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Meet Rio: a callous orphaned boy living in the slums. At only 7-years-old, he realizes he’s actually the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past. While still reeling from this shocking epiphany, Rio also comes to learn that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities and uses his new powers to solve the kidnapping case of a little girl. His good deed is acknowledged, and he’s rewarded by being enrolled into… a prestigious academy for noble children…?

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Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles
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New slik rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: v10
Honestly this was great! I gave up on the web novel version of this

cause of what happened with Miharu

but I decided to give the LN a try and honestly I have no regrets. The issues I had with the WN where resolved excellently. A well deserved 5 stars for me.
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Ispheria rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: v8 (finished)
This is the most exhausting light novel I've ever read. The author took what was a badly paced web novel that was already full of filler and stretched it out as much as possible. But because they had nothing to fill it with, they had to settle with absolute nothings that just make the story worse.

Of course, the pacing isn't the only thing that makes this exhausting to read. But before I get into that, let me save you some time.

Does the idea of a horde of little girls falling... more>> in love with someone who is mentally 20 years old (25-ish if you count the time spent in the novel) bother you? How about a detailed instance of an elementary school student falling for that 20 year old while he's in that adult body? Do you like characters with actual personalities? Or villains who's motive to do bad stuff actually exist? Do you want something that isn't going to waste your time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this novel isn't for you. Turn back now and burn this novel from your mind. But if you're considering reading this novel anyways then lets move on to the actual review.

The blurb for this story really only covers the beginning of the first arc, so let me tell you what this story is actually about. Rio / Haruto (who I would normally just refer to as the MC, but for reasons I'll get into later I'll call Mr. Perfect from now on) spends the beginning of the first book moping around pining after his missing childhood friend. Suddenly he dies and wakes up as some homeless kid in another world.

Some stuff happens which I'll put in spoilers later to talk about in more detail but then the school arc starts. Of course Mr. Perfect is the smartest student ever and gets picked on by the nobles (just the guys though, the girls are too busy falling for him) and then something else happens and the school arc (along with volume 1) abruptly ends.

After that Mr. Perfect wanders the land saving little girls and making them fall in love with him for the rest of the series.

I'm not kidding about the little girls by the way. The loli tag doesn't mean there's 1 or 2 lolis in the story to appease the lolicons. Almost every girl in the story is a loli, including the 12 year old teacher. So if lolis make you uncomfortable, this story really isn't for you.

Speaking of girls, there are only 3 types of girls in this story. There's the girls who aware that they're in love with Mr. Perfect, the girls who have yet to realize that they are, and direct relatives who may or may not fall into the other 2 categories as well. Unfortunately it's clear that the author prioritized quantity over quality because there's a ton of them (I actually lost track) and none of them are any good.

This is mainly due to the fact that, outside of the first book, there are only 3 types of conversations as well.

The first is people complimenting each other over and over again. I'm fairly certain that every single girl has been described as "beautiful" at this point. I'm not saying that the author describes how beautiful they are; they simply have the characters use the word "beautiful" to describe each girl. That's probably because they have no defining character traits other than being a loli (which isn't a defining trait in this story because they're all lolis).

The second type is girls discussing how perfect Mr. Perfect is. This happens way more than necessary especially since they never say anything new. It's always about how strong, cool, handsome, mysterious, or polite Mr. Perfect is.

And the third is people apologizing repeatedly over trivial things using the most polite speech possible. For example:

"I'm sorry. I know that this is impudent of me, and for that I am most ashamed, but could I ask that you refrain from asking my reason as part of my reward? Of course, I have absolutely no intention of harming the hero in any way, and will explain the situation properly when the right time comes, " Rio said, bowing his head deeply to Liselotte.

He talks like this to every single character by the way. Half his words are wasted because they're just overly formal filler. That goes for the other nobles in the story as well. And there's a lot of them.

Honestly I'm starting to think that the author is have a personal competition with themselves trying to see whether they can call a character beautiful or have a character apologize more.

