Seventh Year of My Secret Love for You


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Luo Qi learned that her fiancé was cheating emotionally before receiving their marriage certificate, so she broke up with him decisively and called off the wedding.

Her now ex-fiancé was a rising star in the capital venture circle. In the eyes of her relatives, it’s impossible for her to find another man with better conditions than her ex-fiancé at her age. Even her fiancé felt the same way.

That night, Jiang Shenghe, the big boss of the Yuanwei group, suddenly asked her, “Luo Qi, do you want to try with me?”

Luo Qi looked at Jiang Shenghe in astonishment, tongue-tied.

The third son of the Jiang family stood at the top of the elite circle. She was completely different from him, and his so-called trying was nothing more than a whim to play tricks with her. She can’t afford it.

Luo Qi was thinking of finding a reason to reject him. Jiang Shenghe looked at her, and said again: “It’s not a whim, I’ve had you in my thoughts for seven years.”

This year was the seventh year she has been in his heart.

Luo Qi didn’t expect that when she was twenty-nine years old, she went crazy once, hiding the truth from everyone, and obtained a flash marriage certificate with her boss. He said: “The person you want to marry may not be me, but the person I want to marry has always been you .

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June 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Hi! Series translator here.

I usually get attached to stories because of the FL but I fell in love with this one because of our ML—Jiang Shenghe. He is just a sackful of green flags and there's still more in the trunk. The story is very gentle, written in mellow tones, with touches of real yearning and, just sometimes, outright despair from our ML. But he's not wimpy or pathetic; there is strength in his refusal to disturb the FL's life—he can see she's happy and he's.... fine with that. Or... more>> at least, he's made peace with it.

At this point of their story, he's ready to let go. She's getting married and there's no more point. Until the idiot fiance f*cks it all up and he gets a second chance. But even then, he doesn't crowd her or take advantage of her sadness. You know the phrase '7 year itch', when couples stray because they've been together that long? He's the complete opposite—he's waited 7 years for her and he can't bear for her to suffer any wrong, and certainly not at his hands.


When it's all done, after he's secured her heart, he tells her, "In the past few years, I have been thinking, is it because I made you angry in my previous life that you are so far away from me, and you have been unwilling to forgive me for seven years. In this life, I will never make you unhappy."

How can you not love an ML like that?


The other thing that made this story a gem is how everyone, and I mean everyone, knows how Jiang Shenghe feels for Luo Qi, and they are willing conspirators in his campaign to win her heart. The main pair are gentle and tempered but the side characters are always a hoot and a half.

All in all, I've never encountered a story like this before. It's not about revenge or domineering CEO sweeping the FL off her feet. It's about a love so steadfast it can bear anything as long as he can see her happy. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
Interesting premise BUT I'm currently at mid-management level for a global company. I usually suspend reality when I read these novels and read it for fun BUT at almost every chapter, there's a violation of code of ethics in this novel that's so glaring, it's hard to read through lol

FL is a great career woman. Everyone else is just insufferable.. If I worked for this company, I would be bombarding HR and Ethics Committee with so manyyy emails.

The translator did great. The author could use less filler scenes though.
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Eeria rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: Completed
it’s a good story, no intense drama. This novel was written to show ML devotion to FL. I liked that this story had no villains, just very human characters. No good no bad. Ex wavered, it happens in real life. But I loved FL decisiveness to cut relationships which allowed ML a hole to slip in. I skimmed through a lot of chapters as story progression is quite slow.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
onewhiteblossom rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I've read A LOT of Romance c-novels and this is easily one of my favorites. It's not an epic story full of plots, and there's no dog blood, but the characters' emotions pack a punch, and they stay with you even after you're done reading.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a mellow romance story at the beginning, but the overall mood of the novel eventually becomes bright as their relationship progresses. This is a touching romance story.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: Completed
honestly getting flash-marriage stories that are not filled with dog-blood drama and are not 1000 chapters is really hard XD

This novel was such a great read. It’s not complicated or doesn't have too much drama (bare minimum) and is a light-hearted read. The male leads devotion to the FL lead is heartwarming, I honestly think that the author could have gone deeper with ml's pov and made him more emotional regarding almost losing her to another man yet finally getting her after a long wait. another thing was that it... more>> would have been great to see more scenes of mc's break-up with ex and a bit more about his regrets for doing what he did....i felt like he was perfectly in love with the MC and they had no problems in their relationship to speak of so what exactly made him drift away??? It felt so out of character as he was spoken to be extremely devoted to her lol.

either way this was a lovely read and just reading bout their daily life after their marriage was pretty fun.

just a heads up but it seems the author has given multiple characters their own stories, like ML's best friend QM and JH's story is also a flash marriage, another friend LB and an unknown mute (thats what the authors note said) gf and others too....

