Science Shall Prevail Over Magic


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Excessive advancement of science led to the devastation of Japan.

Amidst the crisis, shouldering the last hope, marching behind the enemy lines to use the space-time transfer program in order to alter the history was a combat personnel of Force Hacker, Shin.

However, where he transferred to wasn’t the past. It was a world where magic and monsters, something simply unimaginable on Earth, ran rampant.

The path Shin chose was a path of no return. With the power of science in his hands, he could only live in that world, or die.

He must use the ultra-tech at his disposal and surpass the magic in such a world.

Associated Names
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Science shall Prevail over Magic - Overture
Science vs. Magic - Overture
Sono Kagaku wa Mahou wo mo Ryouga suru - Ovachua
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ZeroIn rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c9
This novel COULD have been in the top 10 overall!

1: Awesome idea for the setting of the novel.
2: Good background story.
3: Science vs Magic. (Something fresh and new)

but sadly the author f**ked it up. MC is a retard even with all the science on him. MC don't seem practical, I mean if you where being attack and could die. Why would you only knock someone down and waste energy only to have them get up and attack you again. If you could just kill them to eliminate... more>> the thread. Why should you give a sh*t if someone found you to be different from them. Would and real person give a sh*t I mean you could DIE for f**k sake!

Why do most of Japanese author make there MC OP but retarded, benevolent and stupid to the point they contradicted the whole point of being OP.

Will still read if there are any changes. <<less
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Scaethys rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c7
It's a decent read so far. Be warned, MC is ridiculously overpowered.

MC comes from a futuristic world, but I found the explanation of the futuristic world to be a little confusing. There's also not a very clear goal right now since he just got transported to a different world.

It's pretty promising though, and the translators are doing a good job making the story flow well. Hopefully this one turns out well.
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