Oh yeah, and occasionally characters will introduce themselves over and over. As in they'll introduce themselves to a group, and everyone in the group introduces themselves as well. Then they move to another spot where there are more characters and everyone reintroduces themselves yet again. But it's hard to consider this a form of conversation no matter how often it happens.

As a result of this the girls can't ever have a real conversation, even when something that should be traumatic happens. One particular instance of this actually triggered me because it's a pretty serious issue.

One of the girls actually almost gets r*ped but is saved, of course, by Mr. Perfect himself. Did that cause any emotional damage? She doesn't have time to talk about that. What's important is making sure the reader knows she has a greater appreciation for how perfect Mr. Perfect is now. Then they sell the rapists (who she's known for a while) to s*avers. Any thoughts on that? Of course not! More importantly there's another damsel in distress for Mr. Perfect to save over there!


I take that back. That thing in the spoilers reminded me that one of the girls does in fact have something that sets her apart from the rest. After all that's happened to her she should really have her name changed. Her middle name should be "In". And her first and last names "Damsel" and "Distress". Quite literally the only times Mr. Perfect interacts with her is when he's saving her. I don't mean from something like bullying. I mean life threatening stuff.

In the first book she's kidnapped and saved by Mr. Perfect. Then she's shoved off a cliff and saved again by Mr. Perfect. 2 minutes later she is attacked by a Minotaur and saved yet again by Mr. Perfect. That's 3x in 1 book. And then 2 more times in a later book.


Speaking of fights, they're pretty bland. It's mostly just reading about how Mr. Perfect elegantly slices up monsters that give everyone else trouble. But worse than being bland, most of them are filler.

The Minotaur fight I mentioned early for example had 0 effect on the story. If the monster wasn't there then the story would have been exactly same, except the MC would've saved DID (Damsel In Distress) one less time. The fight at the end of book 2 is also filler. And a bunch of other fights as well.


They don't even help the pacing, which is significantly worse than the web novel thanks to all the filler and pointless inner monologues. It takes about 4 books for the story to even start, and when it finally gets going the story is constantly interrupted by completely irrelevant filler that wasn't there in the web novel. For example:

At one point Mr. Perfect saves the DID again along with some other important people. Some of the people are important to his goals, and others are dangerous because they might blow his cover, which he doesn't want. From their perspective they've just been saved by a mysterious and extremely powerful pretty boy. And then it cuts to a scene miles away of girls doing nothing and preparing to go to the pool. Which they have for some reason. And swimsuits.


By the way, if you're sick of me calling the main character "Mr. Perfect" at this point, you'd better get used to it if you're going to read this story. Because the girls do it way more than I do, except instead of just using a name, they take several lines of dialogue to praise him.

The pointless thoughts are even worse. They reveal how oblivious Mr. Perfect is and insult the reader's intelligence at the same. For example:

