Senpensekai no Madoushoshi


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Iris Calvafon, a 16-year-old girl.

The bookstore girl who was divinely chosen, and possessed a magical grimoire.

But the truth is, she’s just a normal girl who loves books, especially adventure novels.

The elven swordswoman, Tosrillon. The werewolf thief, Carotayle. The warrior priestess, Rosalith. After meeting these three people, Iris’ realizes that she strongly yearns to go on a real adventure of her own.

Iris decided to join them, despite the danger.

And with that, she set off on a wondrous adventure alongside those three girls. It’s that kind of story.

A story where the ordinary girl shall use a mysteriously powerful grimoire, and become a hero.

Associated Names
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Grimoire Master of an Everchanging World
Senpensekai no Madoushoshi ~Yuri no Hanasaku Bouken-tan~
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CyanLeyn rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c150
I don't usually write review but I got annoyed by 'stealing credit' comments so here it is... tho it might contain spoilers so:

... more>>

[As grimoire master here is talking about MC, then to explain her power (in my understanding) is that she's being granted special abilities by the goddess through a grimoire, and the first one is the ability to summon the sealed traitor of the last war Hadion, as for why she is trusted even tho she's a traitor? As others say... no she actually isn't truly trusted right away but never the less, she is still the one who helped her kill the dragon and whoever she is before, still a benefactor, also her reputation before is very good except on the so called 'betrayal' that she will explain in one of the chapters, the 'betrayal' people who only see the surface of the issue branded her with. Rosa will have proper discussion witg her about it.

As for the stealing credit, I don't see how it would be stealing tho as these reviewers ranting about, Hadion here is in the first place a summoned being by MC, AND is manefesting using MC magic power. And most of all, Hadion has vowed loyalty and plee to protect MC, the feeling here is mutual... Hadion here don't even give a sht about credit and the reviewers are talking sht about MC stealing credit like they the one who got stollen from lmao.

MC, is not growing a backbone and a crybaby... right here will only be my biased opinion, or actually everything her lmao. First this MC, is just book keeper for f*cks sake. She's actually doing pretty good for one and she did very good in the carbuncle. Also the chars here quite like her a lot. Ain't that the best thing a leader should have? To be the type of person your allies will trust and do their best for. And she also cares for them a lot. You shouldn't expect shounen genre MC personality from her as this is not that type of novel.

Why are chars here like all gays? Well duh? You are reading yuri novel, wtf are you questioning this sht for? Okay... YOU ARE ABOUT TO OR CURRENTLY READING YURI NOVEL. You are expecting something will go straight? Nah, this is bunch curves about to form circles and hit each other. The only thing I'm a bit unsatisfied about is that, MC indeed is well liked but I feel like no one is really, just for her... most likely her little sister at most? But the lil' sis ain't main char and also has her childhood friend for comfort. Yes, MC is most likely just a bridge for everyone's relationship here... I mean that beastman shrimp and elf is a thing, that branded traitor and priestess also a thing... I feel like she's being just third party to everyone lmao, I really need a fully devoted char to her. It's like she's got a harem of couples lmao.

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cmurat rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: c145
Fine until around chapter 100 and downhill from there. We will see what happens.

Review until chapter 105:

... more>>

The story is slow and relaxing at first. The arcs slowly build up and we get intense parts. After each resolution it is somewhat quiet and we get to see how the characters grow and how their relationships evolve. Honestly, the dynamic between the main characters is the number one thing that made me binge read it.

Most of the main characters are well designed and we see good character development. But this is not true for all the main characters. The heroine, though, gets good development.

Our heroine, Iris, seems easy going but lacks confidence, which kind of makes sense. I can see where she is coming from. She has soft skills like knowledge rather than brawn. She is slowly starting to get comfortable with her companions and with their help, she is slowly changing. You can see that with every passing chapter she is more assertive with her wishes and beliefs ever so slightly.

I would like to mention something that I don't usually go into and that is the magic system in the novel. This a soft magic system, as is the case with almost every light novel out there. The usage of this system is not perfect and we get a few Deus Ex Machina moments but I found myself looking forward to learning how the Grimoire magic works.

Yuri is slow but mostly heartwarming. We see good progress in some relationships. Though I must say, the MC's relationship is a bit blurry. We don't know what will happen with her. We definitely know who she likes but at this point it feels a bit like a love triangle and I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with a polyamorous relationship. I am particularly not saying a harem, because all the parties involved seem interested in each other.

In the early chapters, the biggest negative is the translation quality. It is definitely readable and more or less enjoyable. But it is above average at best. Specifically, some conversations are vague and lack context, which makes it hard to follow them. As the chapters go on, the translations gets much better. Having said that, I am truly thankful for the translation. This is no more than an honest feedback.

One thing that I must say is the translator seems mostly reliable. The updates come relatively quickly and the quality is constant.

I can see that this story has good potential and I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.

All in all, I am enjoying this story currently.

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Xu rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: --
Looks like a cute and fluffy story.

Although it's early to judge, the writing and the characters look like they might have something more than the usual cliché japanese webnovel feeling.

The translation is good as well.

I'll be looking forward to this.
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Yuureight rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c156
I bring a good news and a bad news.

Good news is this title is really good. Very well writing, fascinating world building, good character developments, hilarious moments and interesting plot.

