Screaming Cycle (Infinite Flow)


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In an era when holographic films are popular, the World Youth Championship’s recurve bow archery champion, Ji Dong, saw a strange thriller trailer in the cinema.

After the movie was over, the maglev rail he was riding in was involved in a bridge accident.

When Ji Dong opened his eyes again, he found himself in the thriller world of the movie trailer he had just seen. What’s more, he has to do everything he can to survive before the playback bar reaches 100% progress.

Fortunately, he has a strong heart, and even though he is only a novice village player, he dares to participate at the top level.

Traveling around this strange world, even if you can’t win, you can at least bluff. No matter what you encounter, you are not afraid!

…Just this friend, what’s the matter with you?

As a horror film player, you are so delicate and weak that you vomit blood and faint at every turn, but you are handsome and beautiful, and you are also very charming…

Faced with such “baggage,” Ji Dong, a patient with severe facial paralysis, said—— I! Can’t! Throw! It! Away! Ah!

This is actually a story of [returning amnesia, the essence of the unknown. A full-level master at attack Ren Jianmo × A fast-growing rookie pretending to be a master Ji Dong.]

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8 Reviews

Nov 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Screaming Cycle is about Ji Dong, a rookie in Peach Blossom Spring, and Ren Jianmo, a powerful but currently weak and amnesiac master. This is their tale to the top and finding the answers to the the questions buried in all the players heart.

Plot, I'd give it a 5/5 rating. I actually read many unlimited flow novel and I think this particular novel stood out of all of them. The amnesia setting is cliche but how the Author executed the flow of the novel is brilliant. S/he didn't make me... more>> think a second time something like, ah, amnesia setting again.

I, for one, doesn't like the amnesia setting in unlimited flow novels but this one just made me go all the way.

The arcs, 5/5. I love how after some chapter in an arc, the Author will put a note where s/he got the inspiration of the plot, monster, and arcs. Some of them, I even search personally.

My favorite arc will probably be, hmm. It'll be either Lost City of Ashes or Golden Legion. The first one because that's all where it started. The last one, because they reunited.


Because Ren Jianmo forgot the memories he spend with Ji Dong. Though he lost the memories in the first place for Ji Dong's sake. Ironic, isn't?


A little bit of spoiler behind the Peach Blossom Spring.


Spiritual bodies. Aliens. Higher civilization.


Translation, I'd rate it 5/5. Though to chapter 26 and up, I relied on MTL. The novel was currently being translated in Chrysanthemum Garden, please support them. I actually like the site, because what you gonna find there, is good translated BL novels.

The MTL'd of the article was readable and understandable. If you can't wait, it's okay to read it in raws.

Settings/Background, 4/5. The background was being gradually revealed as the chapter passed by. I subtracted 1 because there are some settings that I think the Author didn't explore/explained that much.

Characters, 5/5. I love them!! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Most of the characters doesn't end up in the corner. That's what I like about it, the characters doesn't end up buried after their appearance. They continue to appear as they go on. The cute Ji Dong, the beautiful man Ren Jianmo, the teacher Dagen (Mo Tiangen), the twins Fan Luming and Fan Hemian, the sexy Su Rong, the icy Bing Hao/Yu, the loyal Zero, and many more characters.

I actually shipped some of them, hehe. One of the ship failed though, sigh. I hope in some corner of the world, the second ship will sail.


It's Bing Hao and Zero. ✧ (&Gt;o<) ノ✧


What I like about this is that, this is shounen ai but the romance wasn't as little as other unlimited flow novel (which is actually so little that they only got together at the end). They occasionally fed dog food which is enough for me. (。•̀ᴗ-) ✧ This novel is recommended if you like BL unlimited flow. Has camaderie, power, supernatural, character development, romance, and a bit of horror. <<less
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: c73
Reading this reminds me of the suspense brought by the "paintings of terror". But I dislike the love development of MC and ML here. The MC seems like a silly high-school student that is in love, while the ML keeps teasing the MC due to his reaction.

For the story and instances, they scenes and stories are new to me but I find most of em bland. What I like here is the chivalrous attitude of MC. Will pause the reading for awhile and will rerate after I finish d... more>> novel <<less
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Sep 11, 2021
Status: c200
Be aware of grammar errors sorry English is not my lang!

