Scholar’s Advanced Technological System


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After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight.

A Master’s degree? Easy.

PhD? Not a problem.

From a nobody, he quickly becomes a huge celebrity in the world of science. With the missions given by the system, he is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize.

“System, can points be exchanged for money?”


“F**k, what use are you then!?”

“This system will make you the ultimate scholar, the kind that lords over all of humanity. What use will money be to you?”

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New tempetahu0
February 5, 2021
Status: --
this is nice.

the author did a good job researching the topic,

long story short just read other (long) reviewer they did laid out all the bad and good in this novel but there's spoiler so up to you.

my recommendation is read it until ch1000 because for what I take there's a lot of BS later on (after doing almost "godly" in science there's bound to be a lot BS to continue the story)
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kedar080340119014 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c1040
I really don't understand why this novel has such low ratings on NU. I can understand the other novel from the same author 'I have a mansion in post apocalyptic world' being given lower reviews (even though I love that novel as well) but I don't understand such heavy criticism for this novel.

I see a lot of reviews of people complaining about author only being shallow when it comes to science. To them I say, would you actually enjoy a novel which went in to too much depth about number... more>> theory, millennium problems, renewable energy, aerospace engineering etc.??

To me this novel gives a very imaginative and somewhat grounded and realistic scenario of what our society would look like should technology progress and as humans invent new things. The author has done a fairly decent job in paining this picture. Of how technology impacts livelihood of people, of how crucial energy needs and security are in real world politics, power struggle and world domination. It paints a picture of how future would gradually develop in aspects of aerospace, renewable energy and other aspects amidst backdrop of political struggle among superpowers.

I know most CN novels have a habit of being nationalistic, however the author tries best to shy away from this topic for most part. As for USA being portrayed as arrogant tyrant, well let's be honest. USA has always been viewed as an arrogant tyrant by not just China, but almost all the Asian countries including India, Russia and other Asian powers (perhaps with only exception of Japan)

Think of this book as presenting a scenario to the readers of what would happen when technology development happens rapidly and how society struggles with pre-existing notions, morals and values in face of more controversial tech development. This also, to some extent shows that regardless of what happens, technological development is inevitable and humans will always wallow struggle to balance their morals and pre-existing notions of societal balance and technological development.

This is a thought provoking novel if read from intellectual point of view (despite some of the technology development depicted in the novel is too far away for our generation or next generation or for even generation after that). My point being, I have read very few novels which explore the tech development and its impact overall on our planet and our way of being as this novel does.

Read it and you will certainly enjoy it from the sociological and societal perspective. IF you read it from engineering or scientific perspective or as just any other novel you are bound to be disappointed. <<less
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tides rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: c1000
probably the most popular urban novel on qidian

but sadly it isn't that fun to read.

the research into maths is good and all, but the solutions are not presented (durh cus the author cant solve them) and all the "tech" and "math" is skipped over.

... more>> this novel, just like the author's previous work is a little nationalistic as well but that isn't really a problem because you shouldn't be reading chinsee novel if you dislike such things.

one interesting thing is that while the MC "pushes"tech forward due to him solving maths, the consequences of doing this is never shown and the MC just goes on to continuously rack in cash from awards and more. It's a little bit disappointing in this regard because he not only solves math, but many problems in other fields of study as well.

as for the MC and his family+friends, nothing ever progresses which is again, very disappointing despite how the entire universe revolves around MC. <<less
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samspd71 rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: c45
1/5 - F Tier - Can be enjoyed.

So far, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a story like this. I would say, the main selling point would be his progression through knowledge. However, the ‘drama’ in almost all cases seem superficial at best, fake, and unnecessary at worst—as if added just for that sake alone. A padding if you will, done to extend chapter count but not so much to move the plot.

The side characters, at least the ‘main side characters’ have some level of development, but minimal.... more>> Every other character comes off as one dimensional or just a quick gimmick to fill in the screen time.

The MC is the type where you are led to believe had been smart all along but just failed to put in the effort. Even after gaining his system, he sometimes smugly calls himself a genius—which isn’t wrong, it just makes one wonder ‘Why are you being so smug for?’ You were barely anything before acquiring your cheat.

This is a story to be enjoyed when you wish not to think too hard. At least, the updates are consistent at an average of about 2 a day. <<less
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Doomsday rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c1400
Although this novel is not the best, I must admit that it is unique in its own way. But I am very disappointed in this novel, As per chapter 1400++, I just very disappointed the decision made by the MC.

