Secret Love


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That day, it rained after school. The thin school uniform stuck to her body, outlining the lace in front of the young girl’s bosom. 

The two were going home side by side in the moist ambiance of the rain when their eyes met unexpectedly. 

They had already been dating for quite some time… so she couldn’t resist and had s*x with him.

She only learned later that when it came to making love with her boyfriend in private, once there was a first time, there was bound to be a second time. 

At the age of 17 or 18 in senior high, when she was secretly in love and deeply moved, the sexual desire she felt just from looking at him was like the appetite during hunger; one you couldn’t suppress no matter what.

Wild, taciturn class monitor x gentle slender soft girl

1v1, Happy ending, both are virgins, pure meat story (It is roughly about the daily s*x live of a good-looking younger sister/girl and her boyfriend.)

TL Note: I personally think there is plot in this, but it’s more in terms of character growth rather than world building.

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