Seduced by Power: The Forbidden Love Between the Princess and Her Enticing Minister


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Yan Qing was fated to be a Princess of the Royal Family, but she was born bearing the curse of the “Lone Star of Calamity”. Her father, the Emperor, kept his distance, her mother, the Empress, loathed her, and both relatives and subjects treated her as a venomous snake, avoiding her as if she were the plague. In the prime of her youth, she fell victim to her family’s schemes and met her end. Even the powerful Prime Minister she had personally nurtured betrayed her in the end, dealing her a fatal blow.

Given a second chance at life, Yan Qing resolves to embody the true Lone Star of Calamity. She rejects all ties of family, love, and friendship. All she desires now is the ultimate power and the vast expanse of the empire, to have the millions of people submit to Zhuque City.

However, the bewilderingly beautiful nobleman before her, the Prime Minister, the most powerful official in the court, who had betrayed and killed her in her past life, why does he now appear increasingly gentle in her presence? He willingly clips his wings and sheathes his claws, only seeking a bit of her compassion…

Tags: [Rebirth + Strong Female Lead + Yandere + Untainted Love + Satisfying Read + Bone-Deep Obsession]

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