Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter


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A half-life lived without talent.
On the verge of retirement, I met a dragon in the gate I entered for the last time.

“Let’s make a deal.”

I’ll give you my heart
So give my child freedom.

That’s how I…

“I can’t even imagine a life without Shar anymore…”

became a dragon’s father.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Raising a Dragon in my 2nd life as a Hunter
Suddenly, I became the Father of a Dragon
드래곤 키우는 2회차 헌터
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05/23/24 Dream Big Translations c20 part2
05/23/24 Dream Big Translations c20 part1
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05/17/24 Dream Big Translations c18 part2
05/17/24 Dream Big Translations c18 part1
05/15/24 Dream Big Translations c17 part2
05/15/24 Dream Big Translations c17 part1
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05/15/24 Dream Big Translations c16 part1
05/12/24 Dream Big Translations c15 part2
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05/10/24 Dream Big Translations c14 part2
05/10/24 Dream Big Translations c14 part1
05/08/24 Dream Big Translations c13 part2
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New Psy0 rated it
April 29, 2024
Status: c186
I couldn't stop reading after I read the first 10 or so chapters so I decided to ChatGPT the rest. You have to use ChatGPt 4.0 to read this novel properly. Even then you need to preset a list of names and genders as definitions or else the GPT will confuse them.

This novel is epic. It has everything you want out of a Regression novel. Romance, action, plot, witty jokes, and best of all baby/children raising.

Romance: The MC gets involved with multiple women on a more surface level but he's a committed guy to one girl. Let's see how strong his sense of moral is vs thirsty goddesses and powerful Murim heroines.

Action: as a Regressor he is privy to some future weakness of his opponents but it's not much. So his fights are anything but easy. His strategy is good. He rarely comes out number 1 unlike other novels but this is much more realistic.

Plot: a bit lacking but there is a whole major story about end of the world thing pushing him along but it's not his priority. He is a family man first, the world can wait.

Baby/child raising: best part of the entire novel. It is still going strong by chapter 186. I won't spoil, so enjoy the heart warming story. This is an orphan boy learning how to be a dad and realizing what it feels like to be one.

The cheesy interactions among the kids, MC, and the FL are enough to give you Diabetus! So this story might not be for you if all you want is violence and segs.

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aborednerd rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: c8 part2
I really like this novel in the 8 chapters so far that I have read. Personally I am reading from the translator Dream Big Translations (thank you to the translator for the chapters so far).

Chapter 3 really hit me in the feels hard. The novel feels like it may or may not develop harem elements (nothing in the tags for it but who knows if it will change). Personally I wouldn't mind either way on that. I really like the interactions between the MC and daughter character thus far.

Not a... more>> lot to say at the moment that wouldn't be early spoilers for the little available to read. Give it a read, if you aren't pulled in by the initial premise and by the end of chapter 3, this may not be for you imo. <<less
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