Shatei Kyokufuri Yumi-Ojisan


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After retiring early from his job as a game developer, Nagai Kyuji descends into the world of ‘Next Stage Online’ under the name ‘Kyuji.’

But while he wanted to be in the advance guard, his reflexes were not what they used to be. Unable to dodge attacks, he was forced to give up.

It was once he settled as an archer that a sudden idea came to him.

‘In the wide open world of a VRMMO, wouldn’t you be unstoppable if you chipped away at someone’s health from a position where they couldn’t retaliate?’

This is the leisurely adventure journal of a man who went on to prove this theory, and to enjoy this second life while mastering long-range attacks.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Max Range Bowman
Old Archer with Maxed out Range
Shatei Kyokuburi Yumiojisan
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Fluffums rated it
October 23, 2020
Status: --
Yet another easy-mode VRMMO with a protagonist who gets everything handed to him on a silver platter without trying. Everything in the spoiler shouldn't come as a surprise if you've read more than one VRMMO novel before:

... more>>

As usual, he picks a weapon that no one else uses because it's too hard to do well and, surprise surprise, it's super easy for him. Any stat he abandons will be covered by equipment or skills he's "lucky" enough to get just when he needs it. He'll find secret quests that are tailored for him and areas that are perfect for him to hunt in, all by accident. Don't forget all the BBS chapters that will talk about how OP the protagonist is. Oh yeah, and of course he'll almost entirely playing solo even though he's a DPS class because why would you want to have a group in a MMO?


Worst of all, he's just a boring uncle and doesn't interact much with the people who look interesting. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: c19
It's bad. Just bad.

VRMMO game system? Not many details, it's not even explained if there are skill limits you can learn/equip. It's a VR where you can learn skills but barely any passive skill boosts like maybe ATK up of SPD up, there is even no accuracy correction for range users they just give unlimited arrows. Also MC has no money problems at all he doesn't even care much about changing from his beginner equip because he said he is already used to it and it's more "comfortable". It's a... more>> VR which HEAVILY rely on REAL life body condition for stamina and maybe other things aswell.

Quest and other stuff are not yet introduced as MC is just leveling.

MC already has BS event to showoff his supposed OP tactics

There was already an event on MC's 2nd day of playing which I think is too hurried or maybe because author just wants to exaggerate the LONG RANGE=STRONGEST concept. Because here MC can one-shot players because they are all level 10 or below so armors are usually useless and low ATK can still kill. And of course after the event the rewards maybe this is the author's target all along because he couldn't make up a story/quest for this skills he forced the event so MC can get this skills as a reward.


ATK damage are BS

By chapter 19 MC already beat a dragon "SOLO" with his pathetic all-range build you can imagine his damage would really be low yet he can kill bosses just by kiting them, BTW it's only his 3rd day of playing.


The BBS thread in VR novels are usually where I like to read because they usually are either funny or where exaggerations of events happen. But here it's nothing but a bore, the conversations are kinda stiff and too serious and nothing but telling of events from a different POV.

There are so many other things I wish to say but mostly it's just rants so I'll stop here. It was a nice concept but poor execution of the story made it bad <<less
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TheRobotCoyote rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: c17
Onestly this is just a generic VRMMO novel in which the protagonist does something obvious that in reality a lot of people would try but for some reason everyone else in the story never thinks of doing and so he's handed everything by the game, everyone is impressed and everyone clapped yada-yada... The game mechanics seem as generic as they come, but at least the MC seems to have a chill personality, which is something, though I'm not gonna read far enough to tell wether that can be said about... more>> the supporting cast.

Overall it seems an uninspired bundle of tropes, which is not to say it uses a lot of them, but that it looks like it basically is only that and nothing else; would not recommend. <<less
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Sir Laffsalot
Sir Laffsalot rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c1
I'm so tired of the over used sword and magic MCs. I'm so glad to see a bowman for an MC, even though he will be highly restricted. It should make for a great adventure in reading. Jawbrie from Tiger Translations is one of my favorite TLs. I sure hope he keeps this project. :)
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Eskinos rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c53
Well this is my first or second VRMMO novel, so you could call me VR noob. I don't really like this genre, but for a novice like me, who doesn't really care about the things other reviewers mentioned, this novel was rather enjoyable so far.

What pains me however is the childishness of some of the dialogue or interactions between the MC and other characters
MC is an "old man" as he calls himself, but some of his inner thoughts sound like ones of a 10 year old, it kind of... more>> breaks the immersion.


