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An introverted girl has had enough of the isolation inadvertently formed by her self-imposed isolation. Things changed when she discovers that she has the ability to transverse across the fabric of our universe into the dimensions of multiple storylines. Not only do these storylines leave her with invaluable lessons – they also impart a portion of their power – if she is deserving of it. The time has come for Zhao Youyue to change her fate. She will be a Side-Character, or perhaps…something more!

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darkclouds rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c20
At first, I couldn't understand why the novel was picked over Sinister ex-girlfriend which seems to have a much more compact plot and a larger fan base, but I know now.

Besides the fact that the original publisher is Qidian, there is a blatant and ad nauseum mention of Qidian throughout the story.

It is severely lacking in dialogue while having paragraphs and paragraphs of descriptions and explanations that have constantly put me to sleep. Greatly dissatisfied with the writing style. None of the characters stand out, including the MC, though it... more>> might be too early to judge.

The confusion with the lack of cohesion in the story, instead of adding mystery, only made it seem haphazard and without purpose. Reaching up to chapter 20 was a laborious task, even when I was only skimming through them. It might show an improvement in the later chapters, but this is where it ends for me. <<less
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Diskat rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c600
So far so good. Since some people don't seem to understand the beginning, I'll explain.

It is about a girl from our world who transmigrated into Zhao Yaoyue, a rich Megumi Kato, who has the cheat to transmigrate into characters in webnovels, mangas, and other in progress literary works when she goes to sleep. So it's like a double transmigration, but she is able to come back to reality. Also, I wouldn't put any stock into the cover pic, as she looks nothing like that at any point of the novel.

She... more>> has to create iconic or high profile characters in the dreams in order to be eligible to get the skills related to the character she possesses into the real world. The more "classic" the character, the longer the skills can last for her.

On her first try, she made a side character a Mary Sue (of the crappy type), and out of no-where (plot-wise), killed the main character of an existing webnovel. This led the fans of that webnovel author to berate him, and the author apologized, saying he was drunk and erased the character and revise his plot.

Not only does Yaoyue receive no power-ups, but she also experience bad luck in real life due to the backlash, and so Yaoyue reflected on her mistakes. She goes on to possess a different side character learning from her mistakes. The logical choice is to take on characters with appropriate skill sets for appropriate story theme with appropriate story actions. She can't just willynilly add random power-ups to the character she takes over and do whatever she wants (well technically she can, but it would be highly unlikely to create a "classical" or "popular" character). And the story goes on.

Quite frankly, the idea is fun. Is it original? It's a character self-insert type of novel, and no doubt she will become a Mary Sue in reality once she gains a ton of powers from parodied works. In other words, its a more blatant wish-fulfillment novel. If that's not your taste, so be it. It's really a story that either you would like or dislike.

Now with all said, you should throw out any initial bias you may have about this. This is not an otome game simulator, nor will the protagonist quickly become a martial arts expert. She has yet to have a love interest that stays with her, and not every story she delves into will get an ability from the character she took over. In the end, she is her own person, and has the power to choose whether to be either the side-character or main character in real life. I would recommend reading at least the first 100 chapters before making your own conclusion.


Despite the lack of an overarching goal other than improving oneself in reality, I like how the story went. The inconsistency of the dimension gate choosing the literary work for her is rather realistic. It ranges from popular works, to unpopular works, and from works that will soon stop because it's decided by upper management to where works that has the author dying before it's complete. She tries to make the best of it, and the author doesn't asspull a complete victory of getting a card every time.

What's also interesting is that despite over 400 chapters later, the closest to cultivating actual martial art prowess is having unlimited running provided she gets nutrients, and even she sacrificed that away. That doesn't make it a bad story though, and it does get remedied at chapters 500-600. Still not a cultivation novel though.

I do wish the author would flesh out more details, and have more dialogues.
I am a bit disappointed that the protagonist, despite claiming she is asexual, is actually into yuri. So don't expect the protagonist romancing any males.

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nixxara rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c17

I take everything back. This novel is gold. The beginning was a bit rough but as you get more into the story, it starts making soooo much sense and gets better and better. Don't give up on this unless you are past ch100! 5 STARS


... more>> It's a CN novel but seems more like a JP novel... The story feels very flippant and not as serious. The plot leaves many questions unanswered but overall, it's pretty interesting.

