She Quick Transmigrated and Took the Sweet Pet Script


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Lu Lili is a rent collector who, at a young age, has already retired.

One day, she was bound by a quick transmigration system that required her to perform various strange tasks in different worlds.

System: Host, there are many handsome men in these small worlds. You can choose anyone you like.

Lu Lili: …

She looked at all the handsome men around her and thought that the system did not disappoint her!

After completing a world, a man tightly held her hand before he died, unwilling to let go.

He asked, “If there is an afterlife, would you be willing to be with me forever and ever?”

Of course, Lu Lili replied, “I am willing.”

However, the system suddenly announced, “The contract is established!”

Lu Lili was confused, “What contract?”

The system smirked, “The contract that binds you to him forever and ever~”

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