Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort


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He is high above, the mysterious and terrible King of the Wild. With one glance, he can see people’s romances. He hates women to the extreme, but at his first glance of her, he dotes on her and spoils her.
She is a humble transmigrator, a miracle doctor who doesn’t care for the many handsome men around her. She only wants to become strong, to be worthy of that god-like man. But when she’s finally sure of her feelings, she finds out she’s already been married for years…
When wronged:
She uses strength to hit the big handsome iceberg-like man in front of her eyes. “People say that I’m not good enough for you, but it is you who is an old cow eating tender grass!”
A man seizes the main point and laughs like an evildoer. “This husband has to eat the grass to confirm if it is tender or not!” He puts out the red candle……
The world says:
The barbarian king has no heart and has no passion.
A pregnant woman very miserably thinks,” If he has no passion, then who is responsible for this big belly?”

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01/25/20 JS Translations1 c32 part2
01/25/20 JS Translations1 c32 part1
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01/04/20 JS Translations1 c27 part2
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12/30/19 JS Translations1 c26 part1
12/24/19 JS Translations1 c25 part2
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Tannyc rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c1
I read this novel quite sometimes ago in its original language. I read it halfway through as at that time this novel was still ongoing and I’m losing patient waiting for the updates. Not that I’m giving it up cause it is a very good novel to read, it has an interesting plot and you won’t get bored so it is under my highly recommended books for other readers to give it a try
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