that went for Ryuzaki.
She eventually failed because according to the author she was a "heroine" but Shiho was the "main heroine", so Shiho could get rid of Alice by telling her f*ck off.

Arc 3
Ryuzaki got NTR-ed again by Koutarou (by misunderstanding) and thinks of himself as a mob. His harem powers switch to Koutarou and some new transfer student falls for Koutarou for no reason.
This then also involves Koutarou's family situation with his crap mom that uses him as a tool and has zero expectations on him. Bad parenting I guess.
Shiho resolves the situation by telling Ryuzaki that he has harem powers.

Arc 4 (The Arc I'm at now)
Ryuzaki has troubles regaining his harem status, since he's now aware of it, Koutarou tries to talk to him and reveals to him how Ryuzaki stole his love interests.
But the main focus of this Arc seems to be just flashbacks, of Koutarou losing his love interests.
Note that I write "love interests" but Koutarou tries to be the second coming of Christ or something, claiming he wishes for their happiness and wants Ryuzaki to make them happy, denying that he held any kind of affection for them by claiming he had been just a conceited mob.


In general, Nakayama Koutarou is such a frustrating protagonist. I had often moments where I just wanted to make a fan fic and swap Koutarou's personality with one of these protags from those betrayal novels often translated by Soafp. I really wanted Koutarou to get a grip and say "f*ck off" to the situation and people that play with him. He just gets pushed around and accepts it by just claiming he's a mob character. He's a shame to self-proclaimed mob characters such as Allan (Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What!), Leon (The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs) and biggest chad in self-proclaimed mob novel history: Izayoi (I Was Born In The Worst World, Where Beautiful Magiclad Girls Suffer A Brutal Fate. ~If You Don’t Save Them With The Light Novel Knowledge From Your Previous Life, World Downfall?~).
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Nov 10, 2021
Status: c170
Quite an interesting read lol

Mc's a Quiet person but he's not really a pu*sy and the fMC isn't too dumb but she's supportive to our mob MC here.


looking at the recent raw chapters looks like both got married too

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May 03, 2023
Status: c145
This would've been great if it was written as a parody but when you realize author is serious it gets kinda sad. None of the characters are realistic. People just don't act that way irl, not overtly at least.

It is a shame since I love romance angst like unrequited love and regrets but this barely does anything with it. MC just goes around yelling I'm a mob I can't even dare to this bla bla and still gets involved with people that shouldn't matter to him when he should just... more>> focus on being lovey dovey with FMC. It really gets boring quick. <<less
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Jul 02, 2022
Status: c136
I felt stopping one and a half volumes into the English translattion wouldn't do the review justice, so I MTL'ed to c136 to complete the second arc. In short, the novel has an interesting premise, but IMO the author focuses excessively on how the MC stereotypes all his friends into their "roles" and how the MC forcibly counteracts any deviations of the characters from their roles. This is shown particularly in Arc 2, where the author basically writes themselves in as a new character, whose sole focus is to write... more>> a romcom story where the supposed "harem protagonist" gets NTR'ed. In that vein, IMO the NTR tags are valid, especially considering the author's original intent writing the novel. The author retcons a LOT throughout the novel, anything from a chapter where the MC tries to say he loved his sister and two female friends but didn't love love them so it's technically not NTR because NTR only applied to love love and not, you know, love, to a chapter where the MC goes on and on about how the heroine is indifferent instead of hateful of to the harem protag, only for the heroine to actively proclaim her hate for the harem protag under multiple occasions in subsequent chapters.

TLDR, interesting idea and the actions the characters take aren't horribly unrealistic or unideal, but the novel drags on for way too long in the MC's low self-esteem, judgy behavior, self aggrandizing speeches, and retcons. 3/5 for me. <<less
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: c341
This was clearly written by an author who likes NTR. Yeah it's not really a romcom because the premise itself came straight from a NTR story. The only difference between this series and a full blown NTR is that the author throws a saving rope by introducing the Main Heroine but with that premise I felt like the author wants you to like and to tolerate NTR because he gave decent heroine to the MC.

Updated: And WTF. What I can honestly say if you like NTR, where the douche... more>> win in the end without any consequences where the heroines fall for him seriously. Also if you like an MC with no backbone go read this because this story is exactly like that.

