Seize the Throne


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Bian Yi was the antagonist of a BL Novel who got his body stolen by a transmigrator.

Bian Yi became aware of that fact only after being imprisoned for more than a decade.

In this book, Bian Yi and his childhood friend Kou Li, who also happened to be the Gong Protagonist, fell in love with each other and got married. However, when Kou Li suffered a decline in his business, Bian Yi left his son and ran away. The antagonist canon fodder who ran away didn’t expect that Kou Li would be able to rise again in a few days, nor did he expect that the son he abandoned would become an absolute genius in the future.

The transmigrator was sent to the moment Bian Yi left home. He, who was well aware of the plot, and had the same face as Bian Yi, brought big bags of gifts to Bian Yi and Kou Li’s home.

The door was opened and a storm brewed into the eyes of the man at the other side of the door.

The transmigrator tilted his head, smiled at Kou Li, and said to him: “What is it? You know how hard it is to raise a kid, right? Don’t be angry with me, I brought you a present.”

Since then, both his husband and son no longer belonged to Bian Yi.

Ever since that moment, the trapped Bian Yi tried everything to escape. However, he failed to free himself every single time. In the end, he died with great resentment.

Bian Yi thought that this would be the end of his miserable life, but he never expected that a voice, who claimed to be a ‘Revenge System’, would find him.

Bian Yi then returned to the first year after being replaced.

The first thing Bian Yi did, once he came back, was to buy a knife at a supermarket and rush towards Kou Li’s house. As he held the knife against his former husband’s neck, he shouted crazily: “Are you f*cking blind?!”

There was blood dripping on the floor.

Bian Yi was pinned against the wall, and his neck was bitten roughly by that man.

Kou Li, whose lips were still stained with Bian Yi’s blood, was acting even madder than Bian Yi. When suddenly, Bian Yi heard that man’s hoarse voice ringing in his ears: “After seventeen years, you’re finally back.”

Associated Names
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duó wèi [chóng shēng]
Take The Position
夺位 [重生]
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New Tanni rated it
May 26, 2023
Status: --
10/10 story. The plot is very different perspective to a Transmigration story. I love the MC and ML dynamic as well as the side characters.
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New michieblu rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: Completed
What a wonderful story! I cried while reading this! Love the ending! I love how MC and ML reconciled and able to continue their marriage life like before the transmigration of the fake one.

... more>>

MC and ML were the true protagonist of the world. The system created a fake story for the MC to gain and harvest the hatred from the MC, but MC still love the ML. Both MC and ML's mind was affected after everything happened that's why when they are reborn ML and MC wants to kill each other. But when the MC learned the truth he was able to understand everything was fake and realize he still love ML. Feels like MC is tsundere to ML.

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erista rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: Completed
this was... wow. this was an experience. a pretty interesting and unique one!

heavy spoilers (you have been warned) ^^;

    • spoilers ab the MC and ML's relationship

      when the MC was trapped in the space, he saw a bunch of stuff that was essentially the ML "doting" on the transmigrator.

      this was actually fake, since the ML immediately knew that the transmigrator wasn't the MC and guarded against him the moment he stepped through the door.

      he even warned their son that the transmigrator was a fake.

      both MC and ML are... not mentally sound? after all that stuff happening to them. there's a lil violence but it's mostly resolved.

    • spoilers about the transmigrator

      in the second life, MC publicly exposes the transmigrator as a fake (since MC and transmigrator are two separate bodies) and ML gets revenge against the transmigrator by trapping him in a lab and implanting chips (like the tech kind) into the transmigrator's brain. by this point the transmigrator's system escapes to find a new host. transmigrator "escapes" the lab and runs into his past lovers.

      for sensitive readers, please note that the transmigrator got kidnapped and continuously r*ped by the past lovers. he tried to escape but was dismembered.

    • spoiler about son

      he is also reborn! (triple rebirth? lol)

      didn't tell his parents because he knows they have issues from the first life and wants them to find joy in raising him this life (unlike the last)

    • spoiler about the transmigrator's system (read son spoilers)

      system tries to get new host. new host is actually a good person and is like "??? wtf no".

      ML and his doctor friend eventually trick the host back to the lab and extract the system. system almost escapes but the reborn son traps the system in his own created system and makes it go through constant torture.

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Lost Happiness
Lost Happiness
July 6, 2021
Status: --
As the author's note says, the plot ain't sweet and have lots of drama and pain mixed in.

... more>>

MC hates ML for not being able to save him from being confined for 16 years. ML knew that the one who came back home was an imposter and succeeded in confining the system and researched on ways to save MC but it was fruitless. What MC viewed on the screen was a fake projection made by the system as ML confessed that during the 16 (17) years he had guarded against the imposter and protected their son.

