Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life


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Assassination, Escorting, Espionage, Kidnapping…

Tweight, the ace of the Organization, the Dark Side of the Kingdom, had taken on all kinds of dirty work in the shadows, supporting the Heroes in their quest to defeat the Demon King, all for the sake of the Kingdom.

Tweight was eventually monikered “The Shadow Hero” by those who knew of his existence, a greater existence than the so-called Hero.

However, after the defeat of the Demon King, it was decided that the Organization would be disbanded.

While the Organization was being dismantled, Tweight’s boss asked him about his aspirations for the future.

Tweight, who was picked up by the Organization as a child, had no experience of a normal life, so he responded that he wanted to enjoy a normal life.

Later that day, at the recommendation of his boss, Tweight enrolled in the Bildarz Academy, the largest school in the kingdom. What awaited him was the normal life he had been looking for, as well as a group of friends, each of whom having their own quirks.

However, even though the Demon King was defeated, the world was not at peace. The Demon King’s Legacy. Hostile Organizations. The Pus of the Kingdom. These seeds of war are spread throughout the kingdom.

The Defeat of the Demon King.

It heralded the dawn of a volatile era, filled with all kinds of danger.
The normal life that he had desired could collapse at any moment if he isn’t careful.

This is the story of a somewhat awkward boy, a former member of the Darkness of the Kingdom, who fights, resists, and tries to live life to the fullest, in order to protect his everyday life.

Associated Names
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Kage no Eiyuu no Nichijou-tan ~Ichi no Yuusha no Ura de An'yaku Shite ita Saikyou no Eijento, Soshiki ga Kaitai sareta no de, Shoutai Kakushite Hito-nami no Nichijou o Ouka suru~
勇者の裏で暗躍していた最強のエージェント、組織が解体されたので、正体隠して人並みの日常を謳歌する (WN Title)
影の英雄の日常譚 ~勇者の裏で暗躍していた最強のエージェント、組織が解体されたので、正体隠して人並みの日常を謳歌する~ (LN Title)
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KozakSeq rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: --
It's pretty good, but the genres listed are a bit misleading. The demon Lord already bit the dust. There's no grand overarching villain. The secret organization that raised the MC is already disbanded. He has nothing left to do, except try to live a normal life. He has no massive trauma or anything like that. It's like the title says. It's a slice of life. It has action and such, but that's not the main point. There's never a point where he's in any danger. Some people would think that... more>> this is boring, but I that the author just did a great job of delivering exactly what they promised: the everyday life of a now retired shadow hero. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c24
By ch 24, there isn't a hook to this story. There is no antagonist and there is no conflict. At best, there is some element of conflict between the different classes of students, but the MC doesn't care. Without at least some inner conflict for the MC to struggle with, he's basically an observer of more interesting characters. Unfortunately, those characters haven't had enough exposure to leave an impression, so they're basically just archetypes at this point...

If the focus of the story wasn't going to be the MC, then the... more>> story should have focused more on the other characters. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fervent rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c17 manga
It seems like no one would pickup this novel again and there also manga of it. But I still wanna say it, this one is a great one. This isn't like other second-rate "retired op MC living normal life but always stand out showing off his strength". No, the MC in this story is actually trying to live a normal life as much as he could, also to find his new goal in life even though the situation usually go sideways.

I have read some review said that story is quite... more>> simple and not much interesting in side characters. Nah.

In later chapter, it started to dig into MC inner problem, reveals his past with let us know why he was so dense. Along with that this time Mize is on the main screen with her past revealed. Being the princess that possessed the power of wisdom road that contain other possessor knowledge and memories, which most of them had been imprisoned for their entire life. That explains why she is a runaway, wanted to be free, so insisted to be a adventurer. With the bureau turn its back from him, both of them now are wanted across the country.

The story is good, it has potential in long run, I'm not an expert in explain by words, so you can believe me or not. Every good story need time to develop, please just be patient and support it. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TimeVoid rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: v3c5
This is my review for this novel even though it still going yet I decided to drop this, It was good at first then it became bland and plain. The source of the problem lies on the Main Characters which are Protagonist (Tweight), Elysia, Mize and Gran.