This is about a girl who discovers a Dimensional Gate that allows her to hop into different manga and choose to become a side, supporting, or main character. She's even allowed to choose what powers she wants, like photographic memory and even rail gun. With these OP specs, I'm surprised she's not taking advantage of it which is kind of a shame... The mc's reason for world hopping is only because she wants to bring those skills she gets into her real world just because and there are certain rules/requirements she needs to follow before being allowed to do so. One of them is to make whatever character she becomes into an iconic character with popularity among readers. This is a multiple POV story, there are even author/artist perspectives of the manga she enters.

It remains unclear how in the world she even managed to find the Dimensional Gate and her passion is very lacking despite such a cool setting. It's also confusing sometimes in regards to whether she is in reality or in the manga? It's no specifically stated so you have to infer yourself.

Btw, she enters the dimensional gate when she's sleeping.

Also the storyline moves so slowly. I feel like 20 chapters in and I still haven't read anything substantial... The plot is good and that's the only thing keeping me reading.. Though her interactions with other characters gives me a very satisfying feeling. She seemed so unremarkable in the beginning that when other characters are suddenly amazed by her, I just get excited!

4 stars for now, I don't want to scare anyone away with bad ratings since this novel is new.. Also the chapters are probably going to be regularly updated? It's Qidian after all.. <<less
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deviatesfish rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c773
From having every second chapter being a filler chapter to having only one chapter in five having any content of value, this story progressively becomes more repetitive. The author has their head up their own ass; they really like the sight of their own words. That everything revolves around Tencent services, be it QQ or Wechat or Qidian, is just a minor problem in the pile of problems. The author acts like there is only one way of thought and only one line of logic, that there are no alternatives.... more>> There is so little thought put into the actual plot; just the reveling in copying popular stories from existing works. If that wasn't enough, the author seems only capable of writing stereotypes or one dimensional characters; all "supporting" characters are uninteresting and simple-minded.

A waste of a potentially fun premise. <<less
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azuron rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c109
Skip first 2 paras to directly go to the facts.

My 2 cents: Ah where do I even begin. I know. Well, there are certain things in life which are so bad, so really really bad, that they become a novelty instead; a source of a twisted enjoyment obtained from the feeling "oh how bad can it get? Let's continue." And that is exactly what made me stick until the aforementioned chapters.

Qidian International- An extremely professional platform dealing with "legitimage" and "legal" translations of chinese novels has a certain brand value... more>> associated with all it's subsidary novels. So, when such a renowned publisher endorses such a... ludicrous piece of ill-timed joke, it really questions their sincerity. It also puts forth a question "What the hell was the translator smoking when he or she picked up such a... garbage?"

Plot: Now, coming to the actual novel. The introduction itself screams "turn back bro... dont waste yo' time". Incoherent, incorrigible and illegible. You will understand nothing. Someone must have held the author at gunpoint and forced them to write a world travel novel because, all we get is a garbled collection of sentences not even bothering to describe the powers of the protagonist, instead jumping straight into an even deeper quagmire, which brings us to the next part, the body of the novel.

For people who have read the recent quick transmigration novels or "FOD" one can expect the arcs to have a bit of originality, right? A little bit of cliches are unavoidable. We dont get that. What we get instead, is a butchered and reassembled collection of cliches along with... get this... FAMOUS JAPANESE ANIME PLOTS deconstructed! Thats right! f*ck copyright law! f*ck the readers! This is the fun part because it was so bad that it was funny and I was forced to give a star for this. And arcs get progressively worse. Oh right. You want nicely wrapped giftpack... a story that flows, right? Too bad you won't get that. Instead, what you get is a "hot-mess" (as someone else described) where the protagonist frequently dives to and fro from the real world into story world whenever she feels like it. And when she doesn't? We get a COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT DESCIPTION of the real world which we could care less about. And these "intermissions" add absolutely zero value to the plot and are boring a.f. Mostly they span across multiple chapters. You get the jist.

TL;DR: Boring, short, cheap arcs, and redundant, long, nauseating post-arcs.

Characters: The protagonist is bland, one dimensional and extremely shallow. As for the side/supporting characters, they are zero-dimensional: Points in the story whom you will never notice, and if you do, will quickly forget. Protagonist has no redeeming qualities, a vague, poorly defined special power, and breaks character often. Poor world-building and bland storytelling does not improve our impression of her.