Lots of trust issues on MC part, while ML just hopes that MC is actually MC else he will kill him. ML can tell MC is MC but he is scared that MC will one day get replaced again.

Both of them are a little insane due to the 16 (17) years of pain, MC being confined and see his (fake projection) son getting hurt and seeing (fake projection) ML cherish the imposter while ML sees the imposter acting strange with MC body and uses his body to seduce people.

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omgquiznak rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
A short read that I finished in 6~ hours. Major landmine: The MC and ML are sort of crazy and wanted to kill each other at the start. Sounds weird, but the author did a great job of writing their sickness and their changing mental state. The plot was good and well executed for the most part, especially for a considerably short story. Author didn't try to fit too much plot in or put in too much filler. The length of this novel is good for this novel. There were... more>> honestly parts I felt confused with, but it's probably just my dumb brain not processing the plot fast enough. I wish the ending was more detailed though. I guess I just wanted more extras. Anyways, it's a good novel, I enjoyed reading it. The only major thing I dislike about the novel was it's neon green cover. Hurts my eye to look at. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
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Dummy rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: --
Hope this novel gets translated finish soon so I can read it again. But Mtl was readable if you're desperate. I felt so bad for both the MC and ML who went a little crazy after all they went through

About MC's kidnapping.

... more>>

ML has always been a little yandere and wanted to lock MC up. After they got into a small conflict about MC job, MC was overtaken by the transmigrator. In fact, MC was already planning to quit his job and go home to coax his husband. But the one who came home was fake MC and ML always blamed himself for being the reason for MC disappearing. He even watched MC make out and f*ck other people hoping that MC would come back to him once he saw that ML had suffered enough. I did wonder if ML would go a little crazy and finally imprison MC but I guess he dares not do anything to MC, apart from the occasional times he went berserk


Their child is so cute


their son was actually reborn. The genius who was working to free MC with his father grew up pitifully because 1 father was a fake and the other one is uh... suffering. I didnt expect the son to be reborn, kept wishfully thinking past world son would be able to somehow see his father reunite. I guess it eorked out, though a bit differently but I'm glad for this


In this angsty novel, the only comedic tone is actually Jiang Shi (whose willpower is as hard as a stone lmao)


he refused system's evil enticement and made the system puke blood so many times. He's so cute and funny honestly. I could read more about it


Binged it till 3am, its not too long but I wish there were extras 😭😭

Agree with one reviewer - the neon green cover is killing me eyes. Anyway the title isn't too accurate in the literal sense - I thought it was a historical novel but it's very modern and futuristic. It's more about seizing the body or rightful position as the real person <<less
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Melange rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a pretty angsty novel novel about two damaged individuals and their road to recovery. The author did a good job of portraying each character's negative emotions and reservations after years of suffering.

... more>>

MC could see everything that was happening between ML and the imposter during his 16 years of imprisonment, but later discovered that it was an augmented history.

ML knew that MC had been replaced but was afraid that the imposter was using MC's body and was therefore afraid to hurt the imposter for fear that he might kill MC. In the end, he managed to trap the imposter but thought that he had accidentally killed MC and was riddled with guilt.


It's a novel filled with many raw emotions and there is a happy ending, although the finale was a little strange.


Their son managed to perfect a device that could catch rogue systems and became the protector of their world before ascending to a different dimension. @[email protected]??

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cherryblossomsinsummer rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: Completed
I must admit that this book has given me a new perspective towards transmigration stories. When the MC said, no matter how miserable his life was, it was still his, why should an outsider replace him and give ‘him’ a better life? I was thoroughly surprised. Because in most stories, we don’t really see what happen to the soul of the original character, system may say that they’re dead, but to what extent can we trust it? That’s why I am so so amazed by how the author can depict... more>> another transmigration perspective that differs from what we usually consume.

The dynamic between MC and ML touched my little heart, their love, their hatred, their anxiety were perfectly written. And I love their child so much, and the ending was quite unexpected but still it was wrapped up nicely. Overall a 5/5 from me <<less
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October 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I won't rate it yet, I MTL'd it and some of the really angsty parts between the MC and ML in the middle didn't translate well. It's either the MTL or the author is bad at transitions and flow. I'm thinking it's the MTL.

Edit 10/15: just read the authors other work, which was well written, so I think the MTL is bad.

I usually like fluffy, OP stories so this was a bit of a deviation for me. The begining until about chapter 32ish is hard on the heart. I... more>> am a sucker for such a complete HE like this one.

