Savage Forest


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The embodiment of the predecessor Reias…

He is revered in Aguilea.

The only woman he has been living with for many years, Enya.
She was not even treated like a living person in Aguilea.

Yet he…

“Don’t have any other men’s things here besides mine, and I’ll do the same. Enya, I don’t need any other woman but you.”

He longed and longed.
An unusual obsession…

…A night of lust where men and women entangled in love.
…A day to indulge and covet only pleasure in Aguilea, where it is celebrated as a festival.

From their hearts that only clung to each other — Buds of anxiety began to sprout.

The only salvation in a crazy world.

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세비지 포레스트
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elijahavery rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally my favorit knovel get translated😭😭😭

I mtl-ed this novel last year and read the whole book in less than a week. Never expect I'll purchase knovel without understand korean at all LOL. And it's not cheap TT

Overall, this novel gives kinda similar vibe like "under the oak tree", some reviewers even also said that. But it's actually not same at all. Even the setting is literally different duh. But yeah, some aspect at give similar vibes.

I can't say it's a masterpiece. The first volume have repetitive plot and boring. But... more>> I still kept reading because I really enjoy it. The later volumes are much better. My favorite part is the flashback part. I cried a bucket because of this part. Actually every volume has a part that made me cry.

About characters,

Enya is a weak character at first and ofc she will get character growth later. ML (i forget his name) is a great man. He didn't fall in love and being obsessive for no reason. I like this part of him. Their relationship is not full of fluff but can't say it's not romantic at all.

Side character are so likeable, except the bad one ofc. I can say their end (the villains) are satisfying enough.

If you don't like it, maybe it's just not your taste. Not because it's bad. Also this review is 100% subjective. That means what I felt isn't same with what you'll feel when read this novel. Sorry for my broken english <<less
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Maxiriftan rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: --

I've read the first three chapters but I still don't understand what the story is about, are you going to run away from him or betray him or what?

Someone please explain to me.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
momzilla rated it
May 24, 2023
Status: --
I am enjoying the plot development so far. I wouldn't compare it to Under the Oak Tree, aside from the fact that the male protagonist is deeply devoted to the female protagonist; Enya has a limp and is excluded from the tribe because of her disability, so no one understands his devotion to her. The plot gets pretty intriguing, there is a war brewing and hidden facts about Enya are revealed, and I am anticipating an interesting story!
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