Meanwhile, Hiroaki had remained silent the entire time up until this point. "... It seems you were sure busy this time."
"Are you in better health now too, hero? I had heard that you fell unconscious after releasing your power..." Rio asked while examining Hiroaki's face.
"Who knows. You say that, but all I did was exterminate a couple of those c*ckroach-like monsters before spending the rest of the time sleeping. The one who had the biggest spotlight defeating minotaurs and rescuing Flora was you, wasn't it?" Hiroaki said in a blunt, sulking tone. His words almost sounded like he was jealous of Rio's achievements.
... What's that about? Rio couldn't understand why Hiroaki was in a bad mood, so he tread carefully.
"I highly doubt that to be the case..."
"No no, your stocks are only soaring higher. There are rumors about you circulating everywhere in the mansion. It's almost like the birth of a new hero. Right, Flora?" Hiroaki said, suddenly addressing the princess.
"Eh? Ah, y-yes." Surprised, Flora nodded along on the spur of the moment.
"See? Told you." Hiroaki shrugged his shoulders, unimpressed.
"Sir Haruto, your tea." Aria approached Rio and quietly placed tea on the table. Beneath the teacup was a piece of paper with writing on it.
Rio narrowed his eyes when he spotted the letter under the cup. He wondered if it was Aria's writing; it was written in excellent penmanship. After witnessing the attendants praising your contributions, combined with the fact his own efforts fell short, he has been left in a bit of a sulky mood. The fact that Princess Flora has taken an interest in you has also been another source of his bad mood. We apologize for the trouble.
There was no need for Aria to be the one apologizing at all. It was more likely that Hiroaki had been the one to demand his presence at their meeting, and there was no way for anyone to deny him.
I see. Rio understood what Hiroaki must be feeling and thanked Aria courteously. Meanwhile �
Bah, what is this? This dull, dull feeling... Like having a newbie join and receive clear favoritism from their superiors right away. Nothing kills the mood more than this... Hiroaki's eyes must have been clouded with envy, as his thoughts were completely unreasonable.
It was true that giving preferential treatment to a newbie with no achievements whatsoever could only be interpreted as favoritism. It was an action that would antagonize the senior figures that had supported the organization until now, in some way or another.
However, it was a different story when that newbie had already shown more outstanding results than the senior figures, objectively proving their worth and capability. Any good organization would give such talented figures a befitting amount of appreciation.
If anything, it would be a problem if an incompetent person was valued more highly than a talented person. Organizations were not formed from machines, after all. If incompetence was praised and talent ignored, the talented people would naturally feel discontent. There were plenty of other opportunities to be had by talented people, so only the incompetent ones would inevitably remain in the organization.
Of course, there were some cases of organizations placing higher value on areas other than visible results, but he wasn't a psychic. There was no way he could see through that; he wouldn't know unless it was indicated as such. Not to mention that Rio was a person outside of the organization. For Liselotte and Duke Huguenot, he was their savior and the largest contributor to the relief efforts, making him someone they wanted to get closer to by all means. He had achieved results that were objectively impossible to fault, so it was only natural for him to be praised. Or rather, they would be distancing themselves from Rio if they didn't, which would make Liselotte lose face.
That was why Hiroaki's discontent towards the warm hospitality being shown to Rio was simply being misdirected. Or rather, if he was envious, then he should have used that envy as a driving force instead. But Hiroaki lacked the spirit for that.
Ah yes, the neutral side character that appears later than the main character while being stronger too. The one that has to ruin the overpowered uniqueness of the main character, right? What a drag.
Hiroaki disapproved of Rio from whatever point of view he could think of. In his head, he was being logical, but the fact his evaluation was based off his emotions meant it was anything but.

They spent several lines apologizing and praising Mr. Perfect just to get to that point, only for Mr. Perfect to explain why someone would be jealous of him. There's no need for an explanation. It's obvious to anyone who has half a brain. Which Mr. Perfect apparently doesn't have because he needed someone to confirm it for him.

You can almost feel the author desperately graps at whatever words they could find to maximize the amount of filler in this story. That combined with the lack of variety of speech and overly polite way everyone talks makes this novel completely exhausting to read. I had to take several breaks to get through it all.

Oh yeah, and here's some spoilers that I also I want to comlain about while I'm writing this review.

Remember that girl that Mr. Perfect spent book 1 pining over? Well she comes back as a 15 year old. So this 25 year old guy finally gets his chance to be with a 15 year old girl. That's creepy.


The main villain has no reason to do any of the things he does. He has this strange fixation with messing with DID, so Mr. Perfect saves her. It seems like the only reason the bad guy exists is to create the distress that Mr. Perfect saves the damsels from.


The 3rd book is entirely pointless. The WHOLE BOOK is filler. Mr. Perfect goes to a village and make some more girls fall for him. Then he leaves and the girls are never heard from again. We do learn that Mr. Perfect's mother was a princess, but that's to be expected from someone as perfect as Mr. Perfect


The 8th book is literally Mr. Perfect picking up the girls (and 1 guy) to go to a party. That's it.