I really can't stand Ryoma even in his monologue in Chapter 136, for him the affection of the woman is all about competition, he is berating the MC for not having good characteristics and saying good things about himself and saying that Kotaro is lucky because he's the MC and he's just a side character. Seriously author why are you trying to make us feel bad for that piece of sh*t of a character Then the author made this a harem series seriously besides Shimotsuki, his step sister, bestfriend, childhood friend, are all b*tch. That's why it's so satisfying to see them suffer because of what they have done towards the MC for example in case of Kirari his bestfriend she changed her hair color and acted like a gal because he fell in love with Ryoma then she cried that she realize that Kotaro is always there for her supporting her in middle school, it's satisfying to see her crying and imagining that she should be in Kotaro's side instead of Shimotsuki.

Update: The author gave a redemption arc to Ryoma the douche seriously this is a really WTF series. There's a lot of chapters where the author writes in the POV of Ryoma in the end of the 4th part Yuzuki childhood friend and Kirari bestfriend went into the house of Ryoma to give him a chocolate and Ryoma monologue goes along I will do my best to change basically what happened is that both of them fell in love with Ryoma seriously now and not like before where they were blindly in love with him because of his characteristic and popularity. So in short this isn't really the story of MC but the story of Ryoma. If I can give a negative rating for this I would give this negative 5.

Also at Chapter 340 it's been revealed that Shimotsuki, is the same as MC when it comes to their mindset Shimotsuki also thinks that she's a side character/ a mob character like MC so to speak.

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anonymous M.K. 42
anonymous M.
Feb 09, 2022
Status: c33
First time making a review, I hope I can do it well.....

I have been reading half world speaking sh*t of the MC (mob) since apparently the "MC", who NTR his "girls", step on him and he doesn't fight back. So I decide to read to see what is really going in the novel and let me tell you, I realize that there are many people don't understand what they are reading, even though they are reading it. Or rather they can't conprehend what they have just read.

-The MC (mob) is... more>> only faking getting stepped on since he has plan. Is a solid plan to win against the "MC", though in my opinion the MC (mob) has already won, it's just he hasn't noticed yet.


He is playing the part of a "mob who tries to get close to the heroine but apparently always fails" in front of the "MC". While in secret he and the heroine are getting along very well. Yep, is the behind scenes approach and the "MC" doesn't notice a damn and he allows it since he believe he can't lose, he doesn't notice that the heroine despise his very existance. An outstanding move.


-The NTR part is well, from my point of view: there is no NTR as NTR. It may look like that since the MC (mob) was hurt by it but that was his own misunderstanding.


The girls he was close with never like him as a person of the opposite s*x. In fact, one of them didn't think of him as a human for some reason. He just realized when the "MC" came and the girls start fawning on him. It would have happened with any other guy the girls have found charming.


This part wasn't well done. It needed to have more depth (opinion).

-The MC is a mob, a normal guy who is average, dull if we are being mean. He is not special, like the majority of us, so asking him to be able to deal with an apparently MC straight out from a romcom is too much. He is dealing with him but he is doing it in the way he can and the best way he can think of. People need to be more tolerant, well there are limits to everything. Now I said the enemy is apparently straight out from a romcom but honestly he is more a playboy who got choosen to be on the role of a romcom MC.


He even flirts with the teacher in public. He doesn't reject the advances of the girls besides the heroine but still throw them away when the heroine is involved.


The only trait that I can see he has of a romcom MC, besides being oblivious, is the fact the girls are fawning for him for no apparent reason. Generally, MC of romcom are average guys who are "kind", with different levels of denseness (depending of the plot), there is no way they will do the things this "MC" does unless the girls are the ones forcing it. There are exceptions to that but normally in romcoms the MC are like that. Unless the times (trends) are finally changing.

-The other girls, the ones close to the MC (mob), besides the heroine are a bunch of idiots. Sometimes I wonder if they were posseded by something the moment the "MC" came to them.


What was that of not considering the MC (mob) as a human just because she wasn't capable of knowing what was he thinking? Spending the night on the "MC" as well? Even though she has one and there is no need for her to do so? The other girls are similarly as well.


