Shan Ye Xiao Tan


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A Daoist priest follows his shifu’s instructions, inheriting a small Daoist shrine that is both destitute and decrepit. He finds that this place does not have anything aside from evil yao spirits, and that each one of them is clever and eccentric. Fortunately, the Daoist priest is cold-hearted and insensitive, searching for his master’s whereabouts while also living a delightful life of eating, sleeping, and fighting yao spirits.

At the same time, the Daoist priest discovers that behind the disappearance of his shifu lies a great war between the virtuous deities and the fiendish demons, a conflict unprecedented in history.

Protagonist: Daoist priest.
Supporting role: Hei Yu the fox.
In short: Unofficial history of yao spirits in the countryside, no CP.

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Shan Ye Xiao Tan (Rewritten)
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03/28/20 yingfengzm c1
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