I'm sure there's other to complain about, but it's not worth taking the time to think and write about. Just like how you shouldn't bother reading this book. <<less
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EmmaKat4800 rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: c29
This is a very good story. It's a tiny bit dark at the beginning, but there are plenty of heartwarming moments for those that don't like dark stories. There is an actual Main Goal for our MC, and while he does get considerably sidetracked, those detours though are completely rational and foreshadowed ahead of time. MC is pretty OP, but that doesn't stop him from ending up in disadvantaged situations. The characters are really fleshed out, and there's a lot of character development, especially for side characters. Anyway, I really... more>> liked it. If you tend to enjoy slice-of-life or adventure, then you'll probably enjoy this too. Thank you for reading my review :) <<less
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Kuzero rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: --
Currently in the middle of book 3, and not super motivated to keep going.

I think Ispheria's review go at length about most of the problems I have in this series. But to sum them up a bit.

    • There is being perfect, and there is being the protagonist of this novel. It's another level altogether. I feel like half of the story (if not more) is reminding us again and again why he is perfect. And it gets tiring. Seriously, at this point, I feel like I should just go watch p*rn and masturbate, I would feel less s*upid than reading this novel.
    • I hope you like loli, because that's 90% of the world population is loli in this novel apprently. Even teachers are 12-years old lolis! I'm not kidding!
    • I hope you like the stereotype "men bad, girl good" because this novel will force this down your throat. Book 1 could be summed up as random guy hating the MC for random reasons, while loli girls being too busy falling for the MC. It's kinda ridiculous that I'm in volume 3 and there has been not a single remotely decent male character in the whole world, except a few rare elderly people, but even them are usually a**holes too. I thought the boy introduced (ah yeah, male characers are also mostly shota, just like girls are mostly loli) in vol 3 would be decent, but he turned to be a jerk too.
    • Book 1 is "Rio being treated unreasonably bad", Book 2 is "Rio being treated unreasonably good", Book 3 is "Filler is power. And might as well treat him good while we're at it". Though, book 3 is "better" than book 2. Book 2 is figuratively a whole villabe publicly jerking off to the MC for reasons I don't know about. Book 3 I at least understand why, and there are enough people jealous of him too to make the whole thing believable... even if it's all meaningless filler.
    • Conversations are mostly pointless since it's either a) praising the MC b) stating the obvious c) apologizing.
    • Characters are so bland I'm glad they have names because that's the only way to tell them apart.
On the other hand, I did like volume 1... kinda. It was pretty rough, but I like the "world against mc" and the whole "protagonist going on his journey". Unfortunately, the journey itself is mostly skipped over and focusing instead of him staying in random places to have loli girls falling for him. If filler were needed, I would preferred have read fillers about the journey instead of the "loli catching" fillers.

EDIT : Book 7 right now. First, I would say Book 1 - 3 is basically a needlessly long prologue. Book 2 + 3 should have been done in one book instead of two, though even from Book 4 onwards it's not exactly perfect. Pace is all over the place and story feels like it's never truly moving forward, or should I say it feels like it's looping? Here are some chapter names from different volumes to give you an idea...

  • Vol 2, chapter 6 : Life in the village
  • Vol 3, chapter 1 : Life in the village
  • Vol 3, chapter 2 : Passing days at the village
  • Vol 4, chapter 6 : Shopping (I think "Shopping in the village" is a better title, but I'm not the author)
  • Vol 5, chapter 2 : New life in the village
  • Vol 6, chapter 3 : Shopping

Weirdly enough, I feel like more happened in Vol1-3 than Vol4-6, despite Vol1-3 seeming much more filler like. It's just that, even with no filler, nothing of importance really happen. Well, Vol 4 stuff happens I guess, last part of Vol 5 though. Vol 6 I would have trouble saying what happened - and I just read it!


Another big problem with the pacing is the "interlude". While sometimes decent, they are more often than not absolutely needless filler whose only purpose is to lenghten the book; at the same time though, they perfectly break the pace. What's going to happen next in the story?! No, let's first spend some time to admire a bunch of girls taking a bath together in a far away location, which could and should be skipped to get back to the story...

Except for that, "tr*sh guy, good girl" is still going pretty strong, though one (with a potential second) decent guy was introduced.... But well....