... more>>

tldr: I hate the typical trope in cn novel where MC decided to leave everything behind to advance to the next realm

Spoiler alert again!
In mars, "an alien" gave MC 2 choices.
1. Go back to earth and progress according to the current state.
2. Leave everything behind, and "jump" to the unknown future + MC will be given some legacy.
Well, eventually he choose the latter. Actually he didn't know how much time will pass after the "jump". Because he choose to "jump", the outside world declared that he went missing, and eventually declared dead..

Long story short he went to the next century, that is year 2125. Everything he know is gone. His parent, his sister, his company, his friends, and his fiancee. Everything..

I hate the fact that, before he went to mars, MC promised to his fiancee that they will get married after he came back to earth, But eventually that stay as an unfulfilled promise.
And how his company, his legacy fell apart after "bad management".
And how he learned that his closest student failed to become a great mathematician.

And lastly a quote from our MC, "I always thought that feelings are the burden of rationality."

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forevermtl rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: c1099
The author put a lot of reasearch into his story making it realistic. The plot heavely revolves around academics but its exactly this that makes it boring to read.

The university life revolves around participating in research and math. Some problemes he encounters in his work have been proven in reality and are explained in detail. Once in while he will get a mission to pick one from 3 choices, but it is obvious what he will pick everytime. Through this time he meets various people, famous scientist and solves math... more>> problems, establishing his fame and connections.

With every mission solved, he gains levels in the system. Every new level up improves his tinking capability. He sloves almost all of the missions on his own instead of relying on the System. After around 400 chapters the MC's reasearch focus shift to things that have not been done in reality.
A lot of cool stuff is created by him, unfortunately it is not much explained what influence it had on the world.

There is a little bit of drama, with people trying to steal his research, but it gets quickly solved. All of his buisness is earned with patent rights and managed by his CEO that he met in university.

If you can make it past chapter 600 the story slowly unfolds. World politics start playing a role and based on his reasearch the country starts constructing mega projects. The outline of his business empire gradually forms, with him earning several billion USD per year. Overall the pacing is slow and there is only a little bit of character development, but it gradually speeds up as the chapter count increases.

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bloggbigg rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c1178
A story about a guy who magically gets a plot-convenient 'system' to nurture his intellect by solving 'missions'. This consequently allows him to 'humbly' brag, flex and swagger- while building China into a technological leader.



    • Honestly, for science fiction it actually is well researched and presents as half-plausible quite often. Though 'the system' and occasional gadgets are sci-fantasy, most of the MCs research efforts are rooted in logical progression based on science/math. Obviously many 'discoveries'/conclusions are conveniently forced, but 'A for effort' for most of the 'getting you halfway there'- better than simply solving via 'Unobtainium has the needed magical properties!' (which it does as well- but goes the long route by way of chapters with theory/repeated experiment/discovery).
    • Non-relationship plotting is good. Male relationships are mostly reasonable/plausible/interesting. Female relationships are mostly bordering on 'characters as prop' wish fulfillment with a lot of flakiness and a bit of 'overshadowed by (but the result of) the MC's success.
    • Occasional quirky, interesting events/characters
The BAD:

    • Strongly Nationalist, pro-China, pro-government slant.
    • Couple this with 'Gary Stu adventure', and the author drags China into his 'dreaming out loud' story, attempting to make China 'the center of world attention' and 'cutting edge of technology'... which turns out to be an unfortunate reminder that it isn't.
    • Also 'success via cheating/ridiculous advantage' is a sad extreme to have to resort to in order to get there.
    • 'I invented that' taken to the most ludicrous extreme. MC solely advances 'all the tech' by himself (in most cases- with minimal help in others). Fairly ridiculous even with his 'cheat'.
    • MC is 'yet another' inconsiderate, self involved (actually narcissistic) Gary Stu that everyone likes despite his usually selfish behavior (except when the author can remember to make him nice/caring- it's a weird mix). Sometimes the setups by the author are 'this all happens despite the MC being a prat' or 'MC is intentionally/accidentally being manipulative', etc.-- and feels like he's half-trolling the readers. More than a few of his 'friends' suffer due to his clueless self-obsessed ignorance, and it almost comes across as the author being proud of the MCs ability to negatively impact these poor, lesser idiots as he walks around thinking he's handsome...
    • Plot very forced. Few surprises.
    • Spoiler

      Author writes in an event to give MC an enhanced body. This will only be used several times in the next 900+ chapters so the MC can show off his now-high drinking tolerance.

