She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel


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All Ning Meng did was criticize the novel that she had read. When she woke up the next morning, she realized that she had entered the novel that she had read the previous night and became the unfaithful female supporting character. And soon, she would divorce her powerful husband and lead a miserable life. To prevent that from happening, Ning Meng has to find ways to stay by his side. That would mean she would make a lot of enemies along the way. Time for her to use the knowledge from the real world to turn her life around and not let others take advantage of her.

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After wearing the book, she became a big fan
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New Mashiro-chan rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c245
It's very funny and entertaining. Ning Meng's flirtings/ass-kissing to her husband and dissings to her enemies are gold!

I enjoy reading every chapter and rooting for Ning Meng's plans. She's smart and uses her knowledge from the real world really well. And I think it's because she's so amazing that guys can't help but fall for her or get attracted, hence Ning Meng unintentionally becoming a heartbreaker. Lol.

Huo Beichen is also simply amazing because not only is he the typical handsome, extremely rich, and powerful ML, he also has respect for... more>> Ning Meng and is not a jerky and domineering guy whose actions gets excused just because he is the ML. The supporting characters are all very interesting and engaging, too. I never get bored reading chapters of this novel even if it's not focused on the FL and the ML. Reading updates of this thrice a week is actually my happy pill~ <<less
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czeihne rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This one is really good. If you like a funny, light not so dog fighting story.

The FL has a poisonous tongue and really smart, brave and confident.

The ML is not your typical domineering male lead.

... more>> It is a loop.

The key is: what you will read first in the story is

after she came back for the 2nd time to the book, with no memory of what she did years ago. That's why she is a bit confused, about the treatment of the ML.

****SPOILER BELOW***********************************************

The story started as Lemon transmigrated from Reality to the book.

In the original story she read, Su Tiantian and Lu Yishen were the main protagonist in the story

Ning Meng will die after jumping off the building /Huo Beichen will die after their divorce

Ninge Ke will also commit suicide/Ning Wentao will also die from sadness due to his daughter's death

Beginning of story (transmigration 8 years after)

  • When she tranmigrated, She is about to jump off the building with the urging of Su Tiantian. She decided not to and followed Huo Beichen.
  • She decided to flood her house and asked the male lead to live with him. They are actually married secretly
  • The ML noticed her change, her personality, aura and all. She started raining the ML with rainbow farts every time.
  • She also has a poisonous tongue and started to make Su Tiantian pay and lose everytime ending up with being jailed in the end. Oh! I really like her pick up lines
  • Since she knows something from the book, she prevented the ML to buy a plot of land, and also gave advice to Lu Yichen about investing in a movie.
  • There are several guys linked to her, God- the sport genius, Lin Qingbei is a singer/composer genius/ Lu Yishen- this is one is a funny plot since he added the wechat using the phone that the FL is holding, which is actually her brother' Ning Zhi,

    Lu Yishen and her brother Ning Zhi had a short lived love story.
  • One of the FL's struggles would be, she thought that the ML has an old love and she is just a replacement since everyone tells her that. Nine Ke, thought that she is replacing her Sister as wife of Huo Beichen so she was angry at her at first.
  • The FL visited an old villa where an old lady lives, since the stepmother told her that, the old lady is the mother of the ML's first love and that teh old lady was the one who ordered to kill her.
  • During her confrontation with ML, the old lady hit her head and she went into comma.
TRANSMIGRATION 8 years earlier

She is currently 21 yrs old, and transmigrated into the book with her original body, the ML is only 18 years old here and still a High School student. She has the memory of what's going to happen 8 years in the future. Take note, during this time, since she came from reality, there is also a NING MENG in the book. They look the same but she is darker than the one in the book.

She lived with ML for 2 years, coaxing him, until he falls in love with her

She was about to be stabbed by ML's male cousin but was saved by one of ML friend and died.

She blames herself and when the

dead friend's mom

lit up her house on fire because of her grief.

Huo Beichen and Ning Meng tried to save her. The moms said, she left the necklace inside the house and wants to retrieve it. Ning Meng went back and the house collapsed. Huo Beichen saw Ning Meng glowed and became transparent and she said, she came from another world and will come back for him. He also left a letter saying that he will be a business tycoon and he will marry Ning Meng in the book. Wait for 6 more years until the attitude of the Ning Meng he marries, changed. There will be a lady who will flood her house and ask to live with him and that he should agree.

She went back to the real word. It took 5 years, before she completed her book, a new manga and after that, she fainted and felt that she is finally coming back to the book again.

This time, switched to her in a comma state. She woke up and finally remember everything in the last 8 years.

There are short stories for other loveteams as well

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