Overall, poor story, bad world building, ridiculous ideas, extremely bad execution. Forget a flowing story, this felt like being dropped in the midst of a stormy sea- moving to and fro, drowing and flailing. I would be amazed if someone can even stick to 10 chapters of this epitome of s*upidity. Even my 10 year old sister can write better stories than this. Skip it, unless you like cringe-worthy novels. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: --
A novel where the translator has to give cliff-notes due to the confusion therein; plus the blatant insertion of MC using qidian website (reads like a how to qidian), read this only when you are waiting for something else. My head hurts from trying to figure out what all is happening here. There is no fluidity in the writing and the ideas are all over the place. Crack fic/parody in my opinion so far..... but am at ch10 so meh!

Edit at ch 21: somehow coming together and finally beginning to... more>> get the jist of it. It is basically a semi-transmigration story, no system as we know it so far..... still a parody, I mean at one point she is wishing to enter kishimoto's Naruto..... this is a good filler read. I would upgrade rating to 3 stars.

Edit at ch130 : Wow! It has really picked up and now that we have more to go on, it is making so much sense...I love it. Give it a shot, there is a reason I went from 1 star to 5 stars!!! This female MC is among my top three female MCs and top 10 all time MCs. I am leaving this review as is so you can see how your train of thought might go. <<less
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Molenir rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c76
I really don't understand the reviews for this story. I am loving this novel. I grant that there are some hard to understand parts, particularly early on. But the critical point, the hook to this story is very similar to many other comparable novels.

The first hard to understand part, is that the MC is a transmigrator. She is in a family, in a body, that is not her own. She likes her family, but she is separate from it. Additionally, the core of the story, is that in addition to... more>> being a transmigrator, she also has an ability to enter a story. Presently, she can't control which story. In her own life, initially, she is a side-character. And in the story she enters, using her ability, if her character becomes a memorable, iconic figure then she will gain a card, granting that characters abilities to her.

There is a simple reason for the double layered stories. The author wants to create a world similar to I'm really a superstar, where the stories that are "created" are plagiarized from the original world.


The first story she is successful in creating is based off school days, successfully creating the 'Nice Boat' ending. Allowing her character to become iconic. The next story thus far seems to be based off of Kings Avatar.


With this gimmick allowing rewriting of stories, similar to Ultimate Evolution, or Terror Infinity. With the transmigrating like I'm really a superstar, thus far without the racism. The one qualifier I have, is that if you are looking for action, thus far, there really isn't any. The story is more slice-of-life instead. Minimal face smacking, no killing, (other then in the stories), and more character development. Given almost every other novel out here is fight, fight, fight, kill, kill kill, this is a very nice change of pace. <<less
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Wolvelyn rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c9
This novel is too confusing, lack of dialogues, and boring. I only managed to read 9 chapters until I can't force myself anymore.

But that's just my opinion. Feel free to read them. Maybe the story will get better, but frankly I don't care enough for this story to find out.
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c328
This novel is gem. Fun and interesting novel that I can’t stop reading. I enjoying reading this unique novel. I like characters interact and how MC make fiction characters famous by transmigrated into them. This is one of best novel. More you read the more its getting better.

highly recommend this.
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Kyoko Usagi
Kyoko Usagi rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c58
So, starting with the beginning of the novel, I will be straight with you, it was a TOTAL mess. Pandamonium, whatever you'd like to call it. It was a ball of confusion, and I think both the translator, and the writer were working on what to call things. Though I thought I would invest some more time in, simply because I was running out of female MC characters to read about.

The core of the story is that this girl is somewhat a background character, dies, get's reincarnated as a beautiful... more>> rich girl. Yet she has the ability to enter a "dimensional gate" that allows her to enter the stories (light novels or manga) and choose a character to possess and control completely to her whims as well as make it gain a bunch of abilities. When she develops that character to become a super mega famous memorable character, she is rewarded with a "character card" and gains the ability of the character she molded.

At it's core, I thought it was a pretty interesting concept after I dug through the mess of the first couple of chapters. In fact, I was thinking of giving it a DECENT review.

however, there are a couple of core concepts that I have problems with.

This point on has spoilers >.> With my kind of angry rant. It's not a terrible novel, but it makes me a bit angry at the fact this good idea could've been executed so differently....

