She’s Usually a Serious Class Representative, but Can She Be Your Girlfriend?


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Akito Tsujio is your average high school student, but he has a secret: he works a part-time job delivering food in the downstreet district, a fact unknown to his classmates. One day, he encounters a drunkard harassing a stylish girl and steps in to help. To his surprise, the girl in disguise turns out to be Sara Yoshino, the top student in his class, known for her impeccable behavior.

Sara carries a heavy burden. Due to her circumstances, she cannot afford to let her perfect facade slip at school. Yet, deep down, she yearns to be her true self. Torn between these conflicting desires, she makes a shocking request to Akito: “Could you… defile me every now and then, after school?” And so begins a clandestine relationship between them, a shared secret hidden within the halls of their school and the neon-lit streets of his after-school job.

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Itsumo wa Majime na Iinchou dakedo Kimi no Kanojo ni Nareru kana?
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