Seeing All Layers of the Clouds


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Song Yunshen returned home early from a failed business trip and unexpectedly caught his boyfriend of seven years cheating on him with a young man. He beat the young man up, only to discover later that the other person was his new boss. But this new boss seems to suddenly like him…

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8 Reviews

New LH_12
Sep 25, 2023
Status: extra 2
beautifully written story about heartbreak, disappointment, existential crisis, and a second chance. The author skillfully wrote a wholesome and laconic story. Yes, the novel is short, but the story isn't lacking anything. One can feel characters emotions. The author described MC's and ML's feelings and insecurities brilliantly. The plot is interesting and fast-paced because of the size of the novel. Still, the main characters relationship is believable, and no one can doubt that they are in love. MC's and ML's first meeting was awful, and their next meetings didn't go... more>> smoothly either, but they somehow managed to build a relationship. Their affair developed quickly, but not without struggles. They met in the wrong situation at the wrong time; MC's heart was broken mercilessly, and he doesn't believe in love anymore. He seems disappointed in life and himself. ML's life is bleak; he didn't find joy in life. Their backgrounds are too divergent, and they have a big age gap. They don't match each other because they are too different, but somehow they are perfect for each other. I felt heartbroken for these two, but fortunately, everything ended well. The story shows that sometimes love isn't enough for a relationship to be successful. Both parties need to put in an effort for romance to work. Sometimes real life can mercilessly kill affection. This story is too realistic and describes the realistic problems and struggles of young people. The novel is beautiful and is translated extremely well; it's definitely worth reading. I strongly recommend it. <<less
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Dec 27, 2022
Status: Completed
5 stars

A nice short read. There's been an increase in novels where MC gets cheated on and moves on and this one hits the right notes. There's no real revenge or anger towards the old lover but a silent agreement that they are unable to walk forward anymore. There are fault on both sides (but of course more on the cheating side).

ML is also ... more>>

totally unaware that the person he had a one night stand with was attached when he agreed. Also it was love at first sight for him when he saw MC.


I loved how realistic the internal struggle was for MC.

From the snippets of a happier time he had with his ex. To how hard it was initially for him to move on from the 8 year relationship. Also all the doubts he had about moving on with ML. From their different ages and background to how scared he was. ML really persevered and it paid off.


Also that reversible tag intrigued me.

Overall, there's a fair bit of angst but it's really a sweet moving on story. <<less
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Jan 21, 2023
Status: Completed
There are some books I feel like worshipping because they feel spiritual, and this is one of them. It has a poetic and nostalgic tone to it. The story doesn't stray anywhere that it shouldn't and focuses on the MC and his current boyfriend, with snippets of how his relationship with his ex-boyfriend deteriorated. It also highlights the contrast between how a good, healthy relationship can make you better and how a toxic one can turn you bitter. It also depicts two cases of love at first sight, how one... more>> fell through and the other stayed strong, and why. MC's relationship with his ex-boyfriend is the typical one fujoshis read about—the top pampering the bottom onesidedly, and the second one is a mature relationship between two adults who take care of each other and rely on each other.

The best part of the story for me is Lin Wanghe's character growth. He is a great character from the start, but his growth is really touching. It's also fulfilling to see Song Yunshen finally come out of his grief over the loss of love and embrace the romance he'd always hoped for. The author's writing style is also beautiful. The story itself is short but impactful. I am confident that, while I may forget the long novels I've read, I will never forget the feeling this short novel has given me. Never. There are thousands of boring cliche novels on the market, but I was fortunate to come across this one. I'll be eternally grateful.

And the translator has done an excellent job of preserving the "spirit" of the novel. It's one of the best translations I've read recently. <<less
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Mar 01, 2023
Status: --
A beautiful short read about how relationship is. It will last with effort of both parties.

The true gem is the ML, I found him really attractive. He's 7years younger than MC, but he's more mature, steadfast, and loving wholeheartedly.

Add note: they're a rare switch couple, a seke couple ;)
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Feb 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Easily one of the best novels I've come across. I like the author's writing style. The characters are realistic and consistent. The author does not remind the reader again and again how handsome or tall the MC is, these are mentioned only as introduction and later only when relevant, like we are observing through the ML's thoughts (it can get quite annoying when the handsomeness, awesomeness, tallness, body shape etc etc of the protagonist are mentioned every few chapters), in fact I think even the ML's looks are left to... more>> the reader's imagination. There's no annoying or cringy part here. I hope to read more of the author's works. <<less
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Feb 24, 2023
Status: Completed
You should definitely read this novel.

The author did well in portraying both toxic and healthy relationships. The novel was short but it didn’t feel rushed at all. It was pretty realistic. Both MC and ML were likeable. Like any other novel portraying the young rich kid as an annoying spoiled brat, ML wasn't like that. Instead, he was really understanding and like other reviewers said his character development was really great. Overall, it was quite refreshing and I'm happy that I read this novel.

Also, Thank you translator for translating... more>> this novel. <<less
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Mar 12, 2023
Status: Completed
cute short story about a man nearing his thirties finding love again. MC catches his long time bf cheating on him with ML - who turns out to be his new boss. ML is a total face con and becomes completely enamoured with MC. The story starts off with crazy stalker vibes but it's actually quite wholesome. ML is rich whereas MC is poor, and so they dont see eye to eye on many issues. MC is on tenterhooks with his parents over his homosexuality and doesnt want to worsen... more>> relations. Mc's one sided relationship in the past drained him dry. Once bitten twice shy, MC is weary and doesnt trust ML who is seven years his junior to be his equal. But despite this, ML proves to MC that he is a worthy partner. ML helps shoulder mc's burdens, goes above and beyond for his peace and comfort, supports his work and gives him opportunities, stands by his side during his vulnerable moments, and becomes someone whom he can rely on. I especially liked his "has anyone stood up for you over the years?" line because it's clear that ml's love for MC goes beyond simple infatuation.

it's fairly short and I wish it was longer because it has a lot of potential. Its a shame that the ending seemed a bit perfunctory.

(also, they switch!!!) <<less
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May 26, 2023
Status: Completed
A must read for anyone that's a fan of the romance genre.

This is a much more mature novel than I had expected and it was done beautifully.

The author gives words to emotional ups and downs following a breakup (and one that you gave your youth to) and it hits so deep. It explores the trauma of betrayal and the difficult steps it takes to overcome it and also the maturity and understanding that comes out of the retrospective of a failed relationship. Young love often wanes and when you add... more>> the struggles of life, the fire snuffs out quicker than you'd like and the author presents that without truly vilifying anyone (the ex still sucks, but not everyone is a saint).

This is a wonderful short story that I think will resonate with audiences of all ages and anyone who's experienced heartbreak or insecurities and imbalances in relationships. <<less
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