First, the author has the MC be described as super beautiful and lazy (an attempt at gap moe or something) ? But that honestly doesn't add anything to the character. There is something called procrastination, but at this point it's honestly kind of annoying the way she's so lazy. The initial portrayal of her character is quite strange. Contradictory. She's lazy towards studying, yet she tries to make a character that can help her study, Xu Jing, and gain her "passion for learning". That's contradictory from the initial impression I got from her, that she simply didn't really care about anything going on in her life. The fact there isn't anything to her except for the fact that hey she has her ability, she's pretty, and lazy, there is no good interaction that develops the character herself. We see Xu Jing developed decently, but I feel like Zhao Youyue, the MC, is like a hazy figure becoming other figures, with no distinct value in my mind.

Second, What the heck is with these references? The author constantly throws in real authors of manga's and drags in qidian's name... it makes me cringe><

Third, How did Youyue find out about the niches to her ability? It wasn't like a manual dropped out of the sky with her, teaching her how to use her ability, as you could see from the disastrous first shot. All of a sudden, with no explanation, Youyue finds out that if she makes her character famous, she can gain it's abilities. Where did the heck that come from?

Fourth, the setting development is tr*sh. I hate to say it, but honestly the only thing we ever see in Youyue's world is the school, and her road. Her bedroom is hazily described but there simply is not a proper setting. It's as if the author grabbed a couple character ideas and plopped them in a classroom, with no real development of how the society runs. Not everyone lives that life and can relate that easily. Although the main world setting is super vague, and the MCs life confined to a classroom and her home, I won't say this can't be developed. It is a problem, however, that we are this far along and nothing changed.

Fifth, the setting in the dimensional gate thing. It's incredibly unclear how the world is structured, is it like living in real life? is it like transporting between hazy spots in a void with several settings floating around? does she teleport between scenes? Though there are time gaps in these substories, they are not properly explained in the novel. For example, Xu Jing is transported through time to different events and it's super unclear what genuinely occurs from Youyue's perspective.

Sixth, what made me give up on this novel and decide to drop it. The most recent chapter. Youyue specifically says that in order to gain another ability, one must sacrifice the character card. Albeit how weird that is, my main problem is that she CHOOSES TO GO INTO THE DREAM LAND AGAIN. It would make sense if there was a valid reason, as in order to gain the ability, she would have to sacrifice her Xu Jing card, but there wasn't. She felt bored, and re-entered the world. WHY? She likes Xu Jing's card. Why would she enter the world, put in the work, without even deciding whether she would want that new card afterwards? It simply doesn't make any sense. The story is now unbalanced with it being overwhelmingly about Youyue's life in the dream land (or whatever it's called). We don't get proper development of the character itself. This is when I was hit with the realization that this story would pretty much become a collection of short stories with a lazy narrator. Furthermore, this process would just repeat until the author chooses to cut the story.

it's the kind of story where I feel like the author is dumping un-fleshed ideas to make a mixing pot, and it makes me feel like while there was an initial inspiration, that it would simply become a repetitive chore to read. Thus I leave this story and move on. <<less
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drollawake rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c58
Great premise, but too much space wasted on other things.

Why are there so many chapters of filler about her life in school? It feels like the writer is trying to lure readers in with a cool synopsis and then give us mediocre slice of life instead.

The writing is nowhere good enough to create the atmosphere of novels like Kenkyo, nor is it able to pull off making the MC as charming as someone like Kenkyo's Reika-sama. Unlike Kenkyo, this novel is from the third person point of view and we... more>> hardly hear the voice of the MC, so the writing fails at bringing out whatever personality she might have.

The shifting itself is cool. In her first success, we see how she has to wrestle with the author's authority to get her character enough agency to drive the plot. Not only would she need that to stand out among the cast, but it is also important so that she can takeover the plots from less capable authors.

Anime/manga geeks will probably enjoy this more, with all the references to tropes and memes in the community such as Gen Urobuchi's reputation. <<less
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Kooky rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c238
The writing is rambling and repetitive. I really love the main character though.