Definitely recommend for someone looking for a light romance, flash marriage setting and no dog-blood or drama. ML is thoughtful and gentle throughout and once he finds the chance he grabs it but also gave MC time to heal... he never took advantage of her weakness. <<less
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Shortk rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: Completed
I have to agree with pastelbunny. Although I've never formally been in a large corporation, I'm not f*cking dumb and I know that this is kinda weird. For me, I can separate reality enough too enjoy this but the moment (in spoiler) this happened, I kept thinking, "okkkk this is KINDA BIZARRE"

... more>>

the fact that the homewrecker... Bought the iou for her debt of 9 million without her knowledge and THEN CAME TO HER OFFICE WITHOUT WARNING during work hours to show off being her creditor and also ask for the money in a lump sum or monthly on the 15th for her listed bank account.... ???

This could've been an email first.

Second, the fact that her employee who the homewrecker is trying to get with explains her drop into the MC's office with "logic" and explains that she just came to talk about the MC's debt that she bought to take over as if it is the most logically sane thing ever. Also that the homewrecker says the MC's trying to create a split or put the blame on the employee somehow bc of the history between the homewrecker and the MC AND THE EMPLOYEE JUST ACCEPTS THIS. IM LIKE...

How can you not think a. This is the most shady hoe known to man to intentionally buy someone's iou to lord it over them by GOING TO THEIR office UNANNOUNCED, no appointment FOR A PERSONAL MATTER

B. That the employee fell fort he logic and didn't even think tthat. It was HIGHLY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL for the homewrecker to come to her. Office without warning for a iou debt???

Like I can't taakee this. I know the chick is an associate with a related company but how can this unprofessionalism fly continuously?? Hr please somebody stop this. It's so cringe and weird that no one calls this out. I know she came through the back door but no one cares about her constant transportation costs or??

This is too much. I know ridiculous contrived drama exists in a lot of chinese romance novels but idk I was. Expecting that this novell was better than that?

Sorry but this is just too much unrealisticness for me to handle. like what.

Even when the MC calls her out for this near the end... it's so weird. It's a bizarre experience but hey I'm sure it can happen at a meeting table full of ppl for sure.


The romance is decent. I think the lead up is better than the romance in some ways. I think the author is missing something bc it could be dry but luckily the author does try to write a lot off detailed scenes with the two that aren't cliche. But idk something emotional-driven detailed writing is missing. It lacks a real heart for feeling after they get together. It's still a v mature romance which is my preference and I appreciate. I dunno man the second half of this novel is so bizarre especially the business side. I'm so like wtf is happening rn. I dunno you have to close 1 eye to read this if you're a professional worker in a company I think. But who knows maybe big companies are weird like this. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pandaisy06 rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c12 part2
I really enjoy the plot, the romance and the characters. The translation is also 10/10!

The story was so interesting that I went to mtl to find out what happens next. Skip a bunch of but caught some interesting scenes. Can't wait till the entire story is translated!

... more>>

The ex - The cliche would be that he was an incompetent, scummy boyfriend, but actually, in this story, he's not. We saw how he was a very loving and capable boyfriend. He was almost perfect to the point that he didn't give the ML a chance to swoop in to steal the girl for the last 7 years of the relationship. Unfortunately, he had to fall for a scheming and two-faced b*tch which made him s*upid. At least he didn't blame the FL and the girl for it. Overall he was a pretty decent person, so watching him regret his action was enough.

The ex' mother - The ex's parents initially disapproved of the FL and wasn't happy with the marriage. Another reason why the ex wasn't that bad was that he held his own against his family to be with the FL. I was also expecting the mother to be 100% on her son's side even if he cheated and to bully the FL as you would see in other cnovel. I was expecting her to be a 2D character, but it was to my delight to find out she isn't. She was disappointed with her son for cheating and couldn't stand the mistress. Her son was no exception for her disgust for cheaters. She was also willing to help her son get back with FL, although with the condition that he votes for her over his father during the board meeting. Backstory: apparently her husband cheated on her in the past and she has been plotting for years to get revenge.

The ML, ML's family and friends and staff members - I love how everyone is aware of the ML's unrequited love (I also love how he is unafraid to show that he was secretly in love with her for years) and supportive of their relationship. I also love how the ML secretly protects the FL before she was single and before he started pursuing her. It was so sweet when he announced that he was going to pursue FL with marriage in mind during a meeting. This is was so that no one would gossip about her and think she was social-climbing.

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mindumplings rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is great. ML is a gem, he silently loved the FML for long time. He accepted that she was getting married and didn't interfere with that. Only after knowing she broke up the engagement he decided to chase her. I would say I liked ML here more than FML or I would say I was seeing the story from ML more.

Its an ordinary love story with much drama.

You can read it without thinking that much. It takes 13..14 chapters for FML lead to breakup with her fiance /... more>> ex boyfriend. I wouldn't say this is my fav novel. Not my favourite kind. I was not eager to complete it by one go. I fast forwarded some areas while reading. Its just my personal preference. I think many people would like this. So give it a try. <<less
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