I mtld this novel till chapter 200 which was a mistake because the mtl version really didn't do justice to this novel so I am glad someone picked this novel. This novel is very interesting, the instances are very unique and in every arc you can feel the tension of the characters. Most of the arcs have horror element so people who like horror will enjoy this.

The MC isn't an OP from the beginning he slowly grows stronger as he... more>> goes through the different worlds. And he is capable and does not always need saving or even depend on ML to save him like damsel in distress. He is kind and a little naive but not s*upid.

ML has a mysterious past and used to be an OP in the past but something happened and lost all his memories (don't worry it's not a spoiler) and can't exactly remember his own abilities but slowly as he began his journey all over again he pieces back his memories and his power.

But I have a complain about one thing regarding the ML. Even though I like that everyone is capable and does not always need ML to help them but in many stances, unfortunately ML vanishes in background more than the side characters. I wish ML was more involved like sometimes I forget ML is there with them. I wish the author flashed our ML more. He doesn't have to be OP just contribute a little bit more or at least make his presence aura more prominent.

About romance, it is a slow burn. Our MC is very unfamiliar with the emotion called love so it takes him time to realize he likes ML and our ML likes to verbally tease our cutie MC but ML seems to be aware of his feelings for MC. But you can see the two were attracted to each other from the day they first met. I have no complaints about the romance but just remember it is more plot centric than romance.

Also the side characters are not just side characters for main characters to flex rather they are very capable and have equal importance as MC and ML.

So if you are a fan of survival games and slow romance this one's for you and will definitely make you binge read the whole novel.

Sorry for my poor review ability... <<less
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Nov 07, 2023
Status: Completed
At first I thought this will be a boring novel with super op ML with MC who can only hug thigh but no, this turns out better than I thought.

Note: I read the novel from the raw directly and use mtl some name will be different.

Ji Dong/Ji Xuan/Ji Wei/Ji Xiaoniao (MC)
MC is naive and kind, at first I thought he'll be that type of shou that hug the ML thigh with no visible development and can only rely on acting cute but nope. His power growth is visible through each arc and after world 6, he's the second strongest (1st is ML). I love how he's so deeply in love with ML (love at first sight).

Ren Jianmo (ML)

At first he may look like the typical super op and mysterious with very little screen time ML because of the first 2 arcs but no. In some scene ML isn't shown as super op, especially since it's the past him that's super op (the current him is just normal op). He also show huge development of showing his presence throughout the novel.


He's a genetic created from a research institute by using the sample from the creature that create peach blossom spring


The relationship between MC and ML the first 2 arcs are not visible/purely protecting each other (?) but there's a visible interest towards each other. The rare thing about this pairing is the ML has a beauty face with 187/188 cm height while MC has a cute young face of a 19 years old boy with 177 cm height.

they got together at ch 150


The author write the side characters pretty good, I even have some attachment toward them in the novel.


MC's group:

Mo Tiangen (1st arc ally)
Fan Hemian (ally/ sister)
Fan Luming (ally/brother)

Fan Hemian and Mo Tiangen is a side CP in the novel.

Qinxue Club:
Bing Xue (ally)
Su Rong (ally)
Zero (ally)
Marco (ally)
Baroque (enemy)
Tattoo (enemy)
Poisedon Team (ally)

Bing Xue and Zero have a sense of CP but not official.


The plot is good, although the ending plot twist is kinda anticlimatic but I still like it.

List of arc/world:


World 1
Lost City of Ashes arc. The enemy here is just a bunch of monster that look like your everyday animal (but is deadly).

World 2
Separation of flesh and bones arc. The enemy here is a monster creature (previously human but if they get hurt by these creatures, they'll turn into a monster as well).

World 3
Hide and Seek arc. The enemy here is bunch of monster that looks like human.
Fan Siblings enter the team.

World 4
Urban Legends arc (best one imo). The enemy here can vary from ghost to strange creature. There's some horror theme horror.

World 5
SCP arc. The enemy are bunch of varieties of oddity, extremely hostile.
Poseidon team ally.

