Seijo ni Narunode Nidoume no Jinsei wa Katte ni Sasetemoraimasu ~Outaihi wa, Zensei de Watashi wo Futta Koibito Deshita~


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The maiden, Liz who had memories from her past life and dumped by her lover back then decides to live freely this time.

Having a miraculous power and invited to the palace as a priestess candidate, there she met with the crown prince who was actually her past life’s lover!

Though Liz looks to be the weakest among the priestess candidates but is (possibly) the strongest among them. A exciting story of the priestess, love and her goal to live a better life!

Associated Names
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Seijo ni Naru node Nidome no Jinsei wa Katte ni Sasetemoraimasu ~Outaishi wa, Zense de Watashi wo Futta Koibito Deshita~
Since I Became a Saint, I'll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life ~The Prince was my Lover who Threw me Away in my Previous Life~
The Prince was my Lover who Threw me Away in my Previous Life~
聖女になるので二度目の人生は勝手にさせてもらいます ~王太子は、前世で私を振った恋人でした~
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Felix3D rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c21
The story itself is so vapid and the characters truly have no depth. It's the classic stereotype story of "reincarnated lovers find out their past 'falling out' was a misunderstanding" and then just constant "face-slapping" style reveals that happen on the Main Character's behalf with no effort, agency, or action whatsoever on the part of the Female Lead.

The Female Lead is so passive it's not even funny, it's like she's on one of those storytelling cart rides, despite how she claims she wants to take her life into her own... more>> hands with her own decisions in this life.

Any happiness she has is unearned, likewise, any sadness she experiences feels trite and without any meaningful impact whatsoever. <<less
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Naomiyaki rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: c7
I’ve only read 7 chapters so far so this opinion might change but I really like this for some reason! My mind is telling me that I shouldn’t like it because it’s kinda generic and soap opera-y but at the same time this is one of the light novels I constantly anticipate updates for. Again I’ve only read 7 chapters and so if I had to binge 100+ my opinion might be different.

The plot itself is actually kind of unique with the MC having to go through a challenge to... more>> be a priestess. I kind of wish they got rid of the “girls with magic have black hair so let’s bulky the girl with white hair because she’s different!” Trope but I’m letting it go for now. The MC herself isn’t really s*upid which is great but has pretty realistic self esteem issues. I mean she believes that her lover abandoned her for someone rich and then died and spent the next 17 years of her reincarnation cementing that idea. If I died with a rejection like that and carried it over it’s no wonder she wouldn’t want to interact with the ML. The ML hasn’t really been given any screen time so don’t have an opinion of him yet. I really like the guy who comes to pick her up in the beginning tho. He reminds me of Takagi from Detective Conan in his interactions with the MC in a weird way and I like it. I kinda wish he and the MC get closer form now on because their interaction is good and to at least get the ML jealous. In conclusion I think I just like this novel from the dramatic bits XD <<less
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chande rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This story was actually wasn't that bad but it also wasn't that good either. What made me rate it 3 stars: it's readable and entertaining enough but definitely not a re-reading material. What made me reduce 2 stars from the overall rating: some things in this story really annoyed me.

... more>>

MC was a bit irritable, rash, impulsive, and couldn't hide her feeling well especially in front of her enemies. I don't think living in imperial palace suit with her personality. Moreover, ML couldn't even protect her. Yes, ML was practically useless, be it in their past life or in their current life. He was easily schemed and I don't think he had what it took to be a crown prince or the next emperor.

The ending was also a bit too dull for my taste. A scene where she was chosen to be the next saint really annoyed me. I mean, it's obviously Olivia who found the "door" first but she gave in to MC whom she believed would be a good saint. It's like MC's position as a saint was given by another. Moreover, she clearly didn't find the door until the last minute.

Also, why must there be a devoted 2nd ML who secretly fell in love with MC and chose to support her from the back instead? Why did MC support him to be the next chief priest? So he could watch her and ML being lovey dovey all his life (since the position of the high priest was the nearest to the saint) ?. At least, give him a happy ending he deserve, will you author?

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loly_machado rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: --
I've liked the story until now. The plot is about a woman named Cecil in her past life, she was supposedly betrayed by her lover and died because of this, reincarnating after 500 as Liz, a commoner, priestress candidate, and discovered that her past love have reincarnated too as the kingdom first prince.

... more>>

I don't think the MC is boring, weak or s*upid, she is just someone that have suffered in her past life, and lives in a society where nobles thinks they are the best and deserve everything just because they are nobles. Also she is albino. So I find natural that she doesn't confront everybody, because she knows how society works favorable towards nobles and probably she get to have used to people looking her strangely or with curiosity because of her apparence. I think MC endure things quite well. Also she thinks that she was betrayed by her most important person, so of course she feels hurt and inquire him, in her mind, will just make her feel reject again. I hope she become a badass priestess letting all those nobles girls speechless and regretting their actions and prejudice. And I'm curious about what really happened in her past life between her lover and his family.


Give a chance! <<less
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estoejia rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Painfully dull. It took a lot of effort to finish this one.

The characters were two dimensional and we’re not very likeable. Even the initially cute “gyu” of the holy dragon became tiresome after awhile. Liz was a boring to read about as a character. She only every complained about how annoyed she is with herself and her attraction to Keefa. And Keefa was not any better. The dude was wishy-washy and together with Liz they were both kind of a headache. Their “romance” - if you could even call it... more>> that - wasn’t anything special, bar from the fact that there was that one dumb miscommunication from 500 years ago.

I felt like the 70 chapters could have been cut down to 30 and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Actually it would have probably improved the flow of the story. <<less
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bosycatx7 rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: extra 3
The story had a nice start, but as it reached it's end the story line became so bad and the ending is very poor written.
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SynicalReader rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: --
The idea is good and even the idea on how the story should evolve is not bad but the execution of this idea is missing a lot. I guess that the author was writing the story from the point of view of 2 fated lovers meeting again after their relationship failed 500 year ago and now they have another chance. But the characters all feel empty, no will of their own, and as if they are controlled from a distance, so much so that fate seems far too small a... more>> word to describe it. It almost seems like there are a couple of gods who are having a bet between themselves about how true love always wins in the end. Cecil/Liz and the prince are just puppets in their hands. The one who believes in love lost the first time and now they are having a rematch 500 years later. If this was really the case than it would have been better if this was told in the prologue because without such a condition the story is not that good. The characters just seem too fake without such a condition. <<less
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SourDaiDai rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: c5
Ok~ I'm sorry but I can not continue with this story! I do like the idea of MC and her lover getting back together after a misunderstanding but this is kinda s*upid. They say they love each other but if I remember correctly they didn't ask to each other's face about that misunderstanding to confirm and just assumed that they are the victims. I mean like even when I was reading this for the first time I was like "Called it " and I also ... more>>

didn't think the guy was cheating

. There was no trust and mate, trust is the foundation of the relationship! A relationship with no trust is just begging for a bad ending.

And with that, I will also say that they had time to overthink what happened in the said relationship! I also get the feeling that even when they find out it's just gonna be that awkward love triangle with the Key Dude and Lover Boy, because of " It was a misunderstanding so I have to reason to reject but I also like Key Boi" said the "Strong" heroine.

I personally liked the beginning. I say you should give it a try if you are a new reader so you get the note of what is Meh stories.

[ 2.5/5 ] <<less
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