Also the flagrant plagiarism is no where near as good as the original. If you like the latest arc check out "Shigatsu wa kimi no uso."
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Bookmaniac1902 rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c773
(ahemm~sorry for my english)

I've just finished reading the whole story and its good but I only rated it 4 out of 5 because of the lack of interaction between the protagonist and her family and friends, I really liked it when there's a scene of ZY and her parents but they only have a few scenes together

And in the 3rd dimension world (baeutiful April), even though it have different names of character It have the same ending plot from the story of Naoshi Arakawa "Your lie in April".
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March 30, 2018
Status: c58
This novel is an accurate representation of what my room looks like right now - A hot mess. The concept of the story so far doesn't have a solid core, it's all very shaky and branched out. It's also missing a sense of progression that the reader can grasp onto. One moment she's transmigrated, next she's in a dream dimension, and then back to her classroom and yet again another dream dimension. This is how I feel when I play an RPG and my journal is filled with side quests.... more>> I want to follow the main quest but in this novel, I don't know exactly what the main quest is. It's frustrating. Perhaps it could have been saved if the protagonist was noteworthy, but she's sadly quite the snoozefest. She's a more interesting person in her dreams, yet even that's not enough to keep me interested in the novel. It's frankly very disorienting. The reader just gets thrown into the story and takes the whole thing dry without so much as an explanatory lubricant. Whatever explanation the author gave was not enough. Ah I feel lazy after tying so many words, the other reviewers have explained in detail why this novel is not upto par. So i'll just say this, if you're bored and youve got time, read it. It has its good moments too as I found myself laughing at certain points of the ero manga arc. There are other copy paste novels that at least give the reader a minor sense of satisfaction when reading. This one did nothing for me. I went in with great expectations but sadly this happened. Going to burn a joss stick for one grave in my qidian library. <<less
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linnil rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c21
Everyone!! Please! Please! Please! Please endure for ten chapters! And you will find this is a silver page of funny novel!!

Let's see in the first chapter, it super confusing but after you read along you find that the golden finger the MC got is pretty interesting. And her personality isn't that bad as real chuunibyou kid. All her chuunibyou thoughts in the beginning, she did not dare to act it out in real world and she continue acting like the non-existence person like always. And I think that make her... more>> cuter than she first appear to be in the first chapter. (I must admit I super hate her in the first chapter)

For now this plot work as funny parody and I enjoy it. <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: c58
The story is fairly decent and it makes one want to keep reading it. I have reached the point of boredom after 50 chapters though. The reasons are the following: The author fills each chapter with lots of useless information and we rarely get to really see our character or the thought processes etc. It feels like I m watching a puppet from third person doing random stuff. There also are a fair amount of grammatical mistakes, repetitions or „enlengthened" sentences. The author also repeatedly kissed up to Qidian in... more>> his chapters and also brought in references to other characters from animes, manga and novels. Some of which I have never heard of which obviously makes not a great read. Of course these parts were also horribly long and so I had to skip almost half a chapter because of such things.

Overall I dont think its a horrible read but it also feels like the author doesnt spend much time to think about their novel. Its definitely a good read if you have time to waste but if you want a read that makes you really feel or enjoy something while spending less amount of time this is not for you. <<less
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blasterwisard rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c55
No-Spoiler Synopsis of Intro Chapters:

MC has transmigrated into a side-character-type rich girl. She then gains the ability to live and gain abilities as other characters inside stories.


... more>> This story is okay, not great. However, I have 2 major problems with this work.

1. The first 15 chapters should be shot and fed to the dogs. They are nearly unintelligible. However, the author gets much better after that, and the rest of the story is salvageable.

2. The author is quite poor at fleshing out the rules surrounding the MC's special powers (the gate). The MC does not have a guidebook and she doesn't sound-out how to use her power. So how does she understand some of her power, yet not other parts... It is very confusing. IMHO, the author should have done an explanatory ch. 3 so the readers weren't lost. Then the story would have gotten much better ratings.

Edit: I can understand why some people gave this 5 stars. It is actually worth that once Qidian's translator takes over in later chapters. <<less
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Drake98 rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c21
yeaz, rather interesting!

Although there's some confusion in the beginning as what her real "power" or what actual "life" she lives in is, you could get more explanation as the story goes!

i am interested in this idea though... The way the author brings the story is only so-so
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Review anon
Review anon rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is an alright story as long as you know what you're getting into. Unlike what you'd expect, this isn't a QT story as much as it is fanfiction with a couple coats of paint thrown on. The protagonist, Zhao Youyue is described as a person who 'if life were a story, undoubtedly be a side character'. She starts off as having few defining character traits besides being really rich and playful.