World 6 (S level)
Dingtian City arc/Brahma Flower Festival arc.
At the last arc where they're going to find Brahma:
Marco dead (betrayed by Baroque and Tattoo)
Mo Tiangen/Dagen dead (killed by the trap from the place while protecting Fan siblings)
Zero dead (killed by trap from the place while protecting Bing Xue)
Bing Xie dead (betrayed by Baroque and Tattoo)
Tattoo dead (betrayed by Baroque)
Baroque dead (killed by MC and ML)
ML use the moon stone to restore MC's conscious and turn back time to before everyone is dead. But because of this ML also lose his memory of meeting MC but he still pretend on following the flow (MC already discovered he lost his memory). ML retrieved his memory as the "King of Lanling" but he forgot about MC, so he acted extremely cold to MC.

Before entering world 7 (SS level), MC break up with his team since it's his own will to follow ML (since they all are wiped out at S level if it's not for ML reverse time). Bing Xue ask MC to fight with him to test his power, the result is MC win.

World 7 (SS level)
Golden army arc. The enemy is the holy court army with god's power. This arc consist cultivation chinese world and western fantasy world


About Peach Blossom Spring & the ending:


I share the same last braincell with MC so it's pretty confusing but basically the peach blossom spring is created by the creatures of a living form from different world that have ascend to a higher lifeform, the worlds/arcs exist are a form of replay of the past.

MC potential which is what the peach blossom spring wanted (rather than ML's), they make a deal in which MC will save their planet in exchange for sending everyone from the peach blossom spring (including MC and ML) back to the past.


The author skip everything to the extra where everyone get back to the normal life again.


MC lost his memory (he still has some weird dream about the peach blossom spring) but ML didn't (he still don't have the memory of arc 1-6 but he fall in love for MC again at last arc). ML went to watch MC archery championship and MC fall in love at first sight for ML again. He even got jealous of the "friend of ML who's good at archery" (it's you, you dumb bird). MC recovered his memory after some deja vu of climbing tree to meet ML.

Only MC and ML have their memory intact. MC first meet Su Rong who's working as his manager, then he watch the news about baroque (ning yong) and tattoo getting arrested for counterfeit of antiquities. MC also befriend Mo Tiangen (teacher dagen) bcs of the summer camp he led to visit the youth training base. They meet Fan Hemian (she has blind date with Mo Tiangen) and Fan Luming. Later Bingxue and Zero work under ML's company


I love how the author included the side characters as well (although I'm still sad about Marco).


Plot 4/5

MC&ML 4.7/5

Side Characters 4.7/5

Enemy 5/5
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan
Apr 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This is actually pretty good. It isn't the s*upid comedy type of unlimited flow where the instances were solved relying on either MC's beauty or ML's favourability or whatever great special settings MC has.

Pss, the one in charge of beauty is ML. 🤤 But I still don't get the significance of long hair. Isn't it hard to manage? 🤨

This is more of a survival adventure type where the MC constantly upgrades himself through training. It's pretty shounen-esque and although the plot differs, the vibe it gives me is a lot like I Was Once A Legend. Actually, before I started this, I was expecting to drop it but lo and behold, I ended up mtl-ing it till the end.

So, the essence of the story is:


Higher civilization's conspiracy to save their destroyed homeland. To do so, they needed to filter, select and train the 'right' individual.


Characters wise, imagine Japanese shounen manga's team configuration. A sunny boy recurve archer, an amnesiac but strong male beauty, a muscular teacher, twin siblings with their own skills. Indeed, the MC may seem a little too 'kind' in a way not quite suitable for the type of world they are in but I think that it's fine because I feel like MC depicts the 'humaneness' a person should have. In short, it's really like a shounen story with positive influence. 🌞 Plot/instance wise, I like the ideas for the instances and the fact that the author did mention where she got the inspiration from for the monsters. It's pretty different as in there's no obligatory beach episodes campus horror/ghost weddings/river god arcs. Thank God for the fresh ideas! Also, I can see that this author really loves her horror.

In conclusion, I like this and feel that the time was well spent. Nothing explosive and it's pretty long, but it's engaging enough for me. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but do give it a try. 😉 Oh ya, there's a conclusion of sort to all the side cps in the extras. 👍
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Sep 13, 2021
Status: c50
Current rating 5/5

Being a complete sucker for unlimited flow I started this novel only when 4 chapters are translated and the novel got me hooked so I did what any other person would do I mtled until chapter 50 and then stopped because mtl was really downgrading my experience and it is a complicated world and mtl wasn't making sense so I will patiently wait for the translator to finish translating.

