She Really Likes Me


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Sweet story, marriageable background.

After the traffic floret¹ got divorced, she was determined to pursue her career. In order to improve her acting skills, she shamelessly seeks advice from her love rival, the Movie Queen.

Hey, I asked about acting skills, not flirting skills. Did you teach me the wrong thing?

Lin Qingyi: That’s right, I’m flirting with you.

Excerpt from the text:

At the Spring Festival gala on a certain TV station, when Lin Qingyi and Qin Shiyue were singing a love song together, Lin Qingyi took the initiative to kiss Qin Shiyue.

Qin Shiyue was completely stunned, even forgetting the lyrics.

Lin Qingyi calmly helped her finish singing as if nothing had happened.

That night, the whole internet was in an uproar— the Movie Queen Lin actually… actually took the initiative to kiss the internet flower vase²…

The next day, entertainment reporters interviewed Lin Qingyi: “Did you kiss Qin Shiyue for stage effect?”

Lin Qingyi replied: “Nope, I just wanted to kiss her.”

Years later, entertainment reporters visited them.

Entertainment reporter: Netizens say that Queen Lin dotes on her wife a lot. How does Miss Qin feel about this?

Qin Shiyue: “You’ve all been deceived by her. She’s a master at acting. She’s really mean to me.”

As she speaks, Qin Shiyue unconsciously rubs her nearly crippled waist. This woman is getting more and more outrageous!

Lin Qingyi looks at Qin Shiyue and smiles seductively: “I don’t need acting skills when it comes to liking you.”

She’s so beautiful, so fond of herself… Who can resist that?

**Side CP Synopsis:**

My ex-wife stole my white moonlight³, is there anything more miserable than this? Yes, marrying my ex-wife’s sister, Qin Shilan.

Kong Huizhi’s most hated and dreaded person, without a doubt, is Qin Shilan.

She just divorced the younger sister, now she’s married to the elder sister, now she wished she hadn’t divorced.

Kong Huizhi feels like life is unbearable.

Qin Shilan has a secret in her heart—she also likes Kong Huizhi, her sister’s wife, but she can only bury this secret deep inside. Until Kong Huizhi divorced her sister, then the fertile water shouldn’t flow into others’ fields³.

No promise for daily updates, but at least five chapters will be updated per week. Feel free to stay or leave without special notice.

Content tags: Entertainment Circle, Sweet Story, Light-hearted.

¹a celebrity with huge online followers/rising star, usually not because of talent

²good looking but not talented, just for display

³unattainable first love/ideal person

⁴benefits should not be given to outsiders

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Tā hǎo xǐhuān wǒ
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