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What would have happened if I had not made a mistake at that time…?
After my “confession” in middle school, I fell out of contact with my best friend and childhood friend, lost my place in class, and even quit soccer, which I was working hard to become a professional at.
After entering high school, I spent most of my time at home playing video games instead of going to school.
But one day, about two months later, a teacher came to my house…
The teacher, who called himself Kiritani Kakeru, seemed to be a graduate of this Seiran High School. And it seemed that there was a time when he didn’t go to school just like me. However, he changed when he met someone who made him realize the importance of being oneself. It made me wonder if I could do it too…?

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12/11/22 Neosekai Translations epilogue 2
12/11/22 Neosekai Translations epilogue 1
12/06/22 Neosekai Translations c4 part9
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11/27/22 Neosekai Translations c4 part7
11/24/22 Neosekai Translations c4 part6
11/20/22 Neosekai Translations c4 part5
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10/24/22 Neosekai Translations c4 part2
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10/18/22 Neosekai Translations c3 part6
09/04/22 Neosekai Translations c3 part5
08/08/22 Neosekai Translations c3 part4
07/23/22 Neosekai Translations c3 part3
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