This is intriguing novel. Definitely matches my taste and is exactly what I was looking for. Unique world building, amazing... more>> characters and developments, not much romance yet but it seems they both are attracted to each other and very protective of each other. At this point, its just three of them and I quite like their dynamic and Ji Dong and Mo Tiangen our stress- reliefer duo. That's all for now, will probably write more after finish reading the novel. <<less
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Jul 03, 2022
Status: c330
Previously, I had this at 4 stars instead of 3, but after reading the last arc, I had it docked another star. Not to say that the last arc was entirely bad or anything, it’s just that

... more>>

the side characters were thrown away for the last world, although I do understand the logic and the reason behind why they couldn’t join, still, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the development and I had honestly expected another world with the entire team before (or after even) the last arc where there was only MC and ML who entered the SS world


I still haven’t read the extras though so maybe I’ll push my rating back up to 4 after I read those.


  • Side Characters! The side characters are given time to shine and are highly involved in solving the situation at hand. Even the cannon fodders are given good characterisation and contributes in solving the problems as well.
  • Teamwork. The teamwork here isn’t just tell not show, it’s definitely evident!
  • Worlds. The worlds are all interesting and you can definitely feel the tension in each of them!

  • ML’s sense of presence (or the lack thereof) in the first few arcs

ML has such low presence in the first few arcs. He honestly feels like a mix of Mu Yiran and Zhu Haowen from Paintings of Terror; as OP as Mu Yiran (love Mu Yiran btw, his OPness is also cool with me) but has the presence of Zhu Haowen (where you kinda forget that he’s even there sometimes with the lack of attention, lines, and reactions).

He didn’t even have to have lines, honestly, the author could have just made his presence more noticeable.


  • Romantic build-up (both for the Main and Side)

The romantic build-up kinda felt forced to me, like if the author didn’t go out of their way to make a scene for them to interact more, you wouldn’t feel the chemistry between MC and ML at all. (Not only theirs but also side CPs)

It’s not even about the slow burn since I normally prefer slow burn and shounen ai, it’s just a general lack of presence from ML and the lack of subtle interactions between the two, so it kind of feels jarring when you read their inner thoughts and a scene that’s supposed to build up the romance (it’s not only the main CP either, the side CP kind of came out of nowhere even though I kinda already knew the possibility was there since one of the characters once mentioned his type and the other character fits it)

Also, I don’t see it as slow burn either, they got together pretty fast.


  • Rushed Ending

personally speaking, I thought the author could have done more with the story


  • Some dull moments where I just skim a chapter or so
The first two points: ML’s presence and romantic build-up, did improve after the halfway mark



Arc 1: Lost City of Ashes

Arc 2: Separation of Flesh and Bones

Arc 3: Hide and Seek

Arc 4: Urban Legends

Arc 5: Training Arc in Peach Blossom World

Arc 6: SCP Containment Breach

Arc 7: Sanskrit Flower Festival (shounen competition arc) (ML lost his memory again here)

Arc 8: Golden Legion




Initial Team

Ji Dong (MC) (Little Bird Ji)

19 yrs old archery captain, obtained electric abilities after the first arc

Ren Jianmo (ML) (Big Beauty Ren)

a beautiful mysterious long haired man with amnesia was the first person MC saw in Arc 1

Mo Tiangen (Teacher Dagen)

a muscular biology teacher who was often mistaken for a physical education teacher

Arc 3 Permanent Team Addition


Fan Hemian

Twin sister of Fan Luming and the analytical thinker between the two siblings

Fan Luming

Twin brother of Fan Hemian with healing abilities


Team for Arc 7


Main 5 plus Bing Hao the second strongest in the peach blossom world with ice abilities and people from his guild: Su Rong the beautiful woman who talked to the Main 5 about them maybe joining their guild after they go through an A class world, Marco the muscular blond man who arm wrestled with Teacher Dagen, Zero who is Bing Hao’s loyal shadow, Mohawk a manipulator of robots, Baroque who is an artist and his boyfriend Tattoo

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Apr 12, 2023
Status: --
One of the side-characters abilities is pretty uncomfortable. He turns into a "black-skinned" giant, and the bloodline causing this is called the Kunloon s*ave bloodline. There are a few references to apes and to tribes when the character is transformed as well. It's pretty unpleasant to read, so I felt like it needs a warning.
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