Before this a tsun character (I think) sent him a friend request. She explains it messily as tsuns do. Those are his thoughts:

"Hmm... I don't understand.
But it sounded nice enough.
And so I would react accordingly."

This may seem exaggerated, but after a few times, it starts to get bothersome.


All in all, you just have to turn off your brain is some place and you'll pull through.

What I find appropriate on the other hand is the way people don't treat the game too seriously - the game stays just a game - and I like this.

Summarizing: I recommend this to beginners in the genre. <<less
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Renovartio rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c39

It follows the same line of progression of other VRMMO stories. It isn't making waves and frankly, it pretty much copies tropes that's been done to death.

... more>>

Trope 1: MC picks an ability or skill that's seen as useless but is actually op.

This also happens to be a very popular isekai trope, which isn't a surprise because VRMMO stories tend to just be isekai stories but the author didn't want to commit.

Trope 2: The character just gets handed stuff.

It's one thing for an isekai story, but the fact that it happens so much in VRMMO's is a bit frustrating. It was pretty dumb when I saw it in that shield girl story, and it's still pretty dumb here. Now, fair enough the author tries to excuse this by saying full set armor is just a thing that you get when you beat a hidden boss, but cmon, that's lazy writing. At least when it's done in isekai, you can claim that it's a gift from important in world character.

However having it be a drop from a monster is just peak lazy. Anyone who has ever played a game knows getting the specific item drop you want is extremely rare, but getting a drop that specifically benefits you and /or full set of armor? Yeah whatever.

Trope 3: specific to VRMMO's, the: MC becomes super famous on a forum board.

You see it in pretty much every VRMMO story, so it's not surprising to see. The author uses it to drop foreshadowing or to hype up the MC. Which isn't bad, but it's uncreative. The dialogue is bland, but it's just a plot device so whatever.

Trope 4: Bows are useless. Same as trope one, but I've seen this in a bunch of light novels, not just vrmmo stories. To be frank, it's ret*rded, now my rant isn't specifically about this light novel so feel free to ignore this.

Bow and arrows are one of the oldest weapons to be invented. It goes back to the stone age and was used all around the world. How in the heck are you going to make a story about people thinking it's useless or dumb? A dude literally went into WW2 with one and kicked ass. England had it so you were required to own one and train with it for hundreds of years. Why do light novel writers use this trope? Where is it coming from? It boggles my mind!

Trope 5: this kinda ties in with the "having stuff handed to him" and "bows are useless" tropes. "It's hard to use so people don't bother with it" trope is just... What? OK yeah, being able to hit a moving target takes training, and yeah in real life it would probably take you a couple of weeks to actually get good enough to use it in a real setting, but so would swords. Like, you do know it took knights training from a young age to properly learn swordplay, right?

So saying that, why is it that the MC can use bows just fine? That doesn't really get explained, though to be honest, even if it did, it would probably not be a good excuse anyway.

Trope 6: game takes you real bodies physique into account but this somehow stops being the case at some point when it's convenient. Doesn't seem affect other people either. Did fat neets stop existing in the future? Do only fit people who would normally have a social life play this game? Who knows.


Just to name a few tropes that stuck out to me.

The translation is fine, besides a few mistakes or wording here and there. Though seeing this is a fairly generic story which isn't too offensive, I can understand choosing it over a possibly more interesting one where people would get mad at you for messing up. At the very least its not machine translated.

The inner monologue of the MC has much to be desired. Reading it feels like I'm reading the mind of a child. Stating or narrating every action they think or do. It's not even really like reading a book, more like reading the action log in a video game debugger.

character tried to pick up stick.

stick was picked up.

stick was put into inventory.

Mind you it's not THAT bad but it's not much better. It's a chore to read and it takes me out of the story. Not that there's much story to begin with. <<less
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December 13, 2021
Status: c14
The story was pretty standard.

The MC is correct in not changing his equipment before the start of the tournament. Archers are like any athlete they have equipment that suits their needs, in this case since the tournament was about to start the MC had no time to adjust to a new type of equipment.

I am also disappointed that the world building of the game is soo bad. First how can a reader believe that the MC can one shot every other player in the tournament if we do not know... more>> how health is measured in the game is it an hp bar or is health based on the condition of the body. Second how can the reader believe that the MC can use his skills if the mp usage is not shown. Third how can understand the geography of the game if the explanations are vague.

truthfully I quite like this simple type of story but it would have been more engaging if the environment of the MC in game was shown in more detail. <<less
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