I also don't usually like side couples, but the actor and doctor were cute.

the little actor ends up with the bad system, but notices inconsistencies with the "story". He is cleaver and is able to convey to the doc and MC he has the system and they help him extract the system. I loved how the actor irritated the system, it provided the only humor in the novel.

The actor and the doc end up married, but the doc never explains how he knew his favorability rating, or how he was able to artificially raise it so high.


Honestly, I didn't like the MC and ML much, but after what they went through it is to be expected that their characters are flawed. MC is tsundere and ML is yandere.

Possible trigger warning, there is a lot of domestic violence between MC and ML to begin with, from both equally.

they go from absolutely hating each other, as in they want to kill each other, to loving deeply like newlyweds.


It seems like the translation has been dropped, but if it is ever fully translated, I would read again.

Also +1 to the other reviewers, the lime green cover is blinding. Opened it up in a dark room, late at night... big mistake <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
May 7, 2023
Status: Completed
A very good transmigration (or should we say anti-transmigration?) novel with a twist!

I love that the MC is super intense, vindictive and somewhat crazy. He unapologetically, arbitrarily indulges in his emotions (resentment, hatred, etc.) even knowing the possibility that he could be wrong, because he suffered through so much trauma.

Both MC and ML are kinda cray-cray, which made it an entertaining read.

The mystery of the past and their relationship is filled with sparks and tension, which is carried throughout the story. There isn't a lot of fluff (it's mostly drama),... more>> but what fluff that is there is very sweet.

I wish the story was a tad longer but it's very compact and well-paced as is. Great translation as well.

My other rec is [Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*sh Bin] because that handles transmigrators with equal sensitivity. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
auraizen rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Super unique, provides a new perspective onto transmigration novels. Recommend!

The ending did feel rushed and lacking tbh, like that's it? They're happy but I wish there would've been atleast one more chapter describing it rather than a few sentences, I'm lacking closure.

Still 5 stars for the new concept that's a breath of fresh air, solid writing
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Adriana28 rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked the novel. Just completed reading, as it was not completely translated so have to read the raws, but they were readable and could be understood. But still hope it to be completely translated. It's a 💎. It's a a pretty interesting and unique story. But the wallpaper though, ohhh plz change it, I feel it poking my eyes 🙄

It was indeed angsty in earlier chapters. But later it was nice. ML and MC loved each other alot and we're equally crazy about each other. Loved their son... more>> alot. Such a sweetheart. And fell in love the way Jiang shi made system vomit blood.

Guys if u r still deciding whether to read it or not I suggest u to give it a try, it's really a nice one and am sure u would love it. Thanks for the author for giving us an accident story. <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: --
Ahhhhh reading this makes me so sad.

MC is so broken from being forced to watch all of his friends and family and even husband not even notice and even prefer his "new" self for almost 2 decades. I genuinely dont know how he continues living, granted he has major self esteem issues along with a sh*t ton of other damage, but still - if I was in his position I would have killed myself long ago, if not the day I came back.

Not much of it has been translated so... more>> I dont know why ML was okay with the transmigrater for ~17 years if he

was the one to end the og timeline in the first place by killing him

but I am high-key heartbroken from the lack of reparations and validation to our MC. Even though im fairly sure these get resolved later but the chaps havent been translated and I dont wanna ruin a 5 star novel by MTLing so ig ill just have to suffer in pain for now.

I feel like tr*sh saying this but I genuinely feel bad for the transmigrater because

he was given a choice of death or live as MC only for the system to have planned for MC to come back and get revenge on him for choosing to live instead of die in the first place

Hes still an ass though. He could have had a good life and taken care of things the body he took over cared about, as the least he could do for stealing someone's life, yet he still played around and ruined the things MC cared about with no regards to anything. But... still. Anyone in that position would still have been screwed over by that regardless of whether he did anything wrong or not. So I still feel pity for him... though its less for the actual person, and more for the 'position' I suppose.

Really hoping this one keeps getting updated! Its quite short so its wont be a huge strain on a translator's time (wink wink). <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hualian bae
Hualian bae rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c1
*clutches my heart tremblingly* WOAH JUST WOAHHHH!!


wooooowwww this story has many many layers and twists and knives and whatnot... but taken as a whole its a story about one person trying to get back what was taken away from him and the other person searching for his beloved😭😭😭😭 super super touching ah and OUR MC WAS DECEIVED BY THE SYSTEM... more>>

TILL THE HATE VALUE ROSE TO 99 BUT IT DIDN'T REACH 100 because he still had a tiny speck of faith for his lover even in the middle of a MASSIVE deception

😭😭😭😭 my heart is aching for the characters ah but finally they got their happy ending😭😭

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyaa.23 rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

Interesting plot with interesting characters. The MC and ML are kinda crazy just how I like them. They have issues and the tension is through the roof. There's another person that the bug chose but the person has sufficient iq and think that the bug is evil.