I'm really happy that none of them won't end up with the MC (mob) no matter what, in retrospective that guy did him a favor.

I won't say it's the best novel out there but one need to read carefully so one can comprehend what one's is actually reading. <<less
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Jan 26, 2022
Status: c16
There could have been potential in the setting, but it just wasn't used at all.

Rather than becoming friends or falling in love properly, the only reason the FL takes any interest in the MC is that she has superhuman hearing to the point of hearing a heartbeat and even "feelings". And just after being woken up once, she's pointlessly aggressive in establishing a friendship or relationship whenever they're alone.

Meanwhile the MC and who he perceives as the "harem protagonist" enter a contest of who's the bigger idiot. The "harem protagonist"... more>> is pointlessly confident but also insensitive and oblivious and the MC is too far gone into this "I'm a mob character" mentality and can't even properly reply to a conversation. And that's not mentioning that he has some insane resentment towards the harem protag for getting along with several girls when he had feelings for all of those girls in the first place and never did anything about them.

I don't know if you need mental problems to like this novel or mental strength to ignore all its faults, but if you're looking for a regular romance novel, this isn't it. <<less
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c262
I gotta be honest... I like the story but I really hate how it's told, like the whole damn novel is 95% monologue and 5% actual story. The monologue aren't even helpful, provide insight or tells us something new since it just repeating the same damn thing over and over and over and over and over with different words pretty sure if they removed the useless monologue this novel would have about 12 chapter per volume. Like this gives the same vibes of rent a girlfriend, each chapter keeps going... more>> in circles. I like the story but the author is milking this way to hard like rent a girlfriend. There have been chapters where its just the MC (mob) doing a monologue for the whole chapters and maybe says one word to other characters. I don't think I can handle another 300 chapters of monologues but I am already too deep into this sht. I even haven't touched the issues with the characters so I am just going to say ALL the characters can be best describe as..... FETISH FULFILLMENT. <<less
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Apr 27, 2023
Status: c165
I actually enjoyed this novel up till 150, not all that much but enough to kill time. Maybe a 4 stars if I'm feeling generous. But holy f*ck everything after that is utter garbage.

Honestly none of the characters in the novel were likable to begin with. Shimotsuki was good I suppose although she had her own flaws. Everyone else however, was somewhat unlikeable. ESPECIALLY the 3 NTRed heroines. In the chapters after 150 however, it gets so much worse

Ryuzaki, or the 'Main Character' who everyone falls in love with, used... more>> to be an antagonistic figure that really just seems like he doesn't mean any harm and somewhat pitiful. Of course we always rooted for the more likable 'Mob character' or the actual MC.

After chapter 150, I'm convinced Ryuzaki is by far, the better person of the 2. And that the MC is a hypocritical, pretentious POS who deserves to rot in hell

It's rather understandable but the MC sh*t talks Ryuzaki throughout the first 150 chapters. About how Ryuzaki unconsciously mistreats and hurts people who love him with his cowardice. And then after 150, he proceeds to do what Ryuzaki did. On a much worse scale.

Not only that, this guy had a perfect GF supporting him for 150 chapters and plenty of character development. Monologues about how he must make his GF happy etc.

And yet, this intolerable mofo almost falls for someone else. Why? They took advantage of his trauma.

You must be thinking. Wow, that's gotta be some deep-seated, dark sh*t the MC went through.



BRUH. This f*cker got 150 chapter's worth of character development and monologues about how he mustn't make certain mistakes. But then proceeds to make those very same mistakes and develop a character flaw even the (according to him) 'pathetic' Ryuzaki would shrug off like it was nothing. <<less
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Apr 07, 2022
Status: c59
The story is about our main character, Nakayama Koutarou, and his daily life dwindling in self-pity. It sounds like a diss, but this is really the only way I can sum it up. However, I can confirm that the premise is nice, the execution is nice, and the characters are just made to be hated, that is, excluding MC and fMC, great... Well actually, the only thing I can't stand is a certain aspect of the main character's personality. I don't mind him and his peculiar use of impostor syndrome... more>> (labeling himself a mob and such) to justify the decisions he makes. Heck, it's entertaining to see how he will act in situations based on this. But... BUT! the only thing I can't stand is his obsession with those three girls.