It's basically the protagonist half-brother from his previous life. Yeah, we had to bring a japanese shota from another world to introduce the first decent guy in that whole novel. Potential second decent one is also a japanese person. Conclusion : all non-japanese guys are tr*sh by default.


I know it can be seen as pretty nitpicky of me to talk about that, but it's just pretty shallow that as a reader I can know if a character is good or not simply by looking at their gender.

Also, I think vilains deserve a mention (or in a general sense, conflict). So far, every enemies seems to be petty idiots that are mean for the sake of being mean, since it's their only defining trait. However, they generally don't matter and are only here to allow the author to add more lines in the book by having they say villain-like lines, but overall you can ignore them as if they were air since they don't matter.

There's on exception. There's a recurrent "antagonist" so far that actually create real trouble, though we have no idea why he does any of that, but at some point it's getting a bit... annoying.


(btw, Flora is only a minor character)

  • Book 1 : Reiss kidnaps Flora. Rio saves her.
  • Book 1 : Reiss unleashes monster to "test" the protagonist. One of them nearly kills flora. Rio saves her.
  • Book 2 : Reiss, for unknown reasons, unleash monster to the spirit village. Rio kill the monsters
  • Book 3... oh fortunately too far away from reiss here!
  • Book 4 : Reiss kidnaps people and unleash some monster (unknown reasons). Rio kill them.
  • Book 5 : While Reiss doesn't do anything in this book, we finally learn a little bit about him. Nice. I'm left even more confused than before though.
  • Book 6 : Reiss, for bullsh*t reasons, send monsters to ambush some people and Rio save them. Flora is included in those people. Remember book 1?
  • Book 7 : Reiss plans to kidnap Flora... Wait. Book 1?

As you can see, the main source of conflict in this novel is Mr. Reiss, a professional in creating damsel in distress. He seems to have a preference fro Flora, a minor character, and never fail to complain to the world why isn't Flora a more important character in the novel even though he is doing his damnest best to make her relevant.

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Mack071428 rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: v10
Not gonna lie, I originally dropped out because of how s*upidly 'pure' and 'understanding' the MC is, especially in v2. I came back about a year later and skipped that arc because it was a little nauseating. However, he changes; he becomes more practical and became able to kill without hesitation. Figuratively, the first person he kills is the naive Haruto himself. You see lingering attachments later on in volume 8+ but he thinks of such attachments as merely wills that Haruto passed on rather than his own memories or... more>> feelings.

None of that s*upid pure OP protag nonsense. MC is a person who grew his own power and is willing use that power and kill. That said, he still has morals, not some sort of edgelord that kills or flaunts his powers for the sake of it. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: v1
While it may be a good story later on Volume 1 was just terrible, I highly recommend skimming through it since most of it is nobles insulting MC (That's like 80% of Volume 1)

Given that I haven't read past volume 1 my review may be too early but given how it started out I can't see it getting any better unless all the noble and toddler level politics is scrapped from the novel.
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Ayushdeep rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: v8
Every one says it's a slow pace story and I agree atleast it not like many novel where story is way fast that it doesn't even explain concept of world and power or relationship between characters.

Not everyone is a goody two shoes it showed that clearly.

  1. If I have to pick on something bad than it will be MC is wuss some time....
  2. He is op but he doesn't know of how much because their is no one to compared
  3. Etc
I will complete this coment in future I have more to say??
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alemain rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: v15
This is 100% by far the most frustrating novel I've ever read. The MC is just so unlikable and his dialogue is so cringe that it literally drags the whole novel down with it. I enjoy the plot direction, but the inner workings of the plot and the way the characters interact with each other has over the course of 15 volumes legitimately made me want to punch something. The same annoying sh*t keeps happening over the course of 15 volumes that it's almost turning to rage the longer I... more>> read. Villains walk all over our MC and he does nothing. Overall there are small fry villains that the author lets our MC wipe out and then there are bigger villains which the author bends over backwards to protect as long as possible with the most asinine plot decisions despite how many near death experiences they get. Literally the bigger villains have plot armor lol.