Bad news is... this may get cancelled for the worst, the best is on hiatus forever. Doesn't seem well right. Here is the official tweet from the author: https://t. co/Dp7v7ePB87. She is currently busy with her writing career and childcare. Therefore, she will stop her side project (which is this one) for no schedule. If we are in real damn luck,... more>> we'll see her again after her kid grow up. Otherwise it will receive a cancelled status.

To me, it was a extremely unfortunate news. I was really sad. I truly felt sorry for the translator, he/she has worked so dedicate on this title and yet now it dies young. But I don't disappoint at author or hate her. She has her life and the baby to take care of. I just wish for her the best. So that someday, when she finds a balance between work, duty and hobby, she'll be back and complete this amazingly underrate work. Until that time, adieu. <<less
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JNMeiun rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c68
It's classic western style fantasy. It takes Iris time to find worth in herself and accept her role in the greater party and greater world, but she gets there.

The world is vibrant, the characters unique and well fleshed out even from the start. The translation quality is top notch and the translation speed as of c68 has been very fast.

Strong shoujo-like yuri; the yuri elements are multifaceted leave the reader with about as much ambiguity about it as the MC. Is it just friendship between women, older women properly taking... more>> care of younger girls, intense fondness or something more? Who likes whom and how much? As Iris sorts it out, so do you. Might be drifting toward harem, but its really hard to say and if so a more complicated and realistic one with understandable jealousies.

Iris is weak willed, but smart, earnest and sweet. Others sort of see in her what they want and take advantage of that and part of her growth is coming to terms with her own wants and needs as important too. It's not hard to understand why some of the characters are not-so-ambiguously 110% gay for her, though there's strong class-S there too.

It does take Iris time to figure out her feelings and what she wants to do, but that's classic western fantasy. It doesn't start at the "call to action" stage. All of the characters are fallible. They aren't OP cardboard cutouts and recycled isekai tropes. They are fleshed out and human. Perhaps sometimes frustratingly so, but it keeps them from being one sided and paces out the heroism so it doesn't become boring.

Not sure what the complaints about trusting Hadion is about:


They don't trust her at first and Rose is explosively angry and uncomfortable with being around who she sees as a heretic. She even sets up a situation where she can fight Hadion and fights to kill or at least maim. Toslin and Carol for the most part just don't give a sh*t beyond food and money. They care more about how they're going put food on the table day to day.

Either way the goddess ordered Hadion become a knight for Iris as Hadion's repentance. People really aren't too ready to go against an immanent, active deity; let alone the only recognized deity in the world.

Beyond that Hadion is a summon and without Iris she can't, at least currently, exist in the world. She is manifested by an act of the goddess and is maintaining her existence off of Iris's magic power. If Iris dies it's back to her "prison" for her. Between Iris and the goddess there's not much she could do to screw the party over even if she wanted.

Not really sure whats hard to understand there.


It's classic western style fantasy, not isekai OP power fantasy. <<less
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Arra rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c128
Interesting story, to those saying Iris stole credit from Hadion, Hadion is Iris summoned spirit. Of course she would get credit for casting a summoning spell that killed a dragon.
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Arha rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: c55
I don't know why everyone is acting like Iris is a great hero when Hadion does all the heavy lifting. Also, I get that this is Yuri but does literally every female character apart from Iris's mom have to be 110% gay, especially for her? I don't know what they see in her given her plain personality and looks. Also, why does everyone instantly trust the greatest traitor in history? I hope that's the twist: Hadion really was evil all along.

I hope it gets better soon and something actually happens... more>> because right now it's just 'there was a dragon, Hadion killed it and Iris stole the credit.' Otherwise I'm knocking off another star and dropping it. <<less
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Defmania rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c94
I really liked the novel for the unique take on building Iris as a character. Her true weakness is her weak personality, but you get to see her growth as chapters pass which is awesome. There are definitely good ships in this book.


Like the Toshrillon/Carotayle pair, they do get together. But I am still unsure how the Rosalith/Iris/Hadion ship will sail. It appears to be sailing in the Rosalith/Hadion direction with the occasional wink of Iris being jealous of one of them (both?).

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cavler rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: P2c6
since the story is on Hiatus, I decided to read the raws upto part 2 chapter 6

... more>>

(the desert arc)


personally I like the story except for the fact that they constantly remind you that the main character is "weak" and needs to be protected. (yes I understand you can't become a combat expert in just a few months, but come on...) followed by her beating the final boss like a normal mage.

also I feel like the MC's personallity is getting weaker.

other than that the story is solid, just not my favorite. <<less
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Plue rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c21
I have no regrets reading this.

It's fluffy and nice.

Well, one complaint, at times the dialog is a bit difficult to keep straight.
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TemplerExorcist rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c127
I really don't know but why MC getting the honour of slaying dragon when its hadeon who killed it. And is it really okay to trust a traitor that easily and not any traitor but a traitor in war. And do the MC ever do anything except crying and getting depressed for being useless? I am in ch. 127 but I didnot see MC trying to improve herself but just relying on friends to do the job. And no back bone what-so-ever. At first it was cute but now its... more>> irritating. For being Hope of goddess and handing life and death of 50+ knights is it alright to be so passive and weak willed?? <<less
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