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Lyle Walt is a young noble boy and heir looking forward to the day he can inherit his family’s territory. Except around when he was 10 year old, his parents started neglecting him more and more in favour of his little sister, Celes.
On his fifteenth birthday, he is challenged to a duel by his sister to see who will inherit the household and horribly loses, being cast out of his family. Afterwards, he gets treated by the family groundskeepers and receives the family heirloom Gem from him that Lyle’s grandfather had entrusted to him. From there, he begins an aimless journey with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Novem, and the Gem-turned-Jewel that houses the memories, personalities, and Skills of seven of his ancestors.

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RajSanthosh rated it
February 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Damn, can't they make something like, they happily lived ever after and end the story... (ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

Good start, good story, a story where harem is justified well, monica, novem, shannon are my favs...


the chapter where monica after 500years running with last blood of walt.. (ಥ ͜ʖಥ) iam not crying.. Uwaaaaaaa

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Gymgym rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: Completed
A really good japanese novel. At first, the story is a bit boring. Passing a few volume, the story started to get interesting. MC changed slowly and harem characters shows development. I really like

Aria character development, I feel it's the best among other characters, you can relate it to reality.

The ending feels good but somehow feels bitter after reading the epilogue. World building is good and the final arc has a good pace. Not rushed.

Definitely have to read novel, although the sequel is disappointing.
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castrix rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Great story, BUT it's lacking in depth relationship development in the end. And it ruined by 1 extra chapter "last day".

It was great, but after reading that I feel so disappointed. The story is supposed to tells about "PRESENT", and when it tries to tells about "FUTURE", everything falls apart.

It feels like everything was pointless.

... more>>

just remember when Lyle confess to Novem. He said "I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT FUTURE". Yet... That chapter... Ugh..... I feel so sad


I understand the reason is to be the base for the sequel Gaiden. But author DIDN'T have to put it as part of main story. It just have to end in the time MC deceased.

Seriously that chapter is absolutely unecessary <<less
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Honto Teokure
Honto Teokure rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: --
This was one of the most amazing novels i've read. And its 2nd in my top 3 favourites. (1st is Mushoku Tensei)

What I liked about Sevens is also why I liked Mushoku Tensei, the characters seemed really "human" unlike some Isekai power fantasies out there.

They act like real humans like how both Rudeus and Lyle do what they do for the sake of their family. It is, despite being a fantasy, very realistic.

The Characters are well rounded too, although in Sevens' there were some holes in some of the... more>> harem characters, those holes wouldve probably been patched if they had more chapters or fillers or something, unlike how everything was seemingly set up beautifully in Mushoku Tensei, it was nice that Sevens had quick pacing but that in turn made parts of it unbearable to some readers.

Like how it lacks some more defining details on situations, how things in the background had ended and such, but these kinds of things stimulate the imagination so I like it.

Look for Tsugumomo's review here it definitely makes more sense there than my review <<less
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Ultramarine rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: v7c3
What about Sevens/"Mr. Lyle"? The MC mainly the part of the growth (Level Up) is an attraction the very hilarious part by the way, I do not know if it is the author's first work but the beginning is very confusing and the characters as well as the parts of the slice of life (coexistence between the characters) in the beginning is mostly empty, with time is improving and gaining a little depth of the characters, there is a construction of the world but there is little persebe to improve... more>> even the author where it is getting increasingly fluent the work and pleasant to read as the chapters go by, I'm enjoying reading and I was really surprised to read that you like before criticizing a good chance to Sevens, the Novem ~ is frightening. <<less
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Nyahmanya rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: Completed
Oh boy, this one is a slow but fun ride.

