She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner!


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This girl claims to love me!? She’s so cheeky for a commoner!

I am Claire François, the heiress to a noble family in the Bauer Kingdom. In a time of social unrest where the kingdom’s commoners have begun to rise up, one peculiar commoner has even found the gall to say that she loves me!

Hmph! Don’t think for a moment that I’ll afford someone like you any attention!

Wha… What are you so happy about!?

Join us for a retelling of I’m in Love with the Villainess from the villainess’ perspective herself! More than just a retelling, She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! will detail untold stories that could only be shared by Claire! Watch over Claire and see how her feelings for Rei change over the course of the story! Learn more about the characters close to Claire such as her dear friends, Pipi and Loretta, as well as her ever elusive roommate! With the spotlight on Claire, we are sure to learn more about the world and the dark secrets of noble society.

Associated Names
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Heimin no Kuse ni Namaiki na!
I'm in Love with the Villainess Spin-Off: She's so Cheeky for a Commoner
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I Favor the Villainess (Alternate Story)
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Shuryo_CN rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: --
For those who have not read [I favor the villainess] you might not understand this as this is somewhat of a sidestory-ish. Also worry not, the main characters are not related at all, the in*est tag is for other characters. This story is basically hilarious filled with more s*upid interactions between our MCs and how our Clair-sama slowly fell for Rei! Some drama may be involved in the coming chapters, but I'm more focused on their interaction!
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January 4, 2022
Status: c8 + other story
She's So Cheeky for a Commoner! is a good companion piece to I Favor the Villainess, but after about C13 you should have read the first arc of the original story. As a good parallel story this work leaves me wishing the perspectives in each series were interleaved chronologically. If your memory of the other work isn't recent or strong, this won't connect as well for you.

This is a lovely tale of an unabashed commoner teasing a quite-abashed sheltered noble. The foreground story is fluffy, yet the class tension of... more>> the kingdom is building in the background... To a boil.

Overall, an excellent parallel story to my favorite web/light Novel, I Favor The Villainess. The two leads have great chemistry. The revolution plotline is interesting from Claire's perspective. Claire is currently a tsun clueless narrator while by this part Rei was blatantly hiding knowledge from readers.

I don't think the your-mileage-may-vary aspects of this story are too uncomfortable, besides some far far down the line.

The sephalliblog translation is excellent! Also author approved, as you can even find Sephallia's translation on Inori.'s own fanbox. Good work, both of you. <<less
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Dagreitessgae rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: epilogue
Ah yes, Claire-sama's pov!!! I really was surprised and totally ecstatic to read her side of story because it really highlights how much character development my beloved Claire-sama has gone through (and also her love development for Rei, Claire-sama's just so precious)
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Zonr_0 rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: c91
The original work is one of my absolute favorites, and one I regularly come back to. It's probably my favorite light novel, a top five work of Yuri, and uses it's reincarnation premise well. If you haven't read the original, go read that first.

This side-story is... fine? It's enjoyable seeing Claire's reactions to things, and a few side characters get fleshed out, but most of this novel is ultimately fan service. As others have pointed out, there are definitely parts that stand out and would be nice if they get... more>> folded into the manga adaptation eventually, but this is the minority.

The problem is that as a retelling, it doesn't really stand on its own. It's fine to expect the reader to have read the original first, but it should still be paced to stand on its own feet. Many key scenes to the plot and characters are omitted or elided to a couple of sentences and the pacing is really wonky. The expectation is that you know what happened already, but it makes the whole thing feel disjointed and unwieldy. I've read the original countless times, and I was hoping to enjoy the story again but from another angle.

As it is, I sorta got that, but it just felt like it could have gone better.

If you liked the original series like me, you'll enjoy this, and it's always nice to spend more time with this couple and this world. It just doesn't quite capture the heart in the same way as the original once did.

I would also recommend though if you're looking for a fresh re-reading to check out the official translation for the original. <<less
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