Ok, I'm just gonna mention the stepsister's treatment of the MC, how he handles that, and how it builds into the overall reason as to why I don't like the way he obsesses over those girls:

    • She literally said, "oh wow, so you are human". What do you mean by that? how did you see your clearly human brother before that? then after that obviously insane remark, MC just shrugs it off (I'm cool with that), but still treats her kindly despite that (not cool with that). And to make matters worse, after the stepsister says such s*upid things, and disassociates herself from her stepbrother (our mc), virtually treating him like some sort of stranger, she had the balls to say "please help me onii-chan". tf? why are you trying to cater to him by saying oniichan now?
      how selfish of a wench must you be to think that you can take advantage of your stepbrother when it's to your own convenience. oh, but if that wasn't enough... it just gets worse. you'd think the MC would try and stop caring about her. You know, I understand, you're a nice dude! BUT EVEN NICE DUDES HAVE THEIR LIMITS! after the way she treated you, you'd expect him to retaliate in some way. he did... for like a second, and then folded, and helped her. I'm sure the MC stepsister is also aware of how he's being treated by the other 2 girls, but just doesn't care, cause love is blind, right?

It's really selfish, and I wish the MC would just ignore her or something, just a wish-fulfillment of mine to be honest. But, I will affirm something (if I hadn't mentioned already), the mc's stepsister likes Ryouma, because she used to have an older brother figure who died, I believe. After that, she was taken in and cared for by Nakayama and his family. Then, during a high school ceremony, she found that Ryouma looked exactly like him (her now-deceased older brother), and decided, hey? even though I have a stepbrother who treated me with love and kindness after a tragic event, I'm just gonna stick to Ryouma because he looks like my real onii-chan, and completely neglects the person that got me out of a tragic event simply because he doesn't look like him. Even if Ryouma treats me like garbage, I will still like him.

If I may be so bold to say, shallow. and then, pushover MC just decides to ignore her shallowness and still try to be kind to her.

Now, with all that out of the way, time for the biggest reason as to why I don't like the way he handles these situations.

The girls at this point have just treated him like garbage, (to reiterate, the feats I mentioned just then were only the stepsisters doing), and he's still as kind as ever. At this point, it's safe to assume he has unconditional affection for those three girls at this point, Despite being treated like tr*sh. Now... I mention this because...

He actually, after all that, the way he's been betrayed, and ignored, still has the capacity to get JEALOUS over Ryouma after interacting with those girls. Because he's still so kind to them, therefore having affection for them, he gets JEALOUS. I don't necessarily mind the emotion of jealousy when shown, I just find it kinda pathetic is all. But this, MC! THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS! WHY ARE YOU GETTING JEALOUS FOR GIRLS WHO METICULOUSLY TRAMPLE ON YOU FOR, TREAT YOU LIKE tr*sh, WHY?

sigh, anyway, hopefully, it gets better in the future so I can rate this 5 stars.


However, the light novel exclusive MC is, to be honest, a much better alternative in my opinion. The same events happened, however, the way he handles it in my opinion is much better. so, I'm gonna go read the light novel and rate it 5 stars. see ya <<less
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Nov 18, 2021
Status: c198
The interaction between the MC and FL is great and the story is really interesting. The only problem? The people in the description, the sister, childhood and best friend are all... very very dumb and honestly how they react makes my brain hurt.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Holy moly this web novel is such a drag its not even funny. The ending is pretty good in my opinion but it is not worth reading 600+ chapters to get there. There's so much unnecessary filler and extra content that just slow down the story. To emphasize this more, the author managed to compress it into just 5 volumes. Hopefully the LN is much more enjoyable.
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c190
The first 2 arcs were good. But then it gets boring. The FMC refuses to go out with the MC saying he hates himself, and if he hates himself then he wont be able to carry her heavy love. So he decides to try and love himself more but even though he says he will try to love himself more, I havent seen any progress on that front. He is still the same weak willed wimp who is too afraid of hurting others even if it hurts him, still shackled... more>> by past relationships and his blind attachment to his horrible mother, and cant say no to something he absolutely doesnt want to.

So what we have after the first 2 arc is a boring story with a main character whose development is a vauge circle which makes you think there is development but then proves there actually were none to speak of.