The scenes with their son are cute. The son is a great addition to the story. Finally a novel that has a child serving a purpose.

... more>> The translation is good and the mtl is passable.

Cons :

Kinda wish there's more lovey dovey scenes but I enjoyed this novel very much. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JustHannahK rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is so good it is short but every chapter shows why the MC and ML act like that. The author did a grea job depicting the characters development.


i just wish I can see some extras that elaborate more of the bugs and their little sons insecticide hahahaha

I also like the AI that was develop by their little son

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kayachoumin rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I really like to novel. Would absolutely recommend it's short (in my opinion read it in two days) and you can see the mental evolution of our two protagonists.

It give me a new perspective towards transmigration stories, the questions that I never thought of "where do the owner of the body go if a transmigrator came and took his body?" and it was done without his willingness and consent because of some " higher being". On certain stories we can see that the owner of the body was willingly... more>> giving his body to the transmigrator but in this case its different because he was trapped and unwilling. <<less
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secondthots rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Unique & stands out in the shelf of transmigrated novels. It takes on a starker tone & showcases a lot of the repercussions related to “system-transmigration” concepts. It’s angsty, there’s some dog-blood, but the outcome makes sense & it’s extremely gratifying.

You don’t often hear the perspective of the original person whose body was taken over by a foreign transmigrator. Generally, the original character is either dead or they somehow just vanished for the sake of plot. But this novel really shines in highlighting the dark reality of what it... more>> means to be truly replaced by another who has the same face & voice as yourself. It’s pretty terrifying. Plot was well-executed, the misunderstandings were solved, the plot twists made sense—overall a great novel. The romance is great. Maybe I liked it a lot because I have a soft spot for obsessive male leads. It’s a short read too, so nothing felt dragged. I wish there were more extras—especially on Jiang Shi & Jian Yi. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lucy666 rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I was sooo scared to read this one but I'm glad I did eventually read it. It does deserve the high ratings. It's a bit dark, as you can see from the synopsis and tags. I noticed that there was an mpreg tag here... more>>

There isn't actually mpreg as in a man getting pregnant. MC and ML do have a kid but it's clearly explained that he was a product of biotechnology (one of the main side characters Jian Yi is also famous for contributing towards the creation of this technology, in fact)


The plot is very refreshing and has very gloomy vibes but I kinda feel that the author was unable to capture the exact feelings of the main protagonists. I feel like it's a bit weak in the emotional aspect, it just didn't feel that angsty. However, I'll overlook that because it's a pretty short story. There are 45 chapters including the extras, and let me tell you, the plot and the twists definitely didn't deserve that.

The story was pretty good and gradually explained the actual backstory. Their past is so, so sad that it deserved some tears from me. It's just that the writing style felt a bit rushed, so it couldn't invoke the proper emotions from me. I really, really appreciate the author's dedication towards not leaving out any plotholes. They really did plan this story well.

I think my favourite part was the characters. Be it MC Bian Yi who both loves and hates the ML, Kou Li, the ML, who gave up everything including his sanity and life for the MC, Kou Sen, their child, who was wise beyond his age due to the tragedies he experienced, Jian Yi who acted like a perverted mixture of frivolous dandy and mad researcher but was actually a very loyal friend and a genius, or Jiang Shi, the person the system tried to parasitize but failed because of just how genuinely good the person was, I love them all.

Jiang Shi is probably my favourite character in the entire story.


He's the person the system chooses as a backup host. Originally, he's a very happy go lucky 18 year old who's just starting out in society. The day the system takes root in his mind is the day his hell starts. He thinks for himself and I just love how even though everybody thinks he's a silly fool, he can actually make out everything that is wrong with the system. He doesn't accept the system's task and suffers a lot of torture due to it, but he decides that he'd rather die of torture than hurt innocent people. His determination and strength makes me love him so much. He's baby.


Kou sen, MC and ML's baby was my second favourite character.

He's reincarnated too, but he acts like an actual child when he sees how jaded and broken his parents have become. He does everything silently just so that his parents can be happy. It's also hilarious that the most powerful person in this story isn't MC or ML, but their son Kou Sen. He's the one who saves the world, and doesn't even take credit for it. All he wants is for his parents to not have any regrets.

His overly powerful mind is also explained to be a result of the method of his conception. He was "created" via biotechnology, and the best genes of both his parents had been used for his creation. There's another mini plot point where he's seen as a monster by many people, just because of his genius abilities and the fact that he wasn't born via the normal method.