    • MC 'humble brags' a LOT- if you think you've gone a long period without hearing one, the author fills in through the narrative to make sure you know how his fictional character is quietly awesome as well...
    • Spoiler

      All the girls like the MC and he can't be bothered with any of them. Author spends too much time setting a half dozen or so 'eligible bachelorettes' up for years of disappointment- to no avail, it might as well be trolling romantics & 'shippers'.

    • Spoiler

      Girls mostly end up working for him somehow- and even the woman who becomes a CEO on her own merit only manages to 'do her job' (at his generosity)...

    • Spoiler

      Everyone reminds him constantly to start a relationship/have kids- which he casually blows off, as he has zero interest. Worst thing is the author 'pretends' to be in sync with the idea, while hypocritically authoring him to act otherwise. Actually the author does this 'make him do things, while apologizing for it elsewhere' type bs in a few places.

    • Spoiler

      MC is 'hetero-asexual' in some convenient, fictional way. Somewhere after ch 800 it is mentioned in passing that he had crushes and pictures of them- which is almost like a 'I have a girlfriend- but she's in Canada' response to criticism about the MC having zero interest in women/zero s*x drive.

    • Spoiler

      Author's trolling of readers regarding the MC developing a relationship is s*upid, and wastes a surprising amount of time going nowhere.

    • MC makes promises, his 'near-perfect memory' still forgets those related to women.
    • Author drops a few plot lines more or less randomly- you just suddenly realize there's no update on some situation anymore.
    • As a piece of 'historic fiction' it takes gratuitous liberties with characters and events. Many real people have their personalities... tinkered with for plot purposes- the most well-known of which is Trump, who is portrayed as... 'more clever' than he actually is. American news outlets are slighted as intentional 'anti-China propaganda machines', and actual historic events are re-imagined to suit the author's needs.

      (NASA's Ares program started in 2009 with the possible intent to go to mars (not a decade later- supposedly as a one-up response to China's intent to revisit the moon)). The Huawei exec he talks to is named after the combined last names of two of the actual execs. Crap like that.

    • Author (or translator) uses the word 'nutty' a lot- no idea if this is a thing in China or not, but it's used as if it both 'is' and 'always will be' trendy...
    • Dialog can be somewhat hard to follow at times, with the author having a character say a thing, then going a few paragraphs of narrative/exposition before getting to a response. By then you're like 'what was this referring to?' as you scroll back up to see the original statement...
    • The fact that the author thinks no one would ever suggest that he act more diplomatically in public- or even write/correct speeches/behavior for him (such as not to embarrass the nation) is pretty obtuse. The level of s*upid he shows when people put makeup on him is sad.
    • Spoiler

      Gets formulaic towards end with a basic cycle of 'quest, solve, implement, profit, get award' as the cycle (with a step or two missing per iteration). 'Make powerful connection', 'be revered', or 'humble brag' can happen at anytime & sometimes many times per cycle. The only thing 'new' is (finally) slightly learning about 'the system' (because the author finally decided- not how different the 'reveal' is compared to the tone of the initial missions).

The Different:

    • For math/science geeks, this should prove to be at least a balance of promise and disappointment. Lots of good stuff. A fair amount of omission/irritation.
Overall, I've tuned out the silly stuff, and am enjoying the rest. There's a lot you don't typically see in novels that gets touched on here, so it's worth taking a glance at. If you can look past the author's nationalistic bias, and tune out the faux harem and the magical, half-nonsense system- the rest is actually interesting. It's nothing special/exceptional- BUT it is unique. The author's knowledge of science & math is quite extensive- so if nothing else, it's more credible than many Star Trek episodes when it comes to 'scientific possibilities'.

I like it, but I hate all the 'extra' that comes with it.
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Dante777 rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: --
Such a disappoint.

The time skip was absolute BS!

He promises to marry his fiance when he returns from Mars then goes to sleep for 100 years. Everyone he cares about is of course dead after 100 years and even his research Institute goes down hill.

From there the story goes in the crapper.
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Totot rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: c1400
Not worth reading it. If you started it the you can continue up to 800 chapters or 900 maybe but the novel gets too racist and from ch 1000 it is complete bullshit. You will be very dissatisfied and disappointed.

And after that all we have is sh*t MC, sh*t author and sh*t stories.

It is understandable that the author did so much research for this novel but he completely lost it after ch 1000.

