School Heroine Secretly Loves Me


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In the early years, it was all about school, but later on, it was the entertainment industry.
The “21st Century Elite,” Song Nanqiao, had a system accompanying her through a time leap.
However, she ended up in the shoes of a loser.
And this loser was madly infatuated with the school flower.
“Wen Wenyao looks so good. Aren’t you moved?”
The system began to wonder…
Song Nanqiao: “No… I don’t like her…”
System: “But your compatibility with her is 100%. You must like her…”
Song Nanqiao: “I don’t!”
Song Nanqiao was focused solely on her studies and work, avoiding romantic entanglements.
But slowly, Song Nanqiao began to notice that the school flower was secretly paying attention to her.
One night, Wen Wenyao grabbed the hem of her clothes and hesitated for a moment before shyly asking, “Did you… used to like me?”
Song Nanqiao: “Uh… well, maybe I used to, but I might not anymore.”
Wen Wenyao held her hand and whispered in her ear, “But I’ve liked you for a long, long time… I really, really like you…”
A gentle and elegant noble who is incredibly good-looking X seemingly a loser but actually a powerhouse of the 21st-century elite.

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School Flower Has a Crush on Me
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01/31/23 Story Seedling c26 part1
01/30/23 Story Seedling c25 part2
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01/16/23 Story Seedling c23 part3
01/10/23 Story Seedling c23 part1
01/09/23 Story Seedling c22 part2
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12/27/22 Story Seedling c21 part1
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12/13/22 Story Seedling c19 part1
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December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Story is not that good, there are so many plot holes and title is just totally different than the story.

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For example FL have a family of 4 (father, mother, fl, sister) and the only one appearingthe most is the father and fl, sister seems to dissappear after having a second act and the mother didn't even appear in the novel. Author should make it family of 2 (father and fl) because there are no importance of the family in this novel. It said FL have a loving family but is so possessive which contradict with the loving part (that's why I said to only make a family of 2)

AND THEN I thought this novel is about school, business, stocks but halfway of the story, there are people executed and people firing guns and sh*t WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS NOVEL

And the original system 210 suddenly dissappear to god know where and the supposed to be FL fiancee never appearing again after the phew phew action.

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