This in turn makes our MC look like his brain is defunct as he responds to the absurd situations the author manipulates him into. I have a section in my notes dedicated to all the frustrating parts of this novel and it's several paragraphs long. Let's just leave it at that. Do not read this novel. <<less
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PoDH rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: book 10
I have like serious love and hate relationship with this novel. It has some of the best heroine and side chara I have ever seen. The girls are filled with so much emotion, but the MC. MY GOD. I thought Kirito from SAO was bad. This one made me want to vomit.

... more>>

Like you have one young girl (I mean really young, middle schooler), reborn as combat s*ave, and in one scene you can see how traumatized she is by the pain the experienced and why she became attached to the MC. And you one girl who hates arranged marriage so she earns herself the influence/power so she can choose her own partner. And you have one village girl who is willing to abandon her peaceful village life and work hard so she can stand beside the MC.

Meanwhile the MC is your typical OP boring MC who can't commit to anything and doesn't feel like he has any will.

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Yi_Yize rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: v14
Just another Typical JP isekai Which The MC Is GaryStu So almost every problem can be solved single handedly by the perfect MC
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Asphyxia778 rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: v13
I have a love-hate relationship with this novel. On one hand there's a super interesting world and the mysteries surrounding how the timeline of the two worlds actually interact along with some of the best characters while on the other hand there's the MC.

Gosh my blood pressure rises every time Rio is excessively polite and makes me want to rip his head off. The only reason I'm still reading this is because the mysteries surrounding the timeframe of the deaths and transfer of the heros. Like I can't fathom how... more>> the author wrote such an interesting world but made the MC such a boring character. In the beginning chapters I actually liked Rio as he was struggling to keep his morals as he hungered for revenge yet didn't want to reveal his ugly side to others. Now, he a Gary Stu who makes me want to punch him in the face.

The biggest thing that bugs me is Haruto's obsessive love towards Miharu. Yes I called it obsession because he doesn't place as much weight to his relationships outside of this 'love'. For example, he doesn't even care about his sister Aki as compared to Miharu. I know he does have some good bonds with his friends but I think the effort he put into his relationship with Aki pales in comparison to what he did to make Miharu comfortable.

The whole thing with Satsuki and Takahisa was at Miharu's request.

Also we have never seen Haruto have a meaningful relationship in his past life outside of Miharu. These all make me really annoyed.

In this world Rio does have meaningful relationships but he is super dense towards the goodwill shown by the women towards him. These all factors make his politeness more irritating to me.

In terms of quality the light novel is definitely better than the web novel (I've read the web novel and it's atrocious)

I hope that it improves as there is a lot of room to develop Rio and make him a more worthy MC

Overall 2.6 stars <<less
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February 12, 2021
Status: v14

Gonna leave this short review for now; Back at webnovel version the author wrote it with romance as the main-theme, very shoujo-like with lots of misunderstanding, even the webnovel title has ~konna sekai de deaeta kimi ni~ and the story was heavily focused on Haruto and Miharu's relationship, though the shoujo-like development really made people including me raged.

The plus side for this light novel version is that, it no longer piss people off with shoujo-esque tons of misunderstanding that will separate MC and his love interest since it's no longer the main focus; But the minus side (for some people) is that this is no longer a pure romance between two people, it turned into your mainstream overpowered isekai (a decent one at least) with some romance instead and lots of harem.

well.. I might be wrong about it since it's been a while since I've read the webnovel and I only know the light novel version from hearsay, but I'm gonna take this a go and leave this unrated until I read at least 15 or more volumes.


Edit : I've caught up until 14th book and I can safely say this light novel version is written very nicely. Author did it's best to retain the romance theme while expanding it into more of a shounen story. Almost all the dramas related to (supposedly) main heroine are gone in this version, and every side heroines get more scenes/their own arcs. There are unlimited potential for this novel now that it did not focus on their romance anymore, though it is still there. The only downside of this version is maybe his harem grew so much I actually lost count of how many girls are set for him

Also the light novel version quality is so much better than webnovel fans-translations.
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