Besides that, the antagonists are also given some depth. They are rotten to the core, foolish, and greedy, and they all get their just desserts. The original transmigrator who started everything has a very gruesome ending which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but everything that happened was a result of his own actions.

The story is dark. Do not expect a lot of fluff. The romance is bloody, but not dogblooded. MC and ML are both crazy because of the mental torture they went through their first life, and they know they are crazy. They actively try to take care of their mental as well as physical health so that they don't worry their loved ones.

Honestly, I leaned more towards 4 stars because there were indeed quite a lot of problems in this story (short length, pace too fast, a LOT of suspension of belief etc), but Jiang Shi and Kou Sen were too lovely for me to give his any less than 5 stars. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely Great Novel with well detailed Perfect ending!

Everything cleared and solved. It was truly a big relief and happiness!!!

It's not so dog blood. It's sad but we won't be buried by Sadness reading this novel. The madness MC and ML feels makes it more complex. And the deep Family feels they have gave us more Loving flavor as well.

And we Love Smart people here. Because people using their brain here, the story also not Frustrating. This is me saying my Love to Jiang Shi. ❤ This novel has the Unexpected Pleasant... more>> Surprises that made this novel even more Lovable.

The point is, this novel doesn't do any Unnecessary Drama whatsoever. Everything was well written and well reasonable. It's Worth it please do try read it!!! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: Completed
What I hate about this novel is that

- I've been reading transmigration stories for years! So like Guan Xi (the transmigrator), I also want to transmigrate into a novel and I kinda hate that this novel makes my dreams shatter cause I realize that not all systems are good lol

Kidding aside, this is a really good novel. It's so different from other transmigration novels

... more>> Plus you can really feel the hatred between MC and ML, it hurts seeing them like that but who can blame them? It's been 17 years.

Why they hate each other

MC blamed the ML because ML couldn't save him (he knows he shouldn't blame ML but it's his longing for ML that turned into hatred.

ML hates MC because like MC, it's also his love and longing that turned into hatred. He became mad because he couldn't find MC for 17 years and when he was just a few minutes away from saving MC, MC died (in the first world)


I was a bit confused about the timeline at first so sharing with you the timeline in case you're like me:

    • Before rebirth - 17 years: A transmigrator took MC's place while MC was trapped in a small room where he can only 'watch' the transmigrator interact with his husband, son and everyone. MC spoiler:

      the system also shows MC misleading scenes. For example, ML making love with someone who looks like MC so MC assumes ML actually couldn't differentiate him from the transmigrator and is happy with the transmigrator when in fact it's just past chuchu scenes between MC and ML.

      The system also showed MC that a teacher wanted to mol*st his son. Then showed him that his son was in a hospital and looks like life was drained of him (This is one of the biggest reasons why MC hates ML, because he thinks that ML failed to protect their son)

      But in fact, in the real world, the guy wanted to mol*st his son but ML saw his ill intent right away. The reason the son is in a hospital is because he fell down, probably broke his leg and he's really sad because he just learned from ML that MC was really kidnapped and the one at their house isn't the real MC


      ML spoiler:


      Yes, ML kept the fake MC by his side but he made it clear that he hated him. Like he wouldn't let the fake MC near him or his son. He kept him by his side because he wanted to protect MC's body. He thought it's only the souls the souls that were switched when in fact, it's the bodies.

      He knew right at the very start that the fake MC isn't really MC. He even told MC's mom that MC was replaced. But whenever they tested fake MC's dna or genes, it's the same as the real MC so mom didn't believe ML.

      The past 17 years, ML was finding a way to find the MC and help him escape. His son also grew up and was helping with this (son is a genius scientist). Unfortunately, they were so close but MC died just before they could save him

        • Rebirth - the 1st yr: With the knowledge from their experiments before the rebirth, ML successfully helped MC escaped. At this 1 year, only ML had a rebirth and also their son but they didn't know it yet at that time
    • Rebirth - after 1 yr: MC successfully escaped. This is where they got to meet, almost kill each other several times, had their revenge
What I also like about this story is that there's no unnecessary fillers or unnecessary flashbacks. Like the author told us that MC and ML are married and only show snippets about their relationship before they experienced the bad stuff.

I like this because I dislike long winded flashbacks so this is really really good!

Thanks author-sama + translator-sans! <<less
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lubauffs rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: Completed
It is worth reading (well at least for me) , this a little bit heavy but it's not really a problem for me 'cause I'm prolly kinda sick in the head. Now that I remember thanks to this novel, I have found out why I seem to hate systems so much and I only like few of them in the stories I've read, that da*m bug is a nuisance.
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