Seventh July – Qing


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Since she was a child, she knew that she will always love him — like fate that could never be changed. However, she had been separated from him for three years.

At the young age of 15, he left him to study in Taipei. When she was 18, she finally couldn’t help but see him, only to be driven away. At 21, he finally came home only to attend their mother’s funeral. When she turned 24, he got married migrated abroad with his wife.

He was once her only solace— so gentle and kind. He held her hand and hooked a pinky promise with her that they’ll be together forever. She could lose everything, but she can’t live without him.

Qixi Festival is the day when the Cowherd meets the Weaver Girl. The day when it always rains. Also the day of her birthday. Can she finally celebrate her 27th year with clear skies this time and see him for the last time?

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7th July
Clear Sky on the Seventh of July
Qi Yue Qi Ri Qing
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04/25/21 Ugly Translations c2 part1
04/03/21 Ugly Translations c1 part5
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Ppkk85 rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
The story was good. Lots of angst. The beginning towards middle was very interesting. This novel made me cried a lot!!! But towards the end it was sooo unrealistic and dramatic that I just speed through it just to end it.

Storyline: A brother and sister have this special bond. They found out the very beginning that they’re not blood sibling. Even then nothing can come between them. She loves him. Then one day the brother just left to college in a different town and stop any communication with her. Her... more>> life and the family went downhill. Both parent passed and finally came to take her to live with him. She tries to break through to him, silently watches him with other women. He even pushes her into the arms of his best friend. He loves her very much but refused to let the relationship be anything more than sibling.

I won’t spoil it, just read it yourself. It’s sad!!! <<less
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