Seeker of First Light


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I accidentally spent the night with three men.

One of them was a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in ages.

One was a feisty elf who I haven’t talked to for a long time.

One of them was a fellow researcher?

To make such a terrible mistake!

Kriserua failed an important quest on that day.

I tried to erase their memories and focus on handling requests…

“Have a child? You?”

Eventually, they found out that I was pregnant.

What am I supposed to do with this nonsense?

More than that, I have to deal with failure first!

“If you don’t mind, I’ll live thinking it’s my child.”

“No one is more suitable than me as the father of the child.”

“That day is my responsibility, so I will be responsible.”

In the end, they started chasing after me, who’s on a journey to rectify the mess.

‘No! I don’t need you guys!’

A delightful and exhausting adventure story of Kriserua, a tactless yet straight-laced person, and the unrequited love of three men who can’t communicate with each other!

Associated Names
One entry per line
Finding Twilight
The Chaser of Dawn
The Seeker of the First Light
Tracker of the Dawn
미명의 추적자
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orpheus_rm rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c1
Well I've never read a novel that starts out with groggily waking up after an orgy/gangbang but hey I'm up for it. The cast looks fine af on the title art as well. Will come back for a more detailed review when there are more chapters.

Looks like there's some mystery and fantastical elements to this story as well. Has potential.

Edit: The manwha just got picked up by a TL group and it's pretty funny. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I'm liking the character dynamics.
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