Shikkaku Kara Hajimeru Nariagari Madō Shidō


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Arkus Rayseft has a dream a few weeks after he was disqualified as a successor to the Viscount family. It’s a strange dream to experience life of a man. It is the life of such a man who was born in a common family, and died in an accident in a world completely different from the world where Arkus is.

When he wakes up, Arkus decides to use his memory to master the magic of this world. To turn his back on his parents who despised himself as incompetent.

A boy born to the eldest son of noble and abandoned due to his lack of magical power, and who will rise in a world of swords and magic based on the knowledge and experience gained by re-experiencing the life of a man in the modern world. That is what the story would tell.

Since the war record element is about essence, it may take quite a while to come.

Associated Names
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Shikkaku kara Hajimeru Nariagari Madou Shidou!
Shikkaku Kara Hajimeru Nariagari Madō Shidō! ~ Jumon Kaihatsu Tokidoki Senki ~
The Magician Who Rose From Failure: Tales of War and Magic (LN)
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errantknight rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: --
Volume 1 review:
I read the J-novel translation (which was excellent), so I can't speak about this one, but in terms of the first volume itself, I completely disagree with the one star review. I found the characters and the world presented very interesting. Don't be fooled by the cute illustrations and light tone of the dialogue. This is a dark and dangerous world where children are routinely kidnapped off the streets and sold, where nobles can brutalize commoners with impunity, and where those with magic control the world completely... more>> and brutally in the name of absolute monarchs. When Arcus is removed as heir, his father could have murdered him any time he wished and it would have been considered a family matter, although some others would have disapproved. The only thing that prevented that was an uncle who took an interest.

This being the world in which this takes place, I have to consider saying that he behaves as a sociopath to be evidence that this world wasn't fully taken into account. His actions were really the only way to make sure that corruption or deal making had no possibility of freeing the mastermind and that people would fear him enough not to try anything like that with him or anyone he cared about again. In a world like this, that's not sociopathy, that's thinking ahead. Nor did it come out of the blue. All the clues were there. As for the two girls, there were plot reasons for both two be there other than simply being damsels. One needed to learn an important lesson for herself that she seems to have taken note of (one that makes perfect sense given her special ability) and also needed to be given a reason to change her opinion of the MC. The other *is* a damsel. That's the whole point, and one that shows just how foolish a certain person is for their choices. Females in general are not treated as damsels, however. In fact, one of the scariest people in the book is a cute little girl, lol. For comparison, see the appalling level of sexism and infantilization of 'I Refuse to be Your Enemy'. Or better yet, don't. Blargh. I also disagree about the magic system. I find it quite unique and interesting. I hope future volumes go into that further, as well as the past history of the world before the previous civilization fell.

Even if one disagreed with these points, I think most would consider '1' to be an inappropriate rating. Personally, I reserve that for books where the author is actually incapable of using language, is grossly offensive in some way, or can't communicate the plot at all. This is a fun read with interesting characters and an engaging, if dark world. Are there flaws? Sure. There's absolutely no reason for these kids to be 10 and 12 years old. They could just as easily be 14 and 16 without having to change a word or stretch credulity to quite this degree. And it really should have been about 5 times as long to go into more detail in every aspect and not rush events. The first volume alone should have covered at least 3 volumes. These flaws don't rate a '1', however. I gave it a 4 for unique world building, engaging characters and NOT being as damned sexist or creepily pedo-y as the last light novel I read.

Volume 2 review:
tempetahu0 is exactly right about this one and I agree with the 3 rating. The vast majority of the book is setting up plot for future volumes which makes it feel fragmented. This is a problem that's inherent in the 'light novel' structure. There simply isn't enough time to set up a plot this ambitious and also make the single volume plot cohesive. That being said, the plot that's being set up IS interesting. I regret the emergence of the 'harem' subplot as I find those really boring and obnoxious, especially when projected onto children. Hopefully not too much time is spent on that.

There's a lot of discussion of the morality of magical violence and 'might makes right' in both volumes, as well as an odd lack of the same in some instances (ie, the side story at the end of the first volume in which there is a horrifying reveal that is simply allowed to sit there without adequately being dealt with, one which I certainly wouldn't have been able to accept as one of the characters does, even if survival demanded that he do so). Was that and the other discussions set up for something in future? Is this all leading to a change in the brutal world dynamics? I don't know, but right now, the biggest mystery of this series is just how corrupted or not Arcus will be by the brutality of his friends and allies, let alone his enemies. <<less
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Ispheria rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Poorly planned, structured and written. Absolutely no effort went into foreshadowing any of the conflicts at all despite it being a complete book and the events leading up to the main conflict and villain of the book happen completely out of the blue. The conflict isn't interesting and ultimately inconsequential as the villain basically has no connection to the MC whatsoever. The only purpose they served was to turn some girls into damsels in distress.

Speaking of characters, none of them really have any. They're all one dimensional and don't get... more>> any character development. Even the MC is basically the exact same person he is when the story begins despite several years going by.

The story itself is poorly written and the only thing more cringe to read than the book is the spells people chant. Spells are far too wordy for anyone to actually believe people could use them combat without getting stabbed. They sound like they were written by a chuuni and go against the story's own internal logic. It is stated that the spells are chanted in some ancient language and people can just make stuff up as they go. But at one point the MC states that the language doesn't have a word for "gravity". Then they immediately use a spell that uses the word "gravity". So there goes that.

Most of the spells were clearly added to story to try to show off how smart the MC, but they end up doing the exact opposite. So many things are done in an inefficient way. Why use a spell to gather a bunch of garbage on your arm and then shoot it when you could do literally anything else in combat? The spell for "Black Bullet" literally has nothing to do with how guns work and is just a chuuni chant. And for some reason they decide to fly to escape a tower instead of gliding down which would have been infinitely easier and probably saved a lot more mana. Why? So that the author can show off how much they wiki'd about gravity.

TLDR the plot is bad, it's poorly written, the characters lack depth and you have to turn your brain off to not notice the flaws in the mc's logic when the author is trying too hard to sound smart.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how the MC is a randomly a sociopath who has no problem with blowing people up or shooting them in the head, when other times they go out their way to tie people up even though there's no distinction between them and they're in a hurry. <<less
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tempetahu0 rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: v2
already read the novel (2 volumes)

don't confuse this with typical isekai, our MC is a person in this world, he's an ex noble, don't expect our common sense to apply in his time and setting.


it's pretty good, MC got weird "dream" about man who lives and die in different world where science is so developed and no magic except in fantasy works. Because it's a dream MC personality's still intact sure it got "infected" but not suddenly making him another person altogether, he makes use his knowledge about science... more>> and all experience from the dream and vol 1 tells us about MC and his progress and struggle to incorporate his knowledge and experience from the dream to his life.


i rate this volume borderline 3.0,

it's not bad but the quality took a dip in plot and translation,

after 2 volume it still just a built up to the main plot and it still just lot of foreshadow without any plot.

sure almost every characters got a development (sister, friend, ex-fiancee) but let's just hope author avoid harem trap.

all in all it's pretty enjoyable read. <<less
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March 25, 2022
Status: c11
chapters linked to here are what im reviewing. Time flows quick with the first few chapters being just an into to the setting. Even then very little text. First like 8 chapters could have been 1 chapter as a prologue or flashback to set the story, instead it doesnt really flow and serves just to make you want to dislike the parents. Overall this linked translation comes across as pretty bad, if you want to give it a real try, go read reviews on amazon.
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