Shi ni Modori, Subete wo Sukuu Tame ni Saikyou He to Itaru


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Eric lost everything.

Family, childhood friend, best friend, and loved one.

Eric loses everything and despairs that there is no point in living in this world and commits suicide.

However, he woke up when he should have died, and when he grasped the situation, he became a baby! ?

He thought that it was a reincarnation, but he do not know the reason why he remember his previous life.

However, Eric, who was already in despair because he was born with the memory of his previous life, hated the fate of reincarnation.

And when he look at his ‘mother’ – it was his mother in the previous life.

Eric understands that he’s “returned” to the baby, not “became” a baby, and decides to become the strongest to save everything he has lost.

――This is a story of a man who confronts the uncertainties of fate――

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After Being Reborn, I Became the Strongest to Save Everyone
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    New Klover rated it
    April 1, 2021
    Status: --
    Such a hypocrite. He was able to go back to the past and decides to become strong but isn't willing to train or teach everyone else. Has knowledge about the future but doesn't impart it to everyone else.

    And he says that he's going to change his fate? Tr*sh. He's just a selfish individual, and thinks with his d*ck just because in the future, he's got a lover.

    Also, there are no big character developments for the other characters. They're just there, like a mob character.
    0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Fatim rated it
    November 3, 2020
    Status: --
    Hello I am translating this, ITS so sad that there is few and low review even though for me this series is pretty good (you can read the manga)

    Particulary the MC is normal, insensitive but not so sense and we can see that the early part which MC change from previous live have a big impact on future and causing most of the future change, think this

    ... more>>

    the first part MC do is killing the source of misfortune or u could say the final boss from previous live😂 the one causing the fall of his gf and friend's country fall so ITS makes problem where he cant meet them like before

    13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Heartless rated it
    May 5, 2020
    Status: --
    Seems like an interesting story, far too early for anything conclusive however. I generally have a soft spot for novels where the MC returns to the past.

    If there is one problem with the novel, it would definitely be the language. There is a desperate need for editing! It's not on the level of being unreadable, but very close to it.

    I'll stand by for now and wait til' the day it gets edited.
    9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    June 14, 2020
    Status: c55
    manga is amazing, novel, not so much detail, go too fast that it doesn't feel like a real story, no real plot. but dont let this series fool you after the badass first arc is a school arc... and then everything goes down hill, character are 2D and cliche with no personality at all, I hate when authors retell a scene form another person perspective, this one does it some time, but to retell a scene that was so bad 3 time, it almost made me want to drop the... more>> series after the first arc, I get second hand embarrassment from some of these character, so childest <<less
    5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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