Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace


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Just before his death, Chi Jun one-sidedly broke up with Gu Yanzheng. His claws came out as he screamed, “You old tree, get lost! I am fed up with you!”

Then Chi Jun’s two paws held down the zombie emperor and… they perished together.

Once he woke up again, Chi Jun discovered that as a person with the beast transformation and metal ability, he became a little lion of the imperial palace. The tree in the courtyard next to the imperial palace was extremely familiar.

The little lion struggled over the wall and secretly marked beneath the tree. Then the major general, who was away on an expedition, looked at his feet and fell into thought…

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New takame rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: --
Ignore the troll votes, this one is meng and at the beginning chapter we already had a bun. A plant bun! Hot-tempered lion and cool tree pair. The author has really wide imagination HAHA. It was loosely related to her other work number 1 lazy merchant and I think that the beastman empire they were dealing with are Aojia's.
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Anixancy rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: --
I'm not sure why someone has already rated a 2/5 this story at only chapter 2, but I'll be leaving a 5 here for now just to give this story a fighting chance.

This story comes from the same author of "Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World" and holy heck is that a super fluffy and happy story about humans who can change into beasts. It's also BL like this story.

So far, the first 2 chapters don't show very much, but pretty much the 2 chapters are essentially "setting... more>> up" the world (and I've mtl'd a but further ahead, and it seems to be JUST as wholesome and fluffy as NOLMBW) The world is very similar to the other novel, so people who enjoy NOLMBW will definitely enjoy this story as well.

I can't comment much about the story, but I hope I've swayed some people to check out this novel.

I'll come back to update my review once there is a reasonable amount of chapters to discuss about. <<less
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