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Science and Technology Library: The supreme state of science is theology; an accidental rescue, let Chen Mo get a technology library that collects endless technology, the story begins…

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Julianita rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c600
This novel portraits very well why I absolutely hate harem/reverse harem novels. This thing is friggin'g cancer.

At first, this novel had similarities with library of heavens path, which is a great work.

Instead of the cultivation background, you have a science background, and I love this. Our protagonist slams his head while saving the beauty, and gets a carry-on grandpa and a scientific library to boot. You can't much find faults with the fact that the MC asspulls a lot of technologies, the library is his plot armor and it is... more>> clear from the start. He does read the contents and is hardworking towards it, this process is good to read at the start but after he develops the artificial intelligence it gets ridiculous.

It's like "Ohh I need to develop some things here": gets the book from the library > toss the content to the AI Girl > time skip > It's baked!

He does works with the AI girl like a madman in every project, but... it's really just an upgraded plot armor. The only thing that kept me reading this is the technology therms and progress since I s*upidly like this theme. But other than that, the novel is pretty weak. If you had read the Japanese novel "GATE" (yes, the one that got an anime, with the loser-like soldier MC, furry girls+magical girls harem, army invasion, and patriotic bullshit) it's very similar in development. Just change army invasion with scientific progress and the loser like MC with another Long Aotian look-alike and there you have it.

And the thing that I dislike most in this work is the goddamn harem and the MC attitude concerning all the woman that wants his pants. And character development.

You have female presidents, female scientists, female leaders but instead of portraying a society with equality they are just like there to... admire the MC? or be enemies with the MC? Or to be another spare tire on his collection? There aren't ANY other male characters that stood on this story. NOT A SINGLE ONE. It's just the MC that is the best, the most handsome, the most capable. A good friend that can be his right arm? Sorry, nope, just throw in another female spare tire. A male rival? Nope, just insert there a group of global leader oldies.

There's the other female character that stood up on the story. Extremely capable, strong, and determined. But is reduced to another spare tire and a bad comic relief. Instead of giving the good woman a worthy partner (heck, if he had a good bro-right arm that would be PERFECT, but no) she just stays there as a light bulb, background decoration, or sometimes comic relief to the MC and FL. Instead of having to read time and time again her "funny" remarks on how she is joking that she wants to be a mistress to him but we all know that she is serious, we could have this strong woman to really have someone on her side. But nope, she is spare tire material anyways.

The most ridiculous and hilarious thing is that de FL is like the perfect portrait of a woman of virtue from ancient times. Unconditional loyalty, trust and she even accepts the spare tires because "huuuhuuu my husband is so great I can't be petty". Ha.

And how the MC deals with the bees that keep flying at his side... it's hypocritical. He says he only loves the FL but even basic respect that is letting clear that he doesn't want another woman at his side and keeping a distance, he does it poorly. The company's president is the best example. The female biologist is another one. The AI that gets a body is the most absurd one. The FL practically delivers the robot to his bed because "huuuuu she is family and now that she is understanding human emotions let's help her". Ahn? And since he created it the AI treats him as his father at the start but somehow in the middle gets upgraded to a mistress? what the hell?

And there is the nationalism that is present in many Chinese novels, but here is not that subtle. I admire nationalism since even tho your country can be shit, you have to love it or at least respect it and hope for it to be better. But this one ehhhh I think that Japanese, Korean, North American, and Russian readers won't find this novel cute. Especially Japanese/North American ones. You have this theme that China was bullied by everyone, China is pitiful because of international bullies, but China is the best that even the air in China can make you smarter. Heck, put an MC like Chen Mo in a warzone or in the middle of the desert and you'll have a global tyrant.

This novel had really good potential, but straight nationalist male cancer spoiled it a lot. Read it if you like kingdom-building or sci-fi but simply don't expect much. The more chapter it has the more ridiculous it gets. kudos. <<less
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denis-dono rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c959
the story is good, MC is faithful to his wife (no harem) ... more>>

even if later MC gain 2 more lover it's his wife who push him to take them if not he wouldn't. And even then he think of them as family more than lover.


the technologies is studied and not given for free

There some chiness supremacy, but not too much it's more like china is ridding the good train.

the story didn't became boring in the late stage (c 700 and more) but became even more interresting

when Alien appeared and kidnap him I was afraid of how the story will evolve but it turn great

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fremon rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall an enjoyable read.

MC isn't ambitious, but is driven mainly by his library/mission, wife/lovers and subordinates.

MC is mature, not arrogant, isn't a beta male, not too heavily alpha either, just smooth and chill. He is a research/geek, not a frontliner.

... more>> Interactions between MC and his wife is sweet, flirting on the side. The Harem isn't heavily focused on, nor over dramatized, it just comes naturally as time progresses. No romance/teen drama.

There's no cultivation, everything is science based.

No pointless nationalism, as in he doesn't build up his own country, he makes deals all around for benefits/profits, but for sure partial towards his own home more, everyone has their own preference and favourites (some readers can't differentiate between nationalism and favouritism/pragmatism), there's friends, business allies, enemies, business competitors, etc.

Once MC starts moving into space, countries/Earth is pretty much relegated to the background. His Kingdom is his company and the only Earth faction to go cosmic. <<less
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LazyDaoist rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c200
So far this novel is good

MC Character

  • Mature
  • Goal Oriented
  • Atleast from what I read he only have pe*verted thought towards his girlfriend thank god it not harem
  • not to arrogant because of suddenly getting a plot armor
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