Sekai Ichi no Imouto-sama


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Maria Lunalady Blackhazel is a beautiful genius with heterochromatic eyes. Oh, that and she’s also the leader of a ruthless, multinational private military company that brings forth chaos and destruction. Known as the “Princess of Pure Darkness” around the world, she’s the subject of many people’s admiration, hatred and fear. But to the main character Siyoung, he’s an irrelevant person living in a completely different world. That is, until one day she suddenly shows up and kisses him.

“I wanted to see you, Onii-sama…”

And just like that, Siyoung was given the world’s greatest little sister.

*Please note that this is a Korean light novel.

Associated Names
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The World's Greatest Little Sister
세계 제일의 여동생님
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08/27/15 Imoutolicious LNT v2c2 part3b
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01/17/14 Imoutolicious LNT v2c2 part1
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06/08/13 Imoutolicious LNT v2 prologue
04/22/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1 afterwords
04/22/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1 epilogue
04/19/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c6 part3
04/16/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c6 part2
02/23/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c6 part1
02/17/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c5 part3
01/05/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c5 part2
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vongolax rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: --
Honestly it felt like it could've been a good light read, the premise is more or less cliche but since I haven't seen it in a while (as in long lost family member reunites which also happens to be some sort of high class lineage). I thought why not, could go for a good read. I did not expect myself to be so infuriated, seriously in many novels there would be situations where you would be mad because for example villain A did this which made Protagonist A mad hence... more>> making me mad. But this is just bullshit, I don't know why this guy takes all the sh*t his sister Dorothy and Lily gives him. In anime I can kind of see it could be funny, it happens sometimes when side characters peev the protagonist. Goddamn the things they do to him, I would rather see him shoot himself in the head and just end the story. In no way should he take this kind of treatment, the only person who remotely treats him well is Maria. I wish he would rage out, it would make it more entertaining. I think the fact he's super passive about it is what pisses me off, he even says he feels like an outsider no matter where he goes. Then why the f*ck are you there, what could possibly keep you there. I normally don't review novels bu this seriously pissed me off, grow some balls Protag <<less
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