Sevens (LN)


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Lyle Walt is a young noble boy and heir looking forward to the day he can inherit his family’s territory. Except around when he was 10 year old, his parents started neglecting him more and more in favour of his little sister, Celes.

On his fifteenth birthday, he is challenged to a duel by his sister to see who will inherit the household and horribly loses, being cast out of his family. Afterwards, he gets treated by the family groundskeepers and receives the family heirloom Gem from him that Lyle’s grandfather had entrusted to him. From there, he begins an aimless journey with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Novem, and the Gem-turned-Jewel that houses the memories, personalities, and Skills of seven of his ancestors.

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11/23/18 bakapervert v1c16
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11/08/18 bakapervert v1c2
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Parth37955 rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: --
Loved the web novel. Expect even more from the LN. One of the more realistic harem novels I read so far. Main characters starts out as a bit bland, but he grows a lot throughout the entire story. This is really a story of him growing as a person and becoming a true "Walt". The harem serves a purpose and they're not damsels in distress.


Mr. Lyle is best Lyle


Edit: so far v2 has changed greatly from the webnovel and I consider it an improvement for the most part.
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Peacewalker rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: --
One of the most enjoyable read. You might dislike Lyle (MC) at first, but you will surely come to love him as the story goes on. The story has a clear direction it is heading to, and not just daily life of OP-showing story like some of the fantasy novels. Most parts are very well-written in the WN and I think the LN version will be even better, so I strongly recommend you to read it.

Watch out for the Onion-Cutting Ninjas

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