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Procedural Memory: a type of implicit memory (unconscious, long-term memory) which aids the performance of particular types of tasks without conscious awareness of these previous experiences.

“No matter how much I search on the Internet, there is nothing that that even remotely mentions the phenomenon I am currently experiencing.”

“The ability to use someone else’s Procedural Memory at will, what do you even call that phenomenon?”

Park Dowook, a doctor who is able to use the Procedural Memory of others as if it was his own. His special one-of-a-kind treatment begins now!

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asampe_tae rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c97
I've never been a fan of medical novels despite loving the genre because of how cringy it could get especially chinese medical novels and their emphasis on traditional medicine. Their MCs are never certified, they are super young (25 tops) and prob got a parent/sibling who is. They read some medical books they came across or their relative has plus their humongous golden finger... baaam.. medicine here we come. They then have the nerve to get affronted when people disbelief their "skills". I mean, anti-vax is still a thing though... more>> studies, research and certified doctors/professors recommend getting it. Yet, u expect them to believe you?! a kid?

Anywaysss, this is super good because you can see the amount of hardwork Dowook puts in. He practices regularly and has the hunger and drive to make those cheats his own knowledge and skill. He yearns for perfection and I just dig that. He has good boss and I love that he isn't puffed up. His relationship with Chief Ha is adorable. Choi Hoo is a total babe.

The translator is also good and helps to understand the meaning of complicated medical terms. This book is still ongoing so I'll prob be camping here till the end of the year. My review may change by then. But till then, give this book a try. <<less
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Kopo rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c91
If you are into Medical Return, you should try this novel. Kind of similar to MR but the MC is somewhat OP due to his sense skill. Despite that, it ain't cringey like other med stories (Especially Chinese Med Stories XD). It was worth a try. ^0^)
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
snooppyed rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
good story and enjoyable. The plots is quite interesting, similar with medical return. consistent update routine (2-3 chapter/week), easy to read. Applause for the translator 👏🏻

but I'm wondering where to find the raws, it seems I can't find it

—-- edit ——


i already completed it, the ending take turns in fantasy way lol. Well I dunno if it's good or bad end but for me it's a little strange, but u can try to read it
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GoldEmperor rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: c56
Amazing! Although I can't understand medical terminology from what I can understand story is already good.
In terms of tropes its common tropes but well done
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kuundere-kunn rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c100
Really enjoyable read. Looks like TLs dropped it, but the translation was fantasic and the MC character was fun for a while. He had a lot of interesting encounters, but never slept. Everyone else around him did, just not him to make him gain more experiences. Kind of over the top, but I enjoyed the idea. Especially enjoy the character with ASD.
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