Saving You, Villain


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Liv crossed inside a novel as the villain’s first love. The only means to return to her original world was to prevent the villain’s blackening.

The villain, Camian, was the prince of devils and the world’s strongest man. She expected a rough and rocky path… but… something was off…

The villain was sweet… and caring.

Can Liv prevent Camian’s blackening?

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Nae Jug-eum-eulo Heughwahaji Maseyo
내 죽음으로 흑화하지 마세요
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lilly2805 rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c2
Although there could be a reason for the low ratings, (that I don't know know of) mostly because the novel has few chapters so far and since I only know English. (Hence no reading the original for me to find a reason for it that way ?)

Even without being able to read it in it's original language, the translator doesn't let you down and is doing a very good job at translating this novel to make it nice, clean, and easy to read. Not to mention the sentences... more>> flow with each other and isn't awkward and doesn't make you confused as to the events that have happened.

For the main characters Liv and Camian, they are very intriguing and makes you want to see what their personalities might grow into and what obstacles they will conquer beside one another.

All in all, in my opinion is that this story is worth trying out, and if it turns out you read it and didn't like it, then no harm done, not everything is for everyone ? <<less
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July 5, 2020
Status: c7
No rating yet because I'm still only on chapter 7.

I've only read 7 chapters so far but I'm already so confused by everything that is going on with this novel. The author left out a lot of details concerning Liv and Camian's relationship and jumped right into the smut. Basically, the FL transmigrated into the novel when Liv was still a child then whoosh ... more>>

a 15-year time skip!


Author gives a glimpse of Liv and Camian's daily life and tosses a few side characters without any background.

Camian's feelings for Liv are suddenly revealed but we don't know when exactly he fell for her because, well, the author did threw away 15 years worth of plot.


Liv briefly explains some details of her and Camian's contract which, mind you, is kinda cliché and looks like it was only added by the author to initiate the smut part of the story. It's terribly cringey. Oh, did I mention that

despite knowing that Camian has feelings for her, Liv has no plans of reciprocating, or even acknowledging him because her reason is if she dies, then it's better that he only see her as a friend because it'd be less painful for him? GIRL, HE'S ALREADY IN LOVE WITH YOU WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT. Also, despite having no plans of returning his feelings, it's obvious that she's attracted to him.


Her mission is to prevent Camian from being a villain but her actions are inconsistent, if not horribly misguided, with her goal. I feel like the author rushed too many things just to get to the smut and it's disappointing because I would've wanted to know more about how Liv and Camian lived and grew up together. Reading this novel is so frustrating but I'm hoping that it will improve in the later chapters because there's good potential here and the translation is also well done. My fingers are crossed. <<less
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jsplat rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c9
There isnt any smut yet, but I think it appears around chapter 27 or something. So clearly its a story with adult content, but not centered around it, which I like.

The story seems alright. Kind of cliche but the dynamic is pretty cute and I really like how the ML is super respectful. I guess the FL is slightlyyyyy air headed but nothing too bad.

seems like an alright read. I'd probably prefer to binge it, but no one's consistently translating it right now, and I don't really have the patience... more>> to actually wait. I was satisfied by reading the spoilers, so its not a story I see myself getting that invested in, but maybe it has potential. But judging from what I've read... 3.5 stars

.. hey so I'm editing this several months later, its on ch 19 rn (i wrote this before at ch9), and I have some other things to add now.

So, there have been some ~spicyy elements involved now, but the more I read... honestly the more underwhelmed I am. Seems like very stereotypical smut, and I think I misjudged the characters the first time around. FL is dumber than I thought (I can tell I'm going to get very irritated with her in the future) and the ML is more of that domineering cliche than I expected.

Disappointed because I thought this could have been interesting, but tbh I don't rlly like smut to begin with, since literally every smut story I have EVER read is so incredibly repetitive and unoriginal. They're all the same istg, so maybe I'm a bit biased, but its quite clear that this is going to be nothin new.

2.5 stars now imo <<less
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Humph rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c4
First of all I appreciate that the chapters are very easy to understand. Thank you for that.

I would've preferred to write a review after a few more chapters but I don't know if I'll remember to even write reviews if I don't do it now so here I go. It's a very short opinion. I might be spoiling the novel. I don't know and if you really don't want any spoilers at all then don't read that's all there is to it.

So, I wasn't able to look at the MC... more>> in a very nice way mostly because of a few sentences she said but she realized what was wrong with what she said. I mean I think she did. Oh well.

But really, Camian is really a cutie. He's so nice and such a tsundere. I wonder if he'll turn into a yandere. (If such things aren't possible to begin with, please don't go around throwing tomatoes at me)

Also, the beginning of her being obsessed or is it just a preference (idk), that part didn't seem to really stick with me.

Okay, that's all, please don't take any offence with what I have said here. Please don't judge the novel based on what I said. Your preferences and mines could be very different so don't go pointing at me because of what I have said abt the novel.

Btw, I'm not gonna take it out of my reading list just cuz I don't like one person. Who knows, maybe I was wrong abt her. <<less
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Vroom vroom
Vroom vroom rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c45
I liked it till 40shh ch FL was tolerable, but come onnnn

She doesn't even know what she wants and how she wants to prevent ML from going mad, , , I just wont love him" honey how smart of you🤓 genius!!! Cuz he wont love you right??? Bc he went mad bc she loved him and died and not bc he loved her💀

Shes just idiotic ngl, she sleeps with ML and decides to make him hate her?!?!? What...
another thing, the main lead FL loved in the og novel is... more>> now present yet she shows no excitement?? If she lovedddd him wtf is this, it was so randomly put and then forgotten lmao

the all 40ch is ab feelings (ofc fls bc we dont get mls pov...), FL can sound smart girly and another second a total idiot, just so cliche... Wtf the plot is going? Nowhere only fls non existing brain cells keeps on running around w idiot ideas 💀

and above all translation. Sometimes ML become she or they or FL become he or they, just confusing. <<less
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