You u didn't start the novel don't read it the novel has a disappointing ending.
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Shadow of Marethyu
Shadow of Marethyu rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I binge read it and the last chapter was uploaded literally an hour before I finished reading it. It has a great concept and while it can be slow at times I feel that it was an epic read. Totally worth it. There are both fun and serious parts to the the story and side characters are decently fleshed out. Plus the content has research put in while probably not 1000% accurate it's not like the author just BSed his way through the novel. Though he has a system the... more>> plot armour provided usually has a realistic means of explanation even if a bit far fetched. Overall brilliant would recommend. <<less
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NovelsAreLife rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: Completed
    • I really enjoyed reading this up until he went to Mars and had that disgusting ending. Before that, I would have voted 4 stars despite the many issues I had ignored while reading it as I still find joy in seeing him grow up and interact with others. But the ending completely destroyed the entire story for me. I would give it a 0 star if I could, as it ruined all of that 1600+ chapter build up and turned the story into a joke. A one big troll from the author.
    • It makes the MC into a malicious sociopath who apparantly doesn't care about the people who loves him and that he promised to come back for despite the author repeatedly stating throughout the story that he does care for them. I didn't see that from the MC's actions.
    • Not to mention all of the people who depend on him in the country. Sucks to be you, ton of now jobless people, bankrupt company, a family and a fiance who is grieving for a robotic idiot who turns on/off his emotion whenever the author feels it convenient. Not to mention the entire country.
    • Some things I don't like but I ignored/turned off my brain just to continue to read this till the end: how arrogant (likes to brag) and narcissistic the MC is when he's literally just an average joe before. Its the system that made him special. It's jarring but not to the point where I hate it.
    • How he strung along a lot of woman through the years when he apparantly has no intention in ever following through.
    • The guy is an asexual robot who suddenly "fell in love" and finally enjoyed having s*x after many years of showing no interest to any woman (including his future fiance) and living his life as a celibate despite many women showing feelings for him.
    • He promised to return to earth and marry his fiance, only to suddenly decide nah, f*ck that. I would rather travel to the future where everyone I know is dead for funsies and predictably find that all the things he had worked for in his life collapsed without him there.
    • Not to mention the frozen girl that's madly in love with him that he promised to create a cure for. If the company maintaining the life support went bankrupt, then she's probably dead. Not like the MC or the author cares about that.
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leoff rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: c646upd660
I believe that the author put his heart and soul into this work. He studied the material for a long time and tried to do a decent job. Surely my criticism will be a little one-sided, but I have read 650 chapters and I think I can express my opinion and thoughts, and also rate. Ultimately, if I find the strength to read to the end, someday, maybe I will change my assessment.
Overall, I think trying to focus on accurate calculations and a scientific topic is not bad at... more>> all. Problems begin where everything should be good, as conceived by the author. If you are too smart, for example, with a higher education, and accidentally these are the exact sciences, then your eyes will start to twitch from what you read and very soon you will burn the chair you are sitting on. If you are dumb, then you will get incredibly bored. These two categories of people give 1-2 points to this work. They can be understood. The average person for whom this was written is exactly all people with a score of 4-5. Of course, there are exceptions, but in large numbers, I think it will be so.
I also understand that no one has canceled global problems, but nationalism prevails over common sense and this line runs along the entire narrative, which makes reading terribly difficult. The hero contradicts his own words. It's not even about justice, but about the approach. The author stubbornly does not notice that when he shows us how bad the USA is, in the end he punishes everyone. It's just that they don't write about others, and they don't seem to exist, it's funny logic.
In general, if you search, then any category of reader will find both pluses and minuses. For me there are more minuses than pluses. And I try to give an assessment not for effort, but for the result. As a result, for diligence ~4 (experts will understand why not ~5), result ~2. Total: ~3 points.
I read 15 more chapters and finally figured out where the problem is! At least the problem that bothered me. Why does this hero not look real and what is wrong with his attitude. He does not make mistakes, literally not one, and his reaction to achievements is not the same as a person who has put all his efforts into his work should be! Every scientist makes a million mistakes in the process of his research, both theoretical and practical, it is this that determines the final result, everything will go to dust or there will be success, or at least a satisfactory result. And here none of this is just a robot, he is not a living character, just a dead fish.. As I had not noticed before? * ( <<less
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zacolamp rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c150
Generally I like anything related to system (* something * system e.g : the strongest system, ultimate scheming system etc.). They are generally fun to read and easy to read too. Don't have to be logical but they provide maximum comedy and fun face slapping experiences.

