She Quick Transmigrated and Took the Sweet Pet Script


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Lu Lili is a rent collector who, at a young age, has already retired.

One day, she was bound by a quick transmigration system that required her to perform various strange tasks in different worlds.

System: Host, there are many handsome men in these small worlds. You can choose anyone you like.

Lu Lili: …

She looked at all the handsome men around her and thought that the system did not disappoint her!

After completing a world, a man tightly held her hand before he died, unwilling to let go.

He asked, “If there is an afterlife, would you be willing to be with me forever and ever?”

Of course, Lu Lili replied, “I am willing.”

However, the system suddenly announced, “The contract is established!”

Lu Lili was confused, “What contract?”

The system smirked, “The contract that binds you to him forever and ever~”

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1 Review

New ntww12
Sep 22, 2023
Status: --
Wondering why there isn't any reviews for this story yet! Will give a longer review once I've completed the novel but I just had to comment on something first.

The System is SO BAD???? I hate the system already and its only arc 1.

... more>>

The System does not help the hosts at all, and this is the 99th host because many of the previous hosts dies??? The System mentions that our FL is their 99th host in this century, which means they've gone through so many. And due to the System not helping or warning previous hosts, they'll die in the small worlds. And in fact, they don't even tell the hosts important details like not rejecting somebody from the small world once favourability rises as it'll get them killed. And System then says, "Why don't I tell them? Well, it's more interesting that way isn't it?" Like omg, the System is evil!!! Furthermore, these hosts are chosen by the System because they're leading a lazy chill life, which means they jumped into this pit cause of the System promising them they'll reach the pinnacle of their life, but actually they get killed. I really hate that. Hoping this System won't be all that bad once I reach the end.


Edit: Okay after reading arc 3, it cleared some things a bit. System isn't that bad but pretty useless imo.


Once the hosts die in the small world, they just return to their ori world.


All in all, a light-hearted drama-free QT story. Lots of time skips to progress the storyline in each arc which isn't elaborated. Just read it if you want a fluff read that doesn't require any brains. Each arc is full of usual cnovel tropes.

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