S*x Toy Designer


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She is a s*x toy designer.

He is an all-powerful businessman.

When she has no inspiration, he is her source of inspiration.

From one chance meeting, they begin to satisfy their own needs, until finally they’re unwilling to part.

“Every toy has a spirit. On a lonely night, it can comfort your empty soul.”

“Then what about me?”

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kurojotei rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: c9
This is a rare find. In CNs, where BDSM play is mentioned, it’s portrayed as something that is so deviant, malevolent, tantamount to assault, and just pure bad in the most literal sense.

This novel shows you that BDSM is consensual, pleasurable and enjoyable for people who engage in that particular lifestyle. Looking forward to reading more about how the relationship between the couple develops.
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xtiger rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: --
Hiyo, I'm the translator with a few remarks.

I picked out this novel in particular because I found it refreshingly different — it feels extremely rare to find a BDSM novel on NU with a such wholesome and consensual outlook (90% of all the "BDSM" novels I find online on Chinese sites are r*pe-rape-abuse-rape). It was nice to read something positive, and the author does a good job at introducing and easing the reader into a consensual BDSM experience. It's ideal for readers who have a strong BDSM interest and are... more>> curious about what it is like IRL.

This story is p*rn without plot (PWP) and also extremely short. There's smut in every chapter.

The romance is sort of generic. The protagonist is an unapologetic masochist (i.e. She likes being whipped), and the ML gave me a strong impression that he's always checking to make sure the MC is safe and everything is consensual. There's good aftercare and they are a solid couple.

Basically, this is everything you might expect from a conventional BDSM novel. <<less
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