This time around when I found Scholar's Advance Technological System (SATS or simply SAT-system) without thinking much I jumped to read it and starting chapters were quite good but later it became only academic related no link to real life. MC only chooses the... more>> good mission (not from my view point) , he only choose for himself and hardly found anything difficult yet.

What I found not good enough:

  1. MC literally forgets his life style after he gets the system. Its bound to change his life style but what about his EQ?? His EQ became -ve all of sudden. His conversation with normal classmates and opposite gender is below below average. No comedic vibe at all.
  2. No interaction with system. MC tries to talk with system but gets zero response ?? Author needs to improve it or it feels more of a bland taste when you read it. [Its like someone assigns you mission and after finishing you get rewarded. no other interaction...... no information........ most importantly no system upgrade, it like system is at its peek]
  3. Rewards : getting garbage chance is like 80 % or 90% but he gets garbage hardly. GP (general points) : only uses while solving problems and there is no other option to exchange them except for sub branch technology tree, which is again can be level up using normal method too.
  4. He gets 3 missions to choose from why??? He always chooses most benefiting one. why all other option have to vanish ?? mission should be mandatory for some cases like when he participate in some competition.
  5. SAT-system gives him mission for his life style but he hardly chooses them. [exercise, get a girlfriend, basket ball throws etc. ]
  6. He hardly do any exercise but he is quite fit and conduct his research and all for days ??? really SAT system did not enhance his body. He is the man who fainted from heat stroke and now he did not faint from over working. [10- thesis in a month, while doing modelling practice ?? ]. I get it someone will say he plays basket ball sometimes but still he neglects his health aspect like he is a super human.
  7. Last but not the least, MC did not manage his business properly. He gets everything for granted, hardly felt like he was poor in the story-line.
If you read something like this and have no humor, no sarcasm, no slice of life then you will feel like sleeping not fun at all.

rating : 2/5. at best I can give 2.5 / 5 not more. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c98
Like most novels, it has a interesting start. A few arcs or chapters in it falls off the cliff, I do like the concept but the story and character is just boring. All the guy does is study this, code that none stop and lets others take advantage of him and the system. The MC had the opportunity to study and world famous colleges yet he refuses them and stays at a no name university. Nothing really interesting happens occurs in this story; theres no face slapping, all i've seen... more>> so far are the professors and students begging the MC to do this and that, he does it and moves on the to next thing.

The author even wrote that, he, the MC is more suited to coding, writing than doing ANYTHING else in this story, because of that I'm going to stop wasting my time reading this novel. <<less
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Alex Woods
Alex Woods
January 8, 2021
Status: c1200
  1. I don't really get why the novel gets so much hate.
  2. He is in the collage and wins National competition and stuff till 250 chapters. After 350 chapters is where it gets really good. He reaches the international level. Guys researches affect the whole world by 500 chapters.
  3. The world is mirrored after our own. It just makes it more thrilling.
  4. What I love about the novel is that it has a nice scientific environment. Its not like someone insults MC over his stuff, then he goes face slapping everyone.
  5. He doesn't hate any country. He respects other scientists. Other scientists respect him over his research. He believes science is an combined effort.
  6. The novel doesn't insult any country. The American government is insulted. Everyone knows how arrogant American government is. He doesn't insult American people.
  7. The novel doesn't ever becomes boring. Its really awesome to see how the MC affects the world slowly. He actually researches on stuff.
  8. He is a true scientist at heart. He also becomes billionaire through his researches, but he is not a money grubber. He is a scientist. Money is nice but not his endgame.
  9. MC is narcissistic over his look. It is funny.
  10. There is not too much Chinese nationalism like insulting other countries. He does research contributes to his country. Three country respects him and listens to his advice.
  11. There is no romance. MC is not interested in girls who are not in an equation
  12. MC has charisma to sell his nerdiness.
  13. The system is very, very well done. It just makes him smart at he completes missions. It doesn't make him super smart or transfer knowledge to his brain. He has to learn everything the old way by mugging.
  14. The MC is not a child. He is pillar of science and acts like it.
  15. Don't listen to other comments. Just read the book.
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Imadethisaccount rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: --
Do not read this if you have some familiarity with mathematics. It feels sooo edgy reading it. I dropped it when some random thot got extremely shocked when the MC solved a simple limit problem. There are plenty of mathematicians in fact normal dudes and ludes that can solve the problem by just breathing.
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Mahiro9 rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: c394
At first I thought this is one of those exciting novels. The MC sounded like a regular human would in the synopsis but he's far too different in the story.