It should have ended around 200 chapters where the FMC gets some development IMO, but there are as many untranslated chapters as there are translated chapters, so no. It is a needlessly long story, determined to drown you in its circles of stagnation. <<less
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Apr 05, 2023
Status: c150
Honestly if this was written in a normal way, it would've your typical very cute sugar overload rom com. But it's being written in very weird epic tale narrator way, so it's like reading a story about someone telling a story about someone but sometimes the perspective which to that 2nd someone.

The first volume was fine... There was exessive amount of self pity but you got a very satisfying ending. Onwards... It's... It's when you realised everything is an over the top drama with chains of bad end because everyone... more>> is messed up in someway. The ending is always satisfying because you see someone finally move on, but that's after endless torture. <<less
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Oct 30, 2022
Status: c114
I tried to like this, but I can't

For some reason, the author is obsessed with the phrase "I'm a mob" and used it so frequently it's jarring. I know you're a mob character, I wish you'd stop saying that 400 phrases ago

Beyond that, the story is mostly hero's pathetic love story where the girls left him due to reasons and stick with the "main character" instead. Hero bemoans this fact over

... more>> And over

And over

And over

And over

And over

And over again

Which really feels less like tension building and more like pathetic lamentations. It's normal for someone to have low self esteem but honestly this is going way way way too far.

Which makes reading this novel way worse because the story itself really isn't that great. The hero has nothing going for him beyond "well I dislike the main character so you will do instead" <<less
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Sep 09, 2022
Status: c30
the MC needs a psychologist, he keeps talking about "harem protagonist", "mob", every two lines, he's obsessed, he needs therapy. Apart from that the MC is angry because he couldn't have a harem like the "harem protagonist" and he keeps crying for his three friends with whom he was in love but now I don't chase him, basically he has the same thoughts as the "harem protagonist "only that the difference is that the other one could have his harem and he only had it. About the fMC she's fine... more>> and she's someone who doesn't like the "harem protagonist" because she's an idiot (sure enough). The MC needs a psychologist, he keeps talking about "harem protagonist", "mob", every two lines, he's obsessed, he needs therapy. Apart from that the MC is angry because he couldn't have a harem like the "harem protagonist" and he keeps crying for his three friends with whom he was in love but now they don't chase him, basically he has the same thoughts as the "harem protagonist", the only difference is that one could have his harem, and he only dreams of having it. About the fMC she's fine and she's someone who doesn't like the "harem protagonist" because he's an idiot (sure enough). <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: c75
I think this one's not that bad as some 1 star reviews make it seem, but not that good as some 5 stars review make it seem either. I'd give it 3.5 if I could, honestly.

It has those weird NTR vibes mostly at the beggining but the fluffy relationship between Shimotsuki and MC really heals whatever damage was inflicted with those parts, so this novel is both the sickness and the cure, if that makes sense. The MC is severely traumatized by the so called "Harem Protagonist" (which is kind... more>> of dense & c*cky at the same time, very unlikeable) stealing some girls that were close to him before, but it's hinted that they never really saw him as more than a friend either way, but he still feels betrayed (and with good reason tbh, ghosting even a friend like that is kind of a d*ck move) but it's not actually NTR as he wasn't really dating any of those girls.

Best part about this story is MC slowly developing the begginings of a personality thanks to FL and getting out of his "Woe is me I'm just a mob character" mentality, but even that hasn't progressed as much as I'd like and even if chapters are short they sometimes comprise entirely of internal monologues that don't really go nowhere, so that ruins the pacing by quite a lot.

All in all, I think there is a pretty decent story with a really cute FL hidden behing slow pacing and the lack of a clear explanation as to why Shimotsuki is interested in our MC, it's one of those cases that I think a LN version/rewrite could elevate this story at least to a 4/4.5. <<less
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Jan 25, 2022
Status: --
hmm, I will rate this 5 stars because I can read this in my short free time, each chapter is quite short and if you want a long chapter, then this is no for you. I feel the way FMC acts is cute but the main character is disappointing. He keep thinking he is just a Mob and he can not do the things he want. But this gets a LN so I dom't think they will just pick a garbage. The LN may have corrections and improve the contents.... more>> I will just give it a five star to see if it is improved or not <<less
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