The MC starts out as an innocent guy which don't even know how to survive by himself (but got taken care of by his fiance) to a kingly figure that can handle his worth. The plot is good and well but the one I like the most is how the MC change on this novel from start to finish, it's well plotted and kinda emotional too. I don't know but the ending kinda a downer but yeah this one is a... more>> superb novel, just you have to read it till the later half. <<less
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NotCIA rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I read this over the course of several months on my phone. Even with the fact that it's one of the few novels that actually finished (both the author and the TL) aside, it's still a very enjoyable series. I hate harem stuff, but this novel manages to pull it off quite well in a "realistic" manner. The author pretty much dropping stuff because he didn't feel like it was enjoyable to me, but ultimately it was the author's ability to cut out the boring stuff and the "will they... more>> won't they?" junk that a lot of content producers go to that made it enjoyable. I think about two or three chapters could have been cut out completely from the WN as useless clutter, but otherwise it was able to get to the good parts, have the necessary slow parts, and not get bogged down. The TL has some minor spelling/grammar mistakes here and there, but he avoids the more glaring mistakes from what I've read. I wouldn't advise binge reading this as it's not that great, but it's certainly worth reading a few chapters at night while going to sleep to help wind down, and the comedy is genuine and great, it feels natural. The Katana crap was pretty dumb as the author obviously did his research and understood the superiority of western sabers over an iron-rationing nation's iron weapon, but minor details like that can be overlooked since the author IS a Jap, after all. <<less
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antec rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Ah mr. Lyle, you are one smooth nigga and you know it. Every moment you came, I always thought to myself, if you're the second most awesome character in the story, no one can be the first. From the start you appear, I know you're going to make the scenes totally epic just from being present.

Ancestors, you are a bunch of coolest dudes and you made the ride so far especially enjoyable. The last batch of scheming ancestors late in the story were especially enjoyable. My favorite so far was... more>> Brod Walt due to his tendency to resort to dirty tricks and especially bombing the hell out of everything.


His interactions with Mileia were especially gold, she's also one of the female cast I like the most.


As for the story, some of the reviews mention about something implied or dark political struggles but I really didn't get most of them. I came here and stayed for the comedy and I especially like how the Author execute such complex themes in a way that's pretty funny without making it look forced.

This was mainly a harem story and the girls, on the illustrations so far appear really cute and stunning. They also have actual quirks and personalities, but for those who joined later on, I didn't find them memorable. I think I like the girls who joined from Novem to Shannon (I remember Aria, Miranda and Poyopoyo, forgot her actual name and the glasses girl who act as the support). They're pretty likeable so far, but the main highlights for me were the interaction between Lyle and the ancestor.

As for Lyle, he started out pretty pathetic at first and honestly, I kind of dropped the novel for a while because of that. I could truly relate on how the Ancestors facepalmed at his actions, but I continued reading and noticed his growth to be a better person and as mr. Lyle appears, I knew I'm going to stick until the ending.

The story began with him losing against his sister Celes and his main goal is to become an adventurer strong enough and gather harem members to fight against her. There's a good explanation about it later in the story. The story had a concrete aim but the most enjoyable thing was the interaction between the characters. There were some battle scenes, war scenes but they're not the main focus iirc.

The novel had a lot of discussions and dialogue and the battles were mostly the implementation of their strategies. You knew they're going to win, most of the actual process were the preparation. It might be boring for some and I didn't always get what they're talking about, but so far, the talks were quite fun to read and it went in more detail, further than what isekai novels actually touch. I especially like the concept of growth, on how they made it sound natural without any game terms.

Overall, the main reason I read this was.

  1. mr. Lyle and comedic stuff
  2. The Ancestors, their pasts and the mind-opening discussions.
  3. Teasing tsundere Aria
  4. Shannon pranking Lyle.
  5. Spoiler

    Poyopoyo wanting to make babies with Lyle but after his son was born he sold him to a lolicon professor.

  6. Lyle trolling a rich lady's parent.
  7. Lyle trolling an entire city for pranking him.
  8. Lyle being a genius at tower defense
  9. Brod Walt's gun propaganda and his EXPLOSION.
  10. The lores and the interesting legends that unfortunately didn't get explored further in the story.
  11. A lot of things more but I couldn't really remember it.

As I read through, there were still some mysteries in the story on who was whom's goddess descendants and the Ancients who build a kingdom in the outer space or something.

It wasn't really important though, because the Author had tied most of the loose ends in the story.


It was a lot of fun to read. Maybe not that easy to pick for some people due to the first volume Lyle not being that much of MC material, but once you get past that, it will only get better. The ending were also pretty nice so far.