- First of all, he's very unrelatable. His character is the template used in most "research-focused" genius you'll find in other stories.

He just doesn't show a lot of qualities that should appear in a human, you'll even think that he's some sort of a robot, the side characters have more personality and more relatable than him.

- It's repetitive. 394 chapters in... more>> and I already see a huge case of repetition. He's doing the same thing over and over again. It really failed to hold on my interest, it becomes bland the more I read while hoping that it would change, but I grew bored before that.

One important thing about a book is that you have to keep your readers interested, even if the story picks up later on, the process shouldn't be boring for the readers or else they will end up losing interest before you could even get to what might be the interesting part.

- Other than that though, I'm not really the studious type so I don't know if the detailed explanations about some scientific and mathematic stuffs in this story are bullshits or real, whatever the case, it was pretty impressive, be it bullsh*t or real. <<less
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senbon rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c14
Very Interesting to read, so far characters are being developed at a good pace. MC is getting the screen time he needs and understandings of the system are kept obscure yet understandable. The math is not heavily focused but thoroughly discussed so you can gauge the difficulty in comparison to students in other years.

A very enjoyable read.
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dwoolfy rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: --
The author is at the very least well read in various aspects of theory in Math and to some degree science. He offers several conjectures and other theoretical problems up as part of his writing content. Like most authors who do the same he gives the basic problem and then suggests that his MC has solved the problem through some unconventional means and offers a bit of those means to provide some authenticity.

Unfortunately the author interjects politics into the story as well as some atheist beliefs. The atheist beliefs can... more>> be said to be part of the MC's character as he is supposed to be some academic wonder-kid, but the presence of his gold-finger kind-of creates a problem for his disbelief in a higher power. As for his political interjections they are jarring at best though fortunately they are rare and more of a side comment.

The normal nationalistic parts seem to be missing in this story to a large degree or they are much more subtle then in many similar types of stories. Interestingly enough the MC seems to have less desire to be involved in China's politics and wants to avoid the nationalism that seems to be required. He is still desirous of keeping China's economy in Chinese hands which is a much more subtle approach. The author still incorporates some of the nationalism with his other characters that have influence on the MC. Of note the normal desire to bring glory to one's country by being the first of one's country to accomplish some task or get some award or create some breakthrough or make one's own country have massive advances in several fields is definitely present in this story. This to me is a normal for all authors that work with modern times and the current world as the background template for their stories. I see this sort of 'nationalism/racism/groupism' all the time, and while not truly acceptable as quality storytelling it is always to be expected. This problem could really only be solved when the author actively decides to make his MC of an apposing nationality such as a Chinese person using Japan or Korea as the background nation with the MC being of Japanese or Korean decent. When doing something of this nature it brings in other problems of authenticity as the author is not going to really be able to tell a story from the viewpoint of a person of an opposing nation. <<less
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Darkzeta rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c209
This story is FANTASTIC! If you LOVE good sci-fi, with technical jargon and attention to detail. You WILL love this story.

It's 'system' trope is actually no more or less than the 'super computer' in brain trope that you get from reading other sci-fi novels like the ones from David Weber's classic Raj Whitehall series. Here it's less action and more drama. Also if you liked the Safehold Series by David Weber, you may like this too. Since there is a good sprinkle of science mixed with the fiction.

Enough science to... more>> make it seem REAL and enough fiction to draw you into the story.

So give it a read. I myself, have found a good gem on webnovel/qidian.

edit: up to 336 Now.

I'm still liking it. Between 209-336 our MC is still a virgin. (sorry. spoiler there) Still clueless about women and stuff like that. Pretty much normal there. Most guys are. Only super OP male alpha's get all the chicks. So if you want that here... go elsewhere. Our MC is slowly building his technical empire. The amount of attention to technical detail is still there and not so overwhelming that I am totally clueless. Good hard science FICTION is like that. So if you are a fan of hard science fiction, where it seems more real than fake... give this a read.

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blueiceblader rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: c244
The novel was interesting at first, I personally don't understand the math or science, so I don't know how accurate it is but it was fun a read. However, the author adds a lot of politics and naturally that leads to a lot of nationalistic comments. This is fine as you have to accept some nationalistic inputs when you read Chinese novels but he goes pretty racist against Americans, Koreans and what not. I just couldn't continue at that point, if it doesn't affect you much then maybe you had... more>> a better experience or will have a better experience. <<less
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