She discovers one day, that she has the ability to enter the world of novels, and could possibly even... more>> bring their powers into the real world if she satisfies some unknown condition. So, the first world she drops into she creates a Misaka Mikoto expy and promptly kills the main character and attempts to become the protagonist.

This fails, completely. The stories she drops into aren't just 'alternate realities that resemble fiction', but genuine written works that an author is creating in the real world. This first world she dropped into is actually an urban fantasy harem novel, and killing the protagonist leads to large amounts of the readerbase being so angered with the author he's forced to rewrite the entire thing.

The descriptions can be somewhat confusing in the beginning since it's ambiguous whether she's a transmigrator or a real person that just happens to be able to pass into fictional worlds, but it's cleared up around chapter 20 or so.

The supporting characters are fun. generally Youyue will hire authors and mangaka that she's interacted with by being their characters, and their interactions are pretty fun to read.

However, this novel definitely lacks creativity in its settings. If you read between the lines, you may figure that 'wait... isn't this X'? The story lives on references in order for its readers to understand what's going on, which probably is a turnoff to those expecting absolute originality or similar. A couple examples of those are


The first world she's successful in is a School Days expy

The second world she's successful in is explicitly stated to be based off of King's Avatar

she eventually straight up becomes Altair from Re:creators, down to the individual abilities and backstory.


It's good if you can recognize the references and aren't too bothered by some characters being two-dimensional.

Post completion edit 7/1/20 revised rating to 3/5 from 4 due to story dragging in later sections:


As mentioned before, this is a work of fanfiction, rather than a QT story with legitimately original worlds. This is no more obvious than everything that happens after chapter 500. There's less of a focus on the character, and funnily enough, it seems like the author is writing like the characters in the story who lost their 'inspiration' after the heroine leaves.

Characters just..... cease to be relevant. It was pretty funny when the heroine was treating others as 'servants' due to passing off as a rich lady and somewhat enjoying their reactions, but she eventually just leaves them behind as if they never existed.

From around chapter 600 to 750, it's glaringly obvious that the author doesn't feel much inspiration in the story anymore. The real world segments are almost entirely abandoned in favor of a Witcher 3 fanfiction where the heroine drops in as Cirilla's younger sister who solves all the problems with the powers of being her.

One of the main thoughts that I had while reading this is that the story is a sort of reverse of Medaka Box, where Medaka is a protagonist that's so perfect she's divorced from the joys of being human and wishes to be able to understand them, Zhao Youyue is an ordinary, unnoticeable person who wishes to become perfect to the point of parody. What made me think of this was her endpoint being the same as the very start of Medaka Box, she becomes so supernaturally charismatic that she wins the election for Student Council President with 97% of the vote, and begins to treat those around her as if they're cattle, forcing her 'fans' to carry her on a palanquin and generally acting as if she owns the world.

The story ends with her completing so many derivative works that feature her copy of Altair from Re;Creators that she's able to access the full power of the Holopsicon and rewrites reality to make herself God. It's not really a bad end, as much as I feel there's a great deal of missed opportunity that could have been expanded upon. I suppose the best part of this story is that even to the very end, it never goes into anything beyond what it started with, there's never any huge genre shift and what you started with will be the same things you encounter towards the end.

The writing definitely stagnates a lot in the last few chapters, I (regrettably) skipped around forty chapters in total because there was such a profound lack of interesting content. I found this pretty saddening considering I read every chapter without skips up to around 620.

And for those wondering, since there's a pretty big harem that the heroine has towards the end: She realizes after being a Yuri MC so many times she can't get aroused by anything else and slams Su Li against a wall. It happens around chapter 730, it seems like the author had a checklist where one of the objectives was to have the heroine eventually fall in love, considering how abrupt a decision it seems to be.

It seems like this is just another victim of the 'poorly planned end' syndrome that plagues CN novels.

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sonamey rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c460
Fellow readers this novel is a gem!! At the start it's quite slow but later it becomes really interesting. It's kind of slice of life genre at the same time it's not. I am good at writing reviews but I honestly would recommend to read this. Due to the bad rating in here I avoided it which I believe it doesn't deserve at all.
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