... more>>

-In the First Volume, Our Protagonist Tweight were introduced and followed by Chris, Elysia, Mize and Gran. Then the story progresses to focusing the first Character story which is Elysia. She was given a background of a girl that revolves the conspiracy of the Knights Order and one of her family accidentally mu*dered. As a result, Elysia was driven for revenge and she enrolls to the Academy which is one of her plans to get closer to her target. However, with the interference of Tweight (our protagonist) made her plans into failure with the reason for not soiling her hands with blood yet our protagonist decided to do it in her stead. In the end, the target was killed and Elysia were able to give thanks including a kiss to our honorable protagonist. It was a good volume to read.

-In the Second Volume, this was the source of the quality drop. This volume were now focusing the unlikable next character: Mize. Her background story was a run away princess from the castle and her distress involves the plot of assassination to her and it was revealed later that her father was the mastermind all along. By the help of our protagonist, both of them were escaping from the assassin teams towards outside the kingdom. As journey goes, it was actually a short detour and during that time, both of them were developing a bond (unknowingly). In the end, Mize Father (the king), was threaten by the protagonist in order to cancel his assassination plot.

-In the Third Volume, due to the second volume story, the relation ship of Tweight and Mize became disgustingly closer and now the character will be Gran and entering the school competition arc. Yet, the author makes me irritated due to dividing the team for the competition. Both MC and Mize were the same team while Gran and Elysia in the opposite team. Even the conversation between Elysia and Tweight was short and unfair. A poor novel overall

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Dzrian rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: --
Whoever is starting this, don't go rooting for your heroine just yet.

From most of the negative reviews I see, are people who clearly are into the first heroine introduced.

... more>>

I read it without expectations and got to enjoy it even more with the 2nd arc. It was more interesting than the first and by far the best as we also get some character development from the reserved lady and cold MC finally deciding to do what he wants instead of being ordered around. Signifying how both or them are a bit similar and wanting to be free to live a life they want.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LChurlstorn rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: --
To be honest, I came in expecting what the title and the summary said. Maybe a jeopardy not-so-normal high school life but smh managed, tad of slice of life and angst of backstory thrown in. But just, y'know, the MC taking thing more easily and rest. In the beginning was rather good. The other character are good and not that whiny or clingy like demanding the secrets MC is hiding. And the MC is not overly emotional.

I would have rate this around 3/4 out of five if it's not for... more>> the sudden shift of genre into complete survival story with MC and Mize is on run while the bureau chasing them down constantly. Indeed it's an assassin's everyday life but ngl this shift just disheartened me. It gave me the Grisaia series vibe with them on the run. But like, I don't know how to say it, there's just not much for me to look forward on it anymore.

While the bureau's intention, I mean the woman superior's intention is still unknown, things has just suddenly become dull to me. But then this is just my opinion, perhaps this is just not my cup of tea. I apologize but I have to give this a 2. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Boogle rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c31
It's a poor man's version of mahouka koukou no rettousei in a fantasy world. An OP sniper MC who was trained to kill since childhood, enters an academy to experience 'normal' life. Only issues is that there isn't a mainline hook / goal for the MC, so he is just going along the flow and 'fixing' his friends problems.

Also since he is more free, he doesn't really have to hid his abilities / identity carefully. Sure, he doesn't explicitly say what he did before the academy, but a logical person... more>> could deduced it based on his skills and words.

Also the side characters are barely characters so far expect the FL. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sad Immortal
Sad Immortal
June 30, 2023
Status: --
The story start out decent, and the first arc is done well. Though it a little over the top with how the MC act.

However thing when downhill in the second arc.

... more>>

In order to save the second heroine, who he met only for a few month, he decided that it time to betray his organization, which in a way is fine if it was just that, but the MC end up threaten the king of it ally country, then in the conclusion is that they able to when back like nothing happen, BTW the MC kill dozen of his organization member during his escape.


The politic is the worse one I see so far, and this story rely heavily on it as MC work for the government as an type of special OPS. And the story itself also portray the government heavily.

It basically a story about the dark side of politic portray in a medieval style, However, the author clearly don't know how work relation work, as the second arc has so many plot hole that I decide to drop it after that. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Asphyxia778 rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: --
I've read both this and the manga version and honestly the synopsis is a bit misleading. This is what the title says- a slice of life story. While there isn't really much sense of danger or action it does deliver on the slice of life aspect of MC's normal life. So it a simple cookie cutter story for short popcorn reading
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