Serpent of Paradise


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Edenhurst is a lovely paradise. However, Anastasia is the only one who is not allowed there.

A stranger appeared as a saviour in front of Anastasia during a moment of great desperation in her life. She had dreamed of a future that would never come. Unbeknownst to her, the stranger who defied her belief in God and became her new master, would soon destroy her paradise and devour her.

“… You promised to take me with you.”

Mikhail looked at the woman who begged him with tears in her eyes as she leaned against him.
But, it had to be this way.
Anastasia had to cling to and beg him so. It was due to her obedience to him, of which he owned.

“I have made no promises to you.”

A promise is something that can only be established in an equal relationship. Anastasia, whom he fed, taught, and cared for, could not ask him for any promises, as she was his wonderful property.

Mikhail soon left Anastasia and took another woman by the hand, without even knowing what the consequences of this would be.

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A Snake in Paradise
낙원의 뱀
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The Northern Wind Diminishes
The Northern Wind Diminishes rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: --
It's alright, but as a personal preference, I can't stand the relationship between the two. As you can probably tell due to the summary, the relationship isn't very healthy, if this were real life I'd fr be calling the police. There's a lot of objectification of women and honestly just kind of degrading and upsetting to read. I know it's technically period-accurate sexism, but I think it's worth noting if you're particularly sensitive toward these things.
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