Kudos again to mr. Lyle, you awesome mofo. <<less
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BaramII rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: Completed
This story is about Lyle Walts journey, His journey. Not your typical sword and magic story that focuses on OP power, destroying this and that, getting this and that. It's a story of how a Boy grows into a Man.

It's a great story, lacking in some aspects, but great story none the less.

If you read a few chapters and gave up on it, I suggest trying to push on. Lyle Walt from the start is truly cringey, Even his Ancestor doesn't like him from the beginning. (This is not... more>> a spoiler since that's literally the beginning)

Character Development is great. Not just the MC, but surrounding him, his comrade. They all grow up, their personality changes as the story goes on.

I put 4 star in, because the Romance aspect is really lacking, although some may be satisfied with it, but you can't deny it's really lacking. There were plenty of chances where the author could have built up the romance properly, but it just got buried by other events. He could've slowed it down a bit to build it properly, I guess he just didn't know how to write it out.

Also, because Shannon isn't #1

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colombopl rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: Completed
At the beginning I did not wanted to read "Sevens" because it is a harem WN but after reading "I am the Lord of Intergalactic Empire" I decided that I like an author and now I regret of not reading present WN earlier.
This is my second novel of Yomu Mishima so I describe an author style a bit as his stories have the same general properties. He is good and bad.

Author is very good with his ideas to write a story. Despite of using sometimes standard and... more>> boring tricks that we can meet in another authors his stories are quite surpising dynamic and interesting. And I can find quite original way of creating WN with its events and characters. One could say that "7s" is much better and complicated story then Overlord or SAO but...

Writer is very poor or lazy craftsman. His stories are lacking detailed descriptions of events and characters. Scenes of his novels are missing proper transitions. Dialogs are very often replaced by narrator. A lots of scenes important for better mood of a story are missing. Romantic events and battles are at most warm.

What I like in "Sevens" is that it is described in two plains. First one is story about Lyle who is gradually becoming stronger and who is collecting his harem-like allies. Second plain is a story about Walt House generations mixed with main story by using dialogs with Lyle ancestors and retrospections generated by a Jevel memory being Lyles heirloom. As I hate retrospections in general I love them in "Sevens". And as a reader I can feel safe as all tragic events are placed in a past.

Events of WN are interesting enough to make me stay with them longer and longer. I still wanted to know how ancestors will change Lyle character and how they will help to solve his problems. As I mentioned Lyle is changing and evolving in a story. He is a different person at the beginning and different at the and. And his goals change as well.

Some reviewer said that harem here is one of the most realistic. I would say again : yes and no. It is quite well described why a harem must be created and it is created by proper managements of first Lyle female friend. In general women characters are realistic and some of them join by realistic reasons. Maybe not strong but main romantic plot continues almost to the end of a story.

But for a very long time I was vexed by very cheap and boring way of bonding Lyle with women. Too many of girls started to love and follow him after "proper confession". As I said : boooring and impossible to meet in a real life.

This story would be much more popular if writer write it better way. World gives a feeling of RPG despite authors statements that it is fantasy. With very general way of describing events I continuously had a feeling that something is missing.

Still I like "Sevens" and recommend to read it. <<less
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davestrider420 rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: v9c1
I am still reading this just so my time until now was not wasted.

The world building is good, the story is okay, and I suggest you dont take it seriously or as a smart novel otherwise you will be dissapointed. The MC is ignorant and idealistic, and he is supposed to grow thanks to the help of some kind of spirits of his ancestors that are inside his Jewell. Up to this point, its okay.

The girls in the harem, most of the time, are okay. Even more so, some have... more>> an actual personality! And even go against the MC's desires just to be wary of future problems. But then, when conflict between them all starts, they stop thinking and interacting like normal humans would, more than anyone, the MC... which makes sense because he is ignorant of the world as he spent most of his early teen years confined and apart from the world, except he is supposed to have the help of many mature men inside his jewell helping him! And my biggest problem is regarding the main love interest of the MC and her OHHH SO MISTERIOUS secrets:


The entire objective of the party is to defeat Celes (and to marry Lyle!) so it stands to reason that they should be suspicious and even hate Novem, when she is related to Celes! Not only related, but she has and IS EVEN UNTIL NOW keeping it a secret, not telling them how and why is she related to Celes, the ultimate villain they are supposed to defeat, even after at some point, it gets revealed when Novem saves Lyle from her.

To have in your party (main member of the harem even!) someone connected to your enemy and who wont reveal it (Novem might know Celes origin, weakness, and even more!!!) can be super stressful, and to add more to the wound, pu*sy ass Lyle asks them to just forgive her and be cool with it. Isnt that selfish and unreasonable? Isnt that like telling them that Novem is more important to him than all of them? Lyle might be okay to be idealistic, as he is ignorant of the world, but the girls, and the ancestors, shouldnt be, having blind trust on someone who is related to your enemy is just wrong... and how does the author try to resolve all this?! using a comedy relief plot armor --> Mr Lyle (if you dont know what it is, you wont get spoiled)


Enjoyable most of the times, but with some chapters and developments so awful and badly done that it might ruin the entire novel for some. Dont expect the MC or anyone to tell him how to act openly and be honest to others, or any normal social interaction in the harem... I dont know how this novel got so up in ratings with such a pu*sy MC <<less
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monk3y4u rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Just amazing, there is no downside to this novel. The characters have their own sense of individuality, they are lovable and cute as well as reasonable. In the beginning the main character does seem Wimpy but it's all part of the story and explains itself later on.

Only downside is it's so short

Recommended 10/10
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blank1134 rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked it. Sevens is a WN that I finished reading to pass the time. It was a interesting read until the end. It made me laugh and it made me sad. There are parts of the story that really caught my attention but some were quite boring and repetitive. But all in all I liked it.
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DimaShishandra rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: v6c92
The begging was good. Characters were developing fast. They were quite smart. Hero behavior was quite logical from perspective of his experience. But at some point their lost 80% of their intelligence and started doing completely illogical things. It looks like author wanted to ignite a bit main plot but there were no logical reasons for this. Such cases are usually fine but he put several completely illogical decisions in a row.

... more>>

1. They are staying in city were their archenemy is coming. They have their own transport. They do not need to go far. Just don't sit in enemy's nest. Main characters always were vigilant except these chapters.

2. Once they know that Cecil came THE Hero starts walking in streets. The Best person to gather information

3. There is No reasons at all to visit princess. It's stupiditly obvious moment made just to make them acquinted.

Ok lets stop on these examples. Cecil and harem are also become sick

4. Sesil has full control of people. But she still is trying to become a queen. Please tell me, which girl would like to sleep with Absolutely suppressed guy? Ofcourse smart and emitiemotyung girl

5. She is saying that she hates hero as her charm does not affect him. What about other people like princess?

And the last... List of cliche...

1. Overpowered unknown skill on Cecil side. BIG secret. You possibly will need to read till the end to get answer.

2. Nobody is diply interrogating hero's love about even if they know that she lied. Obviously lied

3. Miranda and November runs from the only party which can defend them

4. Hero wants to die without saving everyone. Even he knows that he can't do anything but he still want to die..

4. And the last drop - ancestors were just testing him while asking to leave Cecil... That was unexpected. Such level of cliche was just unpredictable! I couldn't believe that author could use it in this book :'- (


I believe that in next chapters behavior will become logical again. But after author prepared and feed to me such Big dish of rotten s**t... I just can't read it anymore <<less
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Minarett rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: --
Overall I think this story is just ok. While the plot itself is not bad and the translation is better than most there is the fact that this story is not very descriptive in setting. Although this might be the same for a lot of translated novels. Also there's the fact that i've read up till the 10th volume out of a total of 18 and I can honestly say that romance is not an important part of this story at all. While there is indeed a harem, the girls... more>> in it are in my opinion very underdeveloped. It might because there are too many heroines. In the 10 volumes I've read, that is around 2000 pages, there has been no romantic development and harem parts are off screened. So for anyone who doesn